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Brotherly Love

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Brother is born to be an evil using bastard. Rape is second nature to this depraved juvenile monster.

I have abused and raped three girls so far in the short space of time tween, curiosity and reality. The thing is I never set out to be like this. It just crept up on me.

One day I’m wanking to porn pics next day I’m sniffing mum and sisters knockers next thing I know, I’m tearing the panties off sisters friend and raping the fuck out her 10 yr old pussy.

I soon realised that I enjoyed the control, the fear filled teary eyes, the wailing and sobbing, the screaming.
All enhancedy throbbing cick as it invaded and conquered those innocent bald cum dumps.

Progressing on to my further evil doings. I had my sister, her friend carol and I, standing in the shed in our back garden. No parents, as I was 16 and deemed responsible enough to be supervisor of these tween fuck dolls. Obviously I wasn’t!! hence, said dolls were now crying and pleading while slowly stripping for me.

I had my sister’s phone in hand filming this strip. This I would use to send to carol’s phone, making it seem that both dolls were doing this to each other. Leverage for future blackmail and compliance. Both had stopped talking or sobbed as I wanted it to look consensual tween them.

A few slaps to Beth’s (sister.12) arse plus threat to put their naked bodies online to their friends soon had them silent and stood in underwear. Carol was told to finish stripping as Beth watched, her arms crossed over her braless tits. Her plump cameltoed cunt pouting in her little baby blue panties.

I was rampant my cock bouncing in front of my shorts. Both young girls staring at it knowingly. Carol now naked had one hand over her crotch the other across her tits. Bouncing from footbto foot as she awaited the next degredation to befall them.

She hadn’t long to wait. I her to lay back on the old carpet covered table stored in the shed and open her legs wide. As she climbed onto the table.
I got a great view of her 11yr old trimmed vagina and arse crack. Her dark sparse pubes barely covering her young labia. Beth was then told to go finger and lick her friends pussy, she walked at this but was reminded of the film and pics already available to post to whoever I chose?

A few seconds later my sister is kneeling in front of me, pantie covered arse jutting out to my gaze pushing her slender finger up carols cunt and gently lapping into her crotch. This was better than I’d ever imagined when I planned to rape them.

My dick had never been this hard before, adrenaline was rushing through it and me. Eager for release from its present holding cell in my shorts. I watched, fascinated. As Beth poked and sucked at carols cunt. Both seemed not entirely put off by this forced abuse!! Made me wonder? If indeed this wasn’t exactly new to them?

In good time I tugged Beth’s panties down her cute buttocks and exposed her to the lens. She wailed but didn’t stop her ministrations on carol. Who by now was wailing more to, hers in pleasure and humiliation. Beth choked and was hit in the face by carols squirting orgasm and thrashing legs. The young slut was coming very hard and moaning ,sobbing at same time.

I pulled down my shorts, and stepped out of them now wearing only my shoes and vest. My 6″ hard-on painfully straining to be used. I had the girls remain in same position, threatening them again about online posts. Beth was silently sobbing along with her drained friend as I told Beth to
“stand up. Pull your knickers off sis.”

This seemed to break her completely and she sobbed really hard while s. Getting stripped completely. Oh boy, I’d seen her arse before but now? This was so good, her crack was ace, her labia damp bald and pale porcelain white. Pink inside lips just showing her pink starfish puckered as she bent over.

I had her straddle carol between her soaked thighs, pushing Beth’s young pale body down onto her friends. Both girls young budding tits bumping and jiggling against each other. Embarrassed crying faces hidden by Beth’s long black hair. I ran my left hand over Beth’s bum cheeks. This made her jump and I slapped her cheeks twice, hard. She got the painful message.

Slipping my hand into her arse crack and running my finger over her anus, then onto her dampening labia. I had complete control over both these little cum dumps. I was about to do just that and rubbed my drooling cock head into Beth’s crack searching for her slit. Finding it after a few attempts and her wiggling not helping. Her scream, when it came was testimony to my little sisters introduction to my cock.

I was balls deep in her. Beth cried bitterly when I pulled her head up by her hair and I looked to see us joined together. My cock finding refuge in her tight vice like babyhole. Her muscles gripping and grasping at my throbbing tool. I hissed at her and Carol. ” Shut the fuck up we’ve got all day girls? So get used to it. Enjoy yourselves. I will.”
I pulled out and thrust back into Beth’s open cunt. She screeched again and then grunted in time withy thrusting.

In, out. She felt so good, hot wet grasping my dick as I raped her young pussy. Carol moving on the table in time with our fucking. Both girls young breasts bouncing back and forth . I reached around and groped Beth’s left breast, pinching her hardened nipple forcing another wail of pain. I was getting ready to explode and I didn’t want to cum too soon. I had carol in mind for my first load. I trust another couple of times and pulled out Beth’s gaping wet cunt.

My hard bobbing cock touched her puckering anus and she yelled. “Nooooo Mark. Don’t, not my bum!! I’m too small there… Please!!!”. I giggled while shoving my index finger up her bumhole. It slipped in easily, lubed up by the drool running from her abused fanny. Funny there wasn’t any blood.?The time before when I raped her other friend. ( Holly, 12 ) In the school toilets. She bled lots? So why isn’t Beth?. “Hmm.” I pondered.

I had Beth stand up. I gagged and then secured her, hands and feet. Turning my horny attentions to the delectable, cute little fuck toy, Carol Thompson, as she lays out on her alter of sacrifice.

( Yes OK. The old kitchen table ) it wasn’t a matter for carol to dwell over. She pleaded and sobbed as I played with her rather nice tits. Much larger than Beth’s about a 32b though I Haven’t a clue really. My right hand trails down over her stomach, onto her flinching thigh, inching onto her soaked pulsing pussy lips.

Her dark head of hair complemented the pubes on her sparsely coated cunt. Her labia draped open after Beth’s handy work. I pulled the tear stained girls nude body a little further back toward my cock and with her legs now dangling off the end of the table I had easy acces to the cute bitches little holes. I slapped her face a couple of times and warned her to be quiet…

No chance. Minute she guessed my intention she was howling and trying to get up. I punched her stomach and pulling her hair I grabbed her nipple. Twisting it as she screeched in agony. I slapped he tits brutally. She got the message and became pliant and whimpering. I got her back in position, then spreading her legs very wide I lapped at her open wet pussy. She tasted great, sweet as young cunt always does. Her clit was very sensitive and she came very quickly drenching her thighs and my face and fingers.

” Fucking slut Thompson. I always knew you were just a little whore, cum dump, fucking boy toy. You filthy. Stinky, skanky jailbait bastard. I rammed my aching cock fully up her open fanny, hammering in and out her pain filled hole so hard, faster and faster while biting her jiggling nipples.
The sweaty swearing ordeal lasted minutes. I couldn’t hold back and filled her young innocent womb with what felt like my whole life essences. I was drained and fell onto the humiliated, raped 12yr old. Her pussy farting and expelling the sticky dribbling contents of my raping balls.

Beth lay sobbing and heaving on the chair. I untied her and pulled her gag down off her mouth. ” Like that sis? Good eh?” I spat at her. You bitches have been fucked before? Haven’t you.”
I kicked Beth in the ribs. ” Tell me. Or so help me I will…” Beth and Carol were terrified. Beth said, “you can’t tell anyone Mark OK. promise us.” -” Us? ”
I said looking round at my cum dump. Now looking at Beth pleadingly, sitting up on the table and wiping drool from her messy pubes.

It was Carols uncle Jim. He took us to his caravan. Remember? Summer break. He got us drunk and then fucked us both the whole weekend. He swore he’d kill mum and carols little brother if we said anything. Please don’t say anything. ” I want about to say a thing. My evil mind thinking. “Hmm, an alliance might be beneficial using this knowledge?”

Meantime. I was tired and thirsty. So too my little rapemeats. I warned both again about blabbing to police or anyone. Showing clips from their rapes. I ordered Beth and Carol to be in mums room in two hours. Or they’ll be online porn stars all over school. They dressed as I watched. I could probably have done another rape but plenty more to come. Though I did have a quick fumble with Carol as her panties we’re getting put on.

Nice tight arsehole. I stuck another finger in to join the first and jiggled them around the groaning 12yr olds gorgeous tight rectal passage.

“Soon slut.. soon. Don’t let me down. Or else, bitch”…..

With that done. I exited my rape den leaving them crying and pondering their near future in despair.

Part 2 to follow. ( If wanted )
Thank you.

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    This is so hot and love incest and little boys and girls nothing like being in a little girl or boy and are made for breeding

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    Who’s this avenger prick. Keeps cropping up in comments. All avenging angel shit? Why you on here then if it offends you so much?
    It’s fantasy pal. You honestly believe all this crap. Get real, we al know shit happens but that don’t mean we condone it. I’m on here coz I like to read porn stories. Good and bad. It’s what makes the world go round. It’s called freedom of choice. Get a life, go read your Bible.

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    Yes please

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    INCEST IS BEST, Took me and my sister’s daughter Virgin pie. Bloody mess for a 13 year old, Just like her mom, ( my sister).

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      I will pray for you to die soon with immense pain lurid piece of shit

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    You need to collar them and be sure to breed them