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Sweet sex dream

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I’m 11 and keep having the same sex dream every night, it is really strange and I don’t know what it means. I like it though.

I’m an 11 year old girl and my name is Kaitlin, I want to share my recurring dreams with you, maybe you can help me understand what it means.

My dreams starts where I’m rudely woken up in my bed, I see lots of shadows in my room and then something is pressed over my mouth and I drift off to sleep, probably chloroform or something.

When I wake up (In my dream) I’m laying on my side naked on a cold concrete floor, I sit myself off and its pitch black, I can’t see anything, then a bright light comes on and almost blinds me, when my eyes adjust I can see that the light has created a visible area about 4 meters round, but everything beyond it is still black.

I remain sat on the floor shivering from the cold and then I see a man appear from out of the darkness, he’s naked and I can see his dick swinging between his legs as he walks towards me.

He stands very close to me and then he lifts his dick off his balls and shakes it about an inch from my mouth, I don’t know why but I then open my mouth allowing him to put his dick inside, I closed my mouth, sealing my lips around it and I start moving my head forward and back, sucking on it.

As his dick gets bigger in my mouth I see out of the corner of my eye two more men appear from the darkness, one from my left and another from my right, then walk up to me and shake their dicks at me, I already have a mouth full of the first man’s dick so I reach out and hold the them instead and start tugging on them.

After some time I see two more men appear from the darkness, they’re carrying a small table, like a school desk, and they place it down then walk over to me, the man that I’m sucking and the two I’m tugging move away and the other two men pick me up and carry me over to the table and lay me down on my back on top of it.

The table is cold and not big enough for me to fit on and my legs, head and arms hang over the sides, a man approaches and lifts my legs up in the air and holds them apart in the V-shape, then he spits on my pussy and rubs the spittle in to my crack.

He then takes his dick and pushes it inside me, but there’s no pain in my dream, only pleasure, and I feel it going in me and it makes me feel happy inside.

Two men approach from the sides and I tug on their dicks while the other two approach from behind me, they squeeze both their dicks in to my small mouth, and I’m getting fucked from both ends and have a dick in each hand.

7 more men appear from the darkness, making it a total of 12, it’s always 12 men in my dream, never more or less than that, but they never have faces.

The men pull their dicks out of me and then all 12 of them start circling the table and one by one they fuck my pussy, my mouth and have me tug on them as they move around me.

Eventually, one at a time, they ejaculate all over my body, and because it’s a dream there’s a lot of it, by the time they’re finished I am completely white from head to toe, it looks like they poured a large bucket of cream or white paint all over me.

Then suddenly they all have spoons and they begin to scoop up the sperm off my body on to the spoons and feed it to me, and they repeat it until every drop has gone off my body and I’ve eaten it all.
Then they somehow merge in to 1 man, 1 man with a huge cock, at least 10 inches long, and that man pushes his cock inside my pussy and he fucked me on top of the table, I experience pleasure that is off the scales and then he comes inside me.

As he comes in my pussy my belly starts to grow and get bigger, he’s impregnated me and it’s like 9 months goes by in just a few seconds, when he takes his 10 inch cock out of me I immediately go in to labour and that’s when I wake up.

I wake up in bed (for real) and I’m covered in sweat and my panties are always soaked through.

I told you my dream was weird.

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    Hey love dreams and interpreting them. If you want to chat.
    Kik is big_daddies60

  • Reply B ID:5djb7woii

    I’m male Sup I asked for gender to know if it’s a female or male

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  • Reply Bronco ID:brwzhz1fii

    Well, Kaitlin, maybe we can discuss your recurring dreams.
    Email me at: [email protected]

  • Reply EmilyG ID:bra71xuxid

    I love sex dreams!

  • Reply Zero ID:4hv515xzj

    If you wane we can masturbated together<3 I am 13 do you have any socials i can text you on?

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    • hii im 13 too :) ID:2y8t0j5pzl

      i’d be up for it??

    • B ID:5djb7woii

      I’m 13 too what’s your gender?

    • sup ID:21c91xskm3

      whats your gender

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:153jwgw820d

    I believe it’s a dream telling you that you need to get pregnant