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Amanda Deelight having a black baby

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I wanted to have another baby so I stopped taking my birth control my husband said no so I fucked one of his football buddies

Hello everyone I’m Amanda Deelight I’m 47 married for 30 years to Billy. Our kids are all grown and I wanted to have another baby. I stopped taking my birth control pills,I told my husband and he got upset. He said that he didn’t want to go through raising another child at his age.. when my husband invited over some black guys to watch football game ,I decided to make a pass at one of them. While they were watching the game I was in my room playing on my phone. To get to the restroom, you have to walk past our bedroom. So I opened up my door, from there you can see our bed. I was laying down on the bed facing the door totally nude with my legs spread playing with myself. I happen to look up and John was standing at my door looking in. I motioned him to come inside,he did and I told him to close the door. It didn’t take John long to get in bed with me,as soon as he got undressed,his dick was already hard. John wasted no time ,as he crawled up between my legs and put his dick inside me. He felt so good as he started fucking me,it didn’t take long for both of us to cum. He hurrily got dressed and left my room. I got up and cleaned off and laid back down and waited on another. One at a time I fucked all 5 of my husband’s football buddies. I am now pregnant my boobs are getting milk and heavy.. For video of me fucking black guys my email is [email protected] find me on Facebook Amanda Deelight messenger send me a message I’ll add you to adult sex group where you can talk post nudes, videos talk to pornstar .

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