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My first time with our family female dog

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Hi All. I am guy and 22 years old i enjoy watching other people fucking their dogs specially girls.

My first time that i fucked our family dog it was when i was 16 years old i was really horny that day. i was home alone and my siblings had school and my parents went to work. i was watching a lesbian porn in my room and i was laying on bed naked playing my dick. I was so hard and the dog walk in my room. i didn’t gave her any attention and i kept watching those horny lesbian dirty girls eating each others pussies. while playing with my dick the dog got on my bed and sat next to me. while i was busy watching the porn. she surprisingly started licking tip of my dick. it felt really good and i love it. i wasn’t really thinking about anything i wanted to fuck something and it happened to be our family dog. when i felt her wet warm tongue on my dick i got really excited. I stopped watching the dog and watched her licking my dick . i really forgot about her being a dog because it felt so good an was super horny. she started going faster with her long sloppy tongue i was moaning really loud she even licked my balls and she were even reaching ass hole and i did really love the feeling it was something ew to me. i cum so hard on her mouth and face . she went crazy with licking more and more.👅💋 i was going crazy how good it made me feel and i started fingering her pussy and asshole and i licked my fingers off her pussy cum. she was loving it too. i got curious about how it would feel fucking her doggy wet sloppy pussy. i stand up and she standup and running in my room looking excited i told to come my bed an told her to sit she came and sit down looking me up i was so horny all was i was thinking about was fucking her pussy. i got on my knees and after long struggling trying to bend her over i succeed and i put my hard dick inside her wet pussy and started fucking her slowly while kissing her on the head. i was so fucking horny and i was so hard and excited. i fucked her so hard in long time while telling good girl good girl and i didn’t knew i was saying those words to her. i cum so hard in her pussy and it was so warm and hot.when i was done fucking her i was so weak and was shaking thats how good it felt and i did really love it and she did enjoy it too. also at that time i didn’t really knew that were people that have sex with their dogs. after that day i used to fuck her almost everyday.

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