Phoebe 2

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Phoebe was as good as her dad said she was. Fantastic blow job

I was talking to a guy telling him how I used to spy on my daughter and he started telling me about his, what a sexy little slut she was and what they got up to. I said how lucky he was and he told me I could meet her and join in if I wanted to. I didn’t need a second invite and we arranged for me to call at his house the following Saturday. The day came and I knocked on his door and it was opened by a girl in skin tight shorts and T shirt. “You must be Phoebe the little hottie Andrew’s been telling me about”.
“Hello, yes I am, but who are you?”
“I’m Sandy, your dad invited me round today, is he in”.
“Oh, OK, no he isn’t, he got a call to go help someone, do you want to come in and wait?” Not sure what I should do I hesitated a bit but getting to know this hot babe won out and I went in.
“You’re just like your mum”.
“Oh, how do you know my mum?” Ooops put my foot in it there as I’d been fucking her mum recently but could hardly tell her that so just said that I’d known her for a while and we were quite friendly. Then she really shocked me saying “are you fucking her?” I was gobsmacked, never before had a girl spoken like that so soon after meeting her and I was lost for words. She immediately realised what was happening and said “you have haven’t you, that’s how you know I look like her. Do you think I’m as pretty?”
I told her she was just as pretty which brought a smile with the comment “yeah, but she’s got bigger tits than me”. Again I was struck dumb, this girl was something else but I managed to keep calm and told her that hers would grow. She immediately grabbed the hem of her T shirt and pulled it off asking me what I thought. I’ve never been so speechless with a girl before so just stood there looking probably with my mouth hanging open. “But I bet my pussy is tighter than hers”.
What could I say but agree that probably it was and it got worse, or better I suppose; she pushed her shorts down her long legs so I could see her pussy. Was I expected to say or do something? I’d no idea this sort of thing had never happened to me before and I thought back to conversations with Andrew and realised that everything he’d told me was probably absolutely correct. So standing there naked oblivious to the effect it was having on me she asked if I wanted a drink while I waited.
Bizarre is the word that immediately springs to mind this little minx was parading around stark naked in front of a complete stranger and totally at ease. I watched her tight arse as she walked to the kitchen before sitting on the sofa and then I had the glorious view of her coming back with a glass of beer, a full frontal. I was struggling to keep the bulge of my cock hidden in my track suit bottoms.
She sat opposite me which wasn’t a good idea because I couldn’t take my eyes off her and concentrate on what she was saying. I couldn’t help myself, my eyes were going up and down her body as she spoke and I had to ask her to repeat herself. “How long have you known mum and dad?” I couldn’t remember, my mind had gone blank so I just said ages. I had to say something, “so do you always sit around naked?”
“Yeah, dad likes to look at my pussy, it makes his dick go hard and he lets me play with it. It’s so cool cos when he says he’s ready I do it faster and he shoots stuff all over me. Last week he even showed me how to do a blow job”. This was said all so normally as if it was quite natural to tell strangers that you blew your dad to a climax. Once again I was speechless. “My friend, Mandy, has an older brother and he told her that Harry, you know in the Harry Potter films, probably gets Hermione to give him one. Do you think she does?”
“Well he’d be a very lucky guy if she did”. My cock was painfully hard now and it was a real effort keeping it covered.
“Does my mum do it to you?” What a question, a daughter asking if her mum was giving blow jobs to guys. I stammered a bit and then thought fuck it and told her that she did. “Is she any good? My dad said I was good the very first time”. This was getting dangerously close to me losing control here and then she dropped the bombshell. “Shall I give you one and you can tell me if I’m as good as her?” I’m sure I was now leaking pre-cum as the thought of this girl blowing me hit me but I said perhaps her dad wouldn’t want her to do that.
“He won’t mind and anyway we don’t have to tell him and he won’t be home for ages cos I’m sure he’s fucking the woman that phoned earlier.” I lost it and stood up and pushed my trackie down and my cock sprang out, it was rigid and a bit wet round the tip. “Go for it babe, do your stuff”. She knelt in front of me and took hold of it and licked the tip and opening her mouth took the first bit in. I was doing all I could trying not to cum but as looked down at her naked body and her lips round my cock it was too much. “I’m cumming babe” I said as I pulled out. She kept hold of it stroking faster and I shot my load all over her face and body. She squealed as it hit her but didn’t stop stroking.
Oh fuck what a cum and then she looked up at me and said “well?”. “That’s the best blow job I’ve ever had” I said in all honesty, probably because I wasn’t expecting it and hardly knew her.
“Wow, really, better than mum or anyone else?”
“Phoebe it was fantastic, I’ve never cum so much from a blow job, your dad is right you do it really well”.

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    Is it my daughter Phoebe 🤣

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      You tell me :-0)

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      Yeah omg can you tell me morestepdaddypaul

    • Zinton ID:5oae275rfqc

      Ino she’s mine lol ino it’s about me the story
      My 9

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    Need to know what phoebes pussy taste like

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    I need a lot more on this story

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      more to cum but am still doing Emma’s story at same time plus the girl up the road. Try them in the meantime

    • Please can you make a story wivher daddy ID:1cnb8xw2nlgb

      I want a story where she runs to her real daddys house….. Then we both end up creaming that tiny cuny