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Obsessed with sister-in-law

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My wife’s sister was hot.
Sandy blonde hair 5 footl tall. Freckles.
115 lbs firm round looking ass small ski slopes tits.

This took place when she was 22 years old
My wife and I were 5 years older. I wanted ,no was obsessed with seeing her naked. I came up with a idea of putting a hidden camera in her bedroom. Worse case see her fucking her husband or maybe masturbating.

So I got the little camera on eBay and she babysits my son during day. Truck is to get it in her bedroom.
So when I come over to drop off son one morning she was in shower so perfect timing. I hurry into bedroom out camera under tv on wall well hidden and pointed at bed.
I couldn’t wait to see the view I was still in driveway and pulled up camera and it worked perfectly it showed 3/4 of the room and entire bed.
I go to work and my phone dings alerts me to camera picking up movement.
No one was around so I bring up camera on my phone and it was her making her bed. She is wearing Jean shorts and t shirt.
I could see clearly her smooth legs going up to her ass almost short enough shorts to see the curve of her bottom.
I was startled out of my slobbering over her ass when I herd her call to my son.
David I am ready!
David come in and is acting all shy. She puts her hands on her hips and said ain’t you the cutest thing standing there all backwards acting. He smiles and shrugged n his shoulders.
It’s always early when I drop him off so he usually like today Mia in his pjs.
Spider-Man shirt and bottoms.she got his clothes out I brought and laid them on dresser. Pants and shirt.
She said raise your hands. He did so and I am thinking is she?
As she pulled off his shirt over his head and onto floor.
I am thinking he’s 10old enough to dress n himself
She tugs his pjs and underwear down and off.
Then she has him sit in bed she leans in pulling n his hands away that was covering his dick and leaned down and started sucking on him immediately.

I look around make sure no one is close by and I go down the hall to the bathroom and into a stall.
She was still bobbing her head up and down on him.
I am shocked but still no comprehending the situation altogether.
She stands up and slowly undressed in front of him
Fast forward she straddling him and lowered herself on him. Saying that feelS so go honey. Hold still for me he nodded his head and she rocking her hips in him. I work about 10 minutes from her house if I hurry I can do it in 5
I tell my boss I have a emergency at home and hurry out door
I get to her house quietly walk up to door. Her husband won’t be home until Friday . He drives truck. I open door and ease down hall to her room. I hear her moaning and the bed squeaking .
I say nice view. Looking at her ass grinding on my son.
She jumps up and covered herself with her robe. I said sit real forcefully and she sat on edge of bed clinging her robe not saying a word. I said to my son go get dressed and watch some cartoons in living room. He smiles and walks runs out of room. I shut the door and tell her I can call police or we can fuck right now and forget it.

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  • Reply zandy ID:4qq1zdmrq

    I hope it didn’t end there

  • Reply Rick ID:3zxjhzgjm99

    You should tie her legs open and fuck her as hard as you can in her pussy and ass then shove ur cock down her throat until she can’t breathe

  • Reply Delicious ID:vuf1myql

    Well that’s a delicious thing and when I got to thinking about it I have to say I’m a big fan when I was working with my brother in law and in and out of the house my sister told me I should just stay over at the house on the days I worked she would always leave early and take the kids with her before she started work most days I would be already to go and my brother in law was always up early we usually had an easy day on monday afternoon and I was just gonna ask him if he was ready to leave when he told me it was raining way too much outside

    • Dave ID:7zv2u2g8rk