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Beth the rapeslut pt 2

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It was nearing the end of the football game, and the band was playing their last few ‘pep’ songs. Beth had told Dan that she was getting a ride home with her friend Gwen. Dan knew he really couldn’t give her a ride home, as her dad hated him, and she would get in trouble if he was the one who took her home. However, after Dan left, Beth had sought out Dominic. She found him with two of his friends, Mike and Rob. She asked him if he could give her a ride home. She knew how much her dad liked Dominic, and how happy he would be if Dominic was the one who brought her home.

Of course, Dominic agreed, and they headed to his car. What she was not expecting was Mike and Rob getting in the backseat. She really couldn’t say anything though, as it was Dominics car, and she wasn’t going to let on what she really wanted that night.

Soon, Dominic pulled off the main road onto a dirt road that led off into the forest. Beth asked what was going on, and Dominic told her that he had something he wanted to show her. They continued on for a few minutes, until they were in a secluded spot that was right next to the river. Dominic started to get out of the car, and told Beth to come with him.

He met her around the front of the car. He had left the headlights on, so Mike and Rob could still see the both of them very clearly. Once they were at a certain point, Dominic grabbed Beth and kissed her. She tried to push back against him, but he was too strong. After a moment or two, he very roughly pushed her down to her knees, and started to undo his pants. She tried to tell him that they couldn’t do this with his friends watching, that this was just between them. He smacked her hard, calling her a slut, and telling her to shut up.

Once he had his dick out of his pants, he pulled Beth by the hair, pulling her onto his cock roughly. He face fucked her like that for a few minutes, then he grabbed her hair, pulled her up, and bent her face down across the hood of the car. He pulled her skirt up, and roughly ripped down her panties. He pushed into her as hard as he could, making her cry out.

Beth was crying, and fighting back against him, saying they couldn’t do this in front of his friends. Dominic just laughed. He grabbed her roughly by the hair, and forced her to look into the car. He told her to show Mike and Rob how much she loved being a little rape slut. She couldn’t help herself. Just as he said and did that, she started to cum hard.

“See guys, I told you!” Dominic yelled as he fucked Beth as hard as he could. He told the guys to come on out and have some fun as well. Beth cried out, begging them not to do anything to her. Dominic just told them it was all part of her game, and that she truly got off on being treated like this. If it wasn’t for the fact her body was betraying her with her orgasms, they might have backed off.

It didn’t take long before Dominic was pushing his bare cock deep into her, and she could feel his cock throbbing inside of her as he released his cum inside her. He pulled out of her, and she took the chance to try to break away. However, Dominic and his friends were too fast and too strong.

She was roughly forced to the ground. Once on her back on the ground, Mike quickly pulled down his pants and slid between her legs. She continued to cry out, begging them to stop. Mike just said that someone needed to shut her up, as he pounded her even harder. Just as she was startrng to reach an orgasm again, Rob shoved his dick into her throat. Mike fucked her hard as Rob forced his cock in and out of her mouth. Soon, she felt the familiar throbbing in her pussy as she was once again filled with cum.

Not to miss out on his chance, Rob quickly and roughly pulled her up again and threw heer across the hood of the car again. But, instead of pushing his cock into her pussy, he pushed hard and deep into her virginal ass. She was crying hard from the pain and humiliation at this point. however, Rob just kept pounding, getting off on the fact she was crying. Soon, he was filling her ass with his cum. Then he pulled her off the hood of the car, and forced his cock into her mouth, telling her to clean him up like a good slut.

A few minutes later, they were back on the road. It was obvious something had happened, but Dominic was the first get out of the car, and meet her dad in the driveway. At first he came out of the house with a look of anger, but when he saw it was Dominic, his anger quickly turned to a friendly smile. He asked if Dominic would like to come into the house, but Dominic refused, pointing out the two friends in the back seat and how he still needed to get then home.

Beth’s dad told her she should thank Dominic properly for the rid home, laughing, as she quickly ran into the house

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    Loved the story, next part please Waiting

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    Why does the dad like a rapist?

    • Gray Wolf

      Don’t knock it until you try it! Having a young teen struggle under several hard cocks if a lot of fun. graywolf804 kik