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Daddy’s Asian fuckdoll 4

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Part 4: after the first fuck session, daddy and other adult men use my 12 year old tight body.

“That’s right, take it deeper, you cumslut, daddy feels so good….” It is morning, 7.30 am, and this is a new ritual after the fucking session where daddy took my virginity and poured his cock juice in my baby making slut hole as he called it. Now in the morning once mommy leave for work, l will eat breakfast daddy prepare and afterward, I will kneel on the floor near the front door, and let daddy use my mouth to pleasure his beautiful hard thick 8 inches cock before l set off to school.

It is my duty to make sure l lick, suck, and coat his entire shaft with my saliva as he grip my face and skull fuck my mouth pussy. I would get so juicy in a anticipation knowing how deep daddy will fuck my throat, feeling the hard throbbing cock using my pretty mouth, and how much cum he will shoot into the back of throat. By the front door, there is a full length mirror on the wall and that is where I kneel so he can watch my pretty little mouth stuffed full of his adult cock as he face fuck me. I am not allowed to wear underwear because once daddy empty the first load of cum in my mouth, he would pull me up, turn me around, bend me over with my hands on the wall facing the mirror, shove his cock into my hot wet eager pussy and fuck me brutally, hand slapping my round little ass and fingering my rosebud, squeezing my titties, and watch my face absolute in lust, moaning, begging, pleading and screaming for him to fuck me deep, until he shoot the second load deep into my womb.

I am not on the pill, daddy said raw unprotected sex is what little whore like me need, and he would make me go to school without knickers, my pussy full of his sperm, the sperm the made me, and l am not allowed to lose any drop of the precious cum. And l would obey him, l love him so much and it is so naughty going to school knowing daddy’s delicious cum is in my fertile body.

Today, after he unleashed three loads of hot cum in me, he told me l need to come home straight after school as he has a surprise for me. He also instruct me to masturbate during school break time so that l am ready and ready when l come home. I spent the whole day counting the clock wishing the classes finish and of course, l played in the empty classroom at break time as daddy instructed. Finally the final bell ringed and l quickly made my way home.

I walked into the house, and noticed daddy is already in, l went straight up to his study and found him working on his laptop, and a camcorder has been set up. He saw me and beckon me to sit on his lap, facing the laptop. I closed the door. He is wearing a vest and boxer when l climb and sit on him, feeling his cock growing harder. “How was school today my sweet slut?” His hands stroking my waist and moved to unbutton my school shirt, exposing my 34b titties, nipples hard as pebbles, waiting to be squeezed, pinched, and sucked. I sit on his lap, leg spread wide open, pussy all wet and tingly from the playing and morning fucking, my head resting on his chest.

“Mmmmmm….you are so needy, my little fucktoy, you are soaked. Look at the laptop…” l looked as his hands are busy pinching my nipple and fingering my slits, coating his hand with sweet slut juice, and l saw he is on some kind of chat room, and there are a dozen men with their cocks out, it turns out daddy has switched the cam on, and he is live streaming from his study….which means these men can see what daddy is doing to me….”Daddy! These men can see us!”, “Yes baby, remember what l said? You need to be shared. These are other daddies from other parts of the world that love to see your pretty face, and tight body, they want to know how obedient you are. You will show them what a good little girl you are…”

Daddy is now thick and rock hard, he pull down his boxer, spread my legs wide, and put his cock into my tight glistening pussy, and he begins to fuck me. He tells me to keep looking at the laptop cam and l could see l am being fucked by daddy and showing to these men my jiggling pre teen titties as l bounce up and down onto his thick cock, hearing and seeing these men wanking their cocks in unison of our fucking, telling daddy to:
“Fuck that little bitch”
“What a sweet little girl you have.”
“You love pedo cocks don’t you little slut?”
“Give it to her, she need to know her place!”
“We have a naughty hungry one here, don’t we?”
“She need to be bred, l hope you breed her good!”
Hearing these men shouting obscenities, groaning, the sound of them jerking their cock, combined with daddy raping my hole giving me delicious sexual high has made me super horny and l beg daddy to fuck me harder, l need to be punish for being a filthy whore. And daddy pounding into me like a man possessed….then, the door open and my sweet gramps walks into the room. Grandpa is my paternal grandfather who is in his late 50’s. He walks in and l noticed he is stroking his cock and daddy says “Princess, this is the surprise! I told gramps about how you are a slave to daddy’s cock and he need to see.”
“Oh my darling little sweet girl, your daddy is right. You are a little whore, look how horny you are.!” Gramps walks up to me and firmly hold my head as he push his cock into my mouth!
I am now being fucked by both daddy and gramps and stuffed with their thick hard cocks. Gramps is even bigger than daddy “oh fuck, your daddy is right, your mouth is so good, you had a lot of practice, haven’t you….little girl’s mouth is the best for servicing my adult cock. Good girl, keep doing this with your tongue”. He fuck my mouth pussy with no mercy and strands of saliva coating his cock from my mouth as he push in and out of my mouth, in and out, and l can feel the addictive sheer tension is building in my pussy. Being treated like a fucktoy by daddy and gramps is the best feeling in the world, and l am so turned on and closed to cumming. The study is full of men using my tight little body, moaning, groaning, jerking sound of men beating their shafts watching a 12 year old girl used by male family members, and the little girl muffled moaning and her body shaking from orgasm onslaught…….

Gramps is the first to cum in my mouth, fill it full of his delicious cum, telling me to swallow it all, not a drop is allowed to drip onto the floor. He takes his erect cock out and said, “it’s time for me to sample you other slut hole.”, daddy, who is still deep fucking me, chimes in “Yes, it’s time gramps use the other hole, we need to dp you.” I do not know what dp means but if gramps and daddy can make me cum so good l will obey and let them do dp……

Part 5 coming soon….

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    Tell me do you like a young Asian slut, wet and juicy, needing grown men’s cock to satisfy her lust? My daddy has taught me how to be his little sex toy, and he pimp me to his friends. He’s been tasting and using and filling me full of incestuous cum since l was age 13. I love having my face fucked hard by adult men.

    • HrnyStpDaddy ID:3zxjrjpi20b

      I love little Asian cunt.. I look forward to abusing all your holes,!

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    You should have a collar around your neck and be on a leash

    • Cumslut ID:esoxamphj

      I do. Daddy put a collar around me and pull me on a leash whenever he need to fill my little pussy with cum.

    • Cumslut ID:esoxamphj

      Do you like little pre teen pussy? Breed a little girl in them?