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Paying for an Indian Meal (Part 1)

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Based on a true story that the heroine related to the author.

Janette Stein was a teacher. She was in her thirties and dressed to please men. She was exceedingly attractive with shapely legs and a 38DD bust. She was a little flirtatious and enjoyed the leering looks that men gave her. She had been married for 10 years and enjoyed the sexual side of her marriage enormously.

It had been a difficult week at school and her husband had been working away for a short while. He arrived home around 7pm and was greeted by his wife with a passionate kiss.

“Hi Jan” he said as they broke from the welcoming kiss. “Do you fancy going out for an Indian meal,” he asked.
“Yes, fine. Do I need to dress up,” asked Janette.
“No” he said. “Just put on your stockings and suspenders and that black mini dress that buttons up the front. That should be just fine,” he replied with a twinkle in his eye.
“What about a bra and panties,” asked Janette.
“Leave them off. Tonight you can be a tease.”

Janette got ready, dressing exactly has her husband instructed and they set off for the restaurant.
The restaurant was fairly busy and on arrival they were shown to a table at the back, near the kitchen.
The waiter took their drinks order and brought the drinks whilst they studied the menu.

“Undo the top 2 buttons on your dress,” Janette’s husband told her.
“Really?” Janette asked. She was somewhat surprised by her husbands request. “I’m not wearing a bra. Everybody will be able to see much of breasts.”
“Yes,” he replied. “And they will be able to see a lot more before we finish.”
Janette assumed that her husband was feeling a little horny after being away for a while and was getting them both ready for a steamy night when they got home.

Janette undid the buttons as she had been instructed and the top gaped open, allowing anyone passing to see the swell, and more, of her delicious breasts.

They had begun to eat when Janette’s husband told her to loosen 2 more buttons at the top and 3 from the bottom up. Janette was surprised, but was willing to enter into the spirit of the occasion if it was a prelude to sex when they returned home.

The waiter that had served them, was hovering around the table enjoying enormously the sight of Janette’s beautiful breasts which, from his perspective standing up, were almost fully exposed.
“Drop your fork,” Janette’s husband next instructed her. Janette dutifully did as she was told and it went under the table. The waiter immediately went down on his knees to pick the fork up from under the table.

Whilst the waiter was recovering the fork from under the table, Janettes husband told her, “Open your legs wide enough to give him a good view.”
Janette parted her legs and thought that she could feel the waiters breath on her legs as his eyes obviously were drawn to her inner thighs and beyond.
The waiter clambered up from under the table wearing a big wide smile across his face.

As the pair ate their meal, the staff were increasingly hovering about their table.

Janettte’s husband then told her to loosen all the buttons, until only one was fastened. That was the one holding her dress together over her belly button.
Her breasts and stocking tops and nicely trimmed pubes were then on show to everyone.

They finished eating and the waiters couldn’t move fast enough gathering around, removing plates and tidying the table.

The table was finally cleared and Janette’s husband called for the bill. Looking round Janette noticed that they were the only customers left in the restaurant.
Malik, the manager, came over with the bill. “Cash or card Sir,” he asked. The manager was, not surprisingly, unable to take his eyes off Janette.
“Stand up Jan, and loosen that button,” Janette’s husband said. Janette stood and, a little apprehensively, undid the button. Her dress dropped open showing her naked body to the manager and surrounding staff.

Janette’s husband laughed. “I’ll pay with this” he said to the manager whilst pointing to Janette. “Will that be OK.”
“Oh Yes Sir. That will be acceptable.”
Coming up behind her the manager pulled Janette’s dress off her shoulders, leaving her standing only in her stockings. Taking her hand he led her through a door and into the kitchen.

When in the kitchen the manager bent Janette over a table and she heard him unzip his trousers. Janette was becoming aroused by this turn of events and was already wet between her legs. Four other members of staff gathered around.

Janette then felt the managers cock searching for her pussy. Finding the entrance he pushed into her unceremoniously and, holding on to her hips, commenced fucking her hard.

As he fucked her, Janette noticed that the remaining staff were all removing their trousers and beginning to play with their dicks.

After several minutes of thrusting into her, the manager groaned and, gripping her tightly, shot his cum into her.

He pulled his dripping cock out and a second cock took its place and Janette was roughly fucked again.
The others each took their turn until all of them had fucked her.

Janette put on her dress which had been discarded on the floor and was led through another door. This led to a flight of stairs and into a flat above the restaurant. They entered the flat and went into the lounge where Janette was seated on a sofa, between the manager and her husband. The staff were gathered around on chairs.

Whilst the manager and her husband were talking, the manager got Janette’s breasts out and fondled them.
They were talking about Janette becoming a whore, with the husbands consent.

The manager explained that there was a large Pakistani population in the town. The men only got to fuck women after they married them. No self respecting Pakistani girl would let a man fuck her until she was married.
If Janette’s husband agreed, the manager could find many men who would pay to fuck a white woman.

Janette was not consulted. Her husband said that Janette would do as he told her. Obviously the thought of the money that they would be paid appealed to him.

“Yes” he told the manager. “She can be a whore for them.”
Janette’s husband and the manager shook hands.

“I’ll make the necessary arrangements” said the manager.
The staff got up from their seats and the younger one led Janette into a bedroom where her dress was removed again and she was pushed onto a bed
They were all about to fuck her again.

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