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Sheila the girl next door

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When I was 15 we had a girl with Down Syndrome living on my block. Sheila was my age but had the mentality of a 8 year old they said. She was always a very friendly and loving girl. She would come by and talk to my parents or to me. She would always give me a hug every time she saw me. We would play catch together or other stuff.

My room was in the basement. There was a basement door that my mom would leave open in the summertime. I was sleeping and had a dream I was getting jacked off by some girl. It felt good. I woke up and Sheila was touching my dick over my underwear.

“Sheila what are you doing? You cannot be doing that.”, I said. “Stop!”

“Sorry! Just came in to say “Hi” saw that wonder what it was”, she said.

“It always hard like that?” She asked. “NO!, I said, “You gotta go before my mom catches you here!”

“Why it hard?”, She asked.

“It just does that!”, I said. “Look you gotta go.”

“Let me see it! I go!”, She said.

I thought to myself, “why not?”. I said, “Go lock my bedroom door.”. She did. She gasped as I took it out. I shushed her and started jacking myself till I was totally hard.

“Can I touch?”, She asked. I laughed. “Now you ask me? It was okay to touch when I was asleep but not now?”, I asked

She just looked at me. “Go ahead hun.”, I said.

She felt it up and touched my balls and giggled very excited. “Shhhh!”, I said. “You got to be quiet!” She nodded.

“Lift up your shirt and pull down your pants.”, I said. She was going to run. So I got up quickly and grabbed her playfully and put her on the bed. I started tickling her. She started giggling so I stopped. I didn’t want my mom catching us in there and me with a hard on.

I taught her how to stroke it and masturbate me. She started doing it. She was good. Her young fingers had a nice firm grip on my cock. Nicely moving it up and down.

She can see I was reacting to what she was doing. “You ok?”, She asked. I told her I was fine and it felt good. To just keep doing what she’s doing.

I had to see something of hers. She was skinny with some small tits. She had shorts on. I just took liberty and reached in. “Fuck period.”. I thought. My fingers hit her pad. When I pulled them back out there was blood on them.

She laughed as I pull my hand back and seen the blood. “On my period.” She said innocently and smiling. I took a tissue from the nightstand and wiped my finger off.

“Do you want to put it in your mouth?”, I asked. She backed away in shock. Like I asked her to commit murder or something. She shook her head “no” very quickly. I smiled and chuckled.

I tried coaxing her into the idea. She wasn’t interested. I grabbed my phone and showed her a video on a porn site of a girl doing it. “You will like it trust me!” She tried it and she did. “Do not bite!”, I said. She just took it in her mouth. Really not doing anything. I told her what to do and how to suck it. I told her what parts to lick. Surprisingly now she was being a little bolder. She did what I told her to do. She licked the tip and went down on me. Over and over. She was sucking it real hard and my cock just swelled up and I came into her mouth. I held her head down so she could not get away.

She was mad that I peed into her mouth. I just let her spit it out on to me. “See it’s not pee”, I said, “it is sperm! I comes from my balls! You did a good job! You’re better than most girls!”

She smiled and kissed my cheek. I asked her to lift up her shirt for me. She sheepishly smiled her face got red and she turned away shyly.

She told me she was going to go back home. I told her to come over when my parents weren’t around and we could do more. I told her not to say anything to her parents or to anyone about what we did. “That’s our secret”, I said. She nodded. As she left she giggled and lifted up her shirt and bra. She showed me her cute little tits. She left and went back to her house.

It was 11:00 the next day and I was in our pool swimming. She asked me if she could come over and swim with me. I said, “of course you can.”. Her mom told her not to go into the pool because she’s on her period.

My mom and dad left to go shopping. I told Sheila I have something I need to show her in the house. We went inside. I dried off and took my swim trunks off. She asked if she could touch it again.

“Why it soft now?”, She asked.

“It just does that hun.”, I said.

She palmed it. It started growing as she played with it. She watched in awe.

“How you do that?”, She said.

“Magic”, I replied and laughed. “It just likes you!”

She must have enjoyed sucking dick the last time. Because she did not even ask. She just put it in her mouth and started licking my head and going down on my pole. I felt her breasts over her swim top. I lifted the top up and exposed them. I caressed her nipples as she moaned while sucking my dick.

She came up, “make stuff come out! Come on! I like taste of it. I can eat it?”. I nodded and she resumed. He was doing a great job and I didn’t make her wait long as she sucked coming back up and I just held her head and blew my load into her mouth.

“Go ahead! Swallow it. Like a big girl.”, I said. She did. “Taste good!”, She said. She cleaned my dick off.

We laid together on my bed. I was playing with my two new friends. Sucking on them and playing with the nipples. She was loving it.

I asked if I could “put it in her butt?”. She looked at me strangely again. “Don’t worry people do it all the time! I’m sure you like it. I was right about putting my thing in your mouth right? Come on I know you like this.”, I said

Even on the rag she had a hot little pussy as she removed her bikini. I found my parents KY jelly a long time ago and lubed up my cock. I had her get on all fours and I got ready to enter her. “Fuck her pussy looked nice.”, I thought. I thought about taking it blood or no blood. But I decided to wait to take her virginity. I want to build trust with her. I’ll wait till it’s nice and clean and I can eat her out and do things the way I like to do them.

She let out a loud moan as my manhood entered her ass. I was being nice to her and told her she was doing great. It felt so good being inside her. Her ass wrap tightly around my cock. I slowly went faster and faster. When I did she started moaning. I reached out with one hand and started caressing her left breast. Playing with the nipple as I pounded her ass.

She was starting to get into it. I could tell by the way she was moving. Her eyes look like they’re about pop out of her head. I couldn’t hold out any longer. “Oh damn….”, I said, “Oh Sheila…ahhhh eerrr”. As my cock unloaded into her. I pulled out of her exhausted out of breath.

She laughed, “you right! I like that!”.

Her and I took a quick shower together and went and hung out by the pool.

She asked, “when I off my period. You going to put it in here? Pointing to her cunt.”

“If that is what you want. I’d be glad to do that to you.”, I said.

She went back to her house and I watched that cute little ass of hers as she walked away. Thinking of later when she is off that period and I can enjoy the rest of her.

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  • Reply That Guy ID:1coxx67i20b

    Great story, wish there were more like it.

  • Reply Angry ID:4o717tkqm

    You are a low life piece of shit. You are worse than a pedophile! I hope her dad finds out and beats your ass.

    • Joe ID:28xmk7xs8m

      It’s not real

    • Kinky old man nothing like fucking ID:upy1mp43

      It’s just a story 😃

  • Reply Ğ ID:zdd8yy6id

    Part 2

  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf0ihrb

    This was so fucking wrong on so may levels but fuck my cock got hard. Even with an injured brain the sex switch never gets turned off and even they get horny. My god I wish i had one like this being so young in the mind her whole life.
    Can’t wait for part two when she gets that virgin pussy tore up and an ass repeat .lol! Just goes to show ya all females deserve a good cock orgasm any time they chose to.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:gnrwbamm4

    Hot. I would love to fuck a downs syndrom girl.

    • Jack ID:3zxisybwoii

      I want to help you use helpless down syndrome girls for sex and pleasure even they have pain