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Another weekend with my niece

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This weekend I got a surprise when I picked up my niece.

Roses mum asked me to pick her up on Friday from school so she could go away with friends for the weekend I was more than happy to do it as I got the chance to see Rose and all her friends in their school uniforms. I sat in my car so that I could see tge s hool entrance and right on time hundreds of girls aged 8 to 12 poured out wearing short skirts some in thigh high stockings some in white ankle socks all with white blouses and all so bloody sexy. Finally out popped Rose she spotted me and waved her skirt hiked up so high I can see the white of her panties. Then I realise she is not alone, her very sexy friend Amy is with her. Now this girl has it in spades eventhough she is 3 months younger than my niece. She has white hair all the way down to her waist, crystal blue eyes and the longest legs I have ever seen. Her skirt is also short made even more so by those legs that are smooth as silk and tanned. They run over and jump into the back seat talking and giggling loudly, Rose leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips running her hand down my shirt and saying hope you are OK with Amy staying the weekend. At first I was dissappointed I wanted to have Rose all to myself then Rose smiled and said she wants to have fun with us I told ger all about you so, as you can imagine, I agreed and we set off.

I stopped on the way to get some chinese food before getting to the house. The girls had not stopped babbeling all the way but as soon as we pulled up they were out and running into the house without a word. Amy spun around to look at Rose and said excitedly now? But she was too late Rose was already stripping off her blouse was open e posing her smooth flat chest and dark pink nipples, Amy immeadiately did the same and in a flash they stood there naked, each admiring the other and me standing there mouth open my cock at attention. Rose took the lead and walked iver to me then started to unbutton my shirt Amy followed and unzipped my fly pulling down my jeans and underpants at the same time.

Rose said see I told you it was big and hard he really likes you so go ahead and touch it which Amy did, stroking it up and down then popped it into her mouth. In the meantime Rose had dropped to her knees and was burried face deep inbetween Amys legs licking her pussy and pushing her finger in Amys ass. I did nothing but stand there still holding tge takeaway bags staring down at the sight below loving every minuet. It did not take long until I filled Amys mouth with my white hot cum which she swallowed. Rose pulled Amy down pushing her head inbetween her legs so that left me to fill Roses mouth with my still hard cock which she took all the way to tge root and held there for a few moments before I withdrew slowly then back in again and again and again. Now it was my turn I rolled onto my back with Rose straddling my cock and Amy facing her straddling my face as they kissed each other. Amy was insatiable she wanted to try everything she even liked to watch me and Rose fuck as she fingered her pussy, I swear she is one depraved 10 year old and very nearly killed me with her energy.

After a couple of hours of this we all ended up cuddled up in a heap on the floor, Amy fell asleep with my cock in her mouth and Rose had her fingers in her cunt gently caressing her clit. Rose looked up at me and asked if I liked the surprise she had arranged and would I like to meet more of her friends, well what could I say but yes. The rest of tge weekebd was taken up with us fucking all over the house in every possible position and using all sorts of toys including several cucumbers.

Finally Sunday afternoon came Amy and Rose were in tge bath supposedly to clean up but before I knew it we were all in the bath legs arms pussies and cock everywhere this is when I got to take Amy in the ass up until then she had been reluctant. It was Rose she made Amy get on all fours with me behind allowing me the fuck her hard. As I slammed into Amy her face slammed into Roses little bald hole making her squeel with each thrust until all three of us managed to cum.

It was time for the girls to go my sister in law came to get them, big hugs and off they went skipping down the path. I can’t wait to see what Rose has for me next.

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

    I would love to to join you and your niece . There is nothing better than a 10 year old getting fucked in the ass and pussy at.the same time .

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Spell check your story before posting. The spelling errors killed what was otherwise a good story

  • Reply Bima696 ID:1colfz7pk6wd

    Perfect age for sexy girls
    Any like same
    Wickr Bima69

    • Denim ID:1ck6uqeipte0

      R u boy?