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Daddy was torn between watching Hermione from Harry Potter and Phoebe his 11 y o daughter

Phoebe had just got out of the bath and we settled down to watch tv.
“What shall we watch Phoebe?”
“Harry Potter please daddy.”
Again, I thought to myself although I wasn’t disappointed it meant I could lust after Hermione again. So we settled down, Phoebe on the sofa and me on the chair to her side; my chosen spot because I could see her if I glanced sideways which I did a lot as I lusted after Phoebe more than Hermione. As usual she’d fidget about a lot and her nightie would ride up giving me a good view of her legs and often right up to and including her knickers. I would sit and alternate between Hermione and Phoebe stroking my cock slowly under my robe so that it wasn’t obvious.
Tonight there was one major difference, she hadn’t put knickers on, I saw her tight little bum as she moved and my cock jumped at the site. There was no competition now between Hermione and Phoebe, Phoebe won hands down and I tried watching without making it too obvious. The I had an idea, “would you like a drink Phoebe?”
“Oooh yes please can I have a coke?”
I went to the kitchen with one hand in my robe pocket to keep my cock down. When I came back in with the drinks my hope was realised, she was sitting with her knees up and legs slightly apart. I saw it and nearly spilled her drink and put it down quick so I could keep my cock from springing out. It was too much and I told her I was just going to the loo. I got there, my cock sprang out and I stroked it, it didn’t take long, seconds later I shot my load. Oh fuck what a relief, it seemed like an endless stream of spunk as I pumped it all out imagining it was landing on Phoebe’s pussy.
I went back in and as I went to sit down Phoebe asked me if I’d sit next to her as she didn’t like the next bit, Voldemort was coming on and she didn’t like him. When he appeared she cuddled up close and her hand brushed across my robe covered cock and I had to quickly hold it down as it started to harden again. Fuck, it never rose again this quick, I’d have to keep my hand over it so it didn’t pop out. Phoebe was still fidgety and I got plenty of flashes of naked pussy which was causing havoc inside my robe. Voldemort went and she sat back up a bit and when Hermione came on she asked me if I thought she was pretty and of course I said she was. I got a strange look and I said “but not as pretty as you babe”.
That made her smile and she cuddled into me again and I put an arm around her gradually letting my hand slide down to her chest. She squirmed closer and with all the movement the friction was causing her nipple to get harder which in turn made my cock get harder. As she moved about I tried to keep hold of her nightie so that the hem gradually rode up and it wasn’t long before I had her pussy on permanent view. Even though I could only see it from above I was loving it and began fantasising about touching it, my mind completely off Harry Potter now, concentrating solely on Phoebe.
Then we saw Harry going off with a girl and Phoebe said “I bet he’s getting a blow job now”. I nearly fell off the sofa and asked her what she said. She repeated it and told me that Mandy (that’s her best friend) has an older brother and he said that’s what happened. I wasn’t quite sure what to say when she blurted out “well, will he?” I tried to explain that wasn’t really a nice thing for Mandy’s brother to say and certainly not to Mandy. Now sitting up and looking at me “why not, what is it anyway, do you think he got one?” I wasn’t sure whether to lie, or tell her all and my throbbing cock told me to go for it, who knows where it might lead.
“I think we need to pause Harry for a bit while I explain” she agreed and turned to look at me and to make it worse sat cross legged on the sofa her pussy totally exposed and open. “you really shouldn’t sit like that without knickers on you know”.
“Why not?” she said looking down at herself, “don’t you like it? I thought you liked looking at it”.
I was stuck now, the little minx knew I watched her and I bet she’d deliberately left her knickers off to get me going. I was lost for words until she asked again about the blow job and failing to cover herself as she did so. I wasn’t sure how to go about it, I didn’t want to use clinical words and on the other hand thought that cock and cunt might not be the best to use. So as carefully as I could I explained blow job and she was fascinated and asked if I thought that girl had done that to Harry. I explained that Mandy’s brother was just being rude and trying to embarrass her.
“So, could I do it?” she asked and I told her that when she got really friendly with a boy and they’d been going out for along time she might.
“Why can’t I do it now?”
I tried to explain that it was a very personal thing and you really should know each other very well before doing it.
“We know each other very well, we could do it” she said in all innocence.
It was too much for me I couldn’t resist it, I knew it was wrong but my cock was ruling my mouth and I agreed with her. I opened my robe revealing my rock hard cock standing to attention. “Wow, that’s bigger than…” she suddenly stopped and I asked bigger than what. She was lost for words but when I persisted she told me that Mandy’s brother had showed them his one time. But they’d just giggled and he left them alone. I was relieved, worried she’d done more than that.
“OK so what do I do?” she said. I couldn’t believe my luck and held my cock still as she went down on it, first licking the tip and then getting the head in her mouth looking up at me as if to say was that right. I got her to hold it and move her mouth up and down and use her tongue trying like mad not to shoot my load. But I couldn’t hold it much longer and breathlessly explained what happened and got it out of her mouth and told her to keep stroking it and she would see me cum. Unaware of what was going to happen she did as I asked and it took only seconds before I shot my load again

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