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When I was 16 I lived in our upstairs apartment in my family home . We had a big house and my sister and her son lived rest of my family lived down stairs . My nephew was often hanging out with me upstairs. The neighbor 10 year old girl would often come up looking for him . She was small for her age little chubby kinda cute . She’s a couple years older than my nephew.

My nephew told me the goofy guy down the road was her boyfriend and he was like mid 30s and I thought there’s no way ! Anyway fast forward a few weeks it’s a hot summer day door open and I was in the front room watching porn jacking off and I heard a nose turning my head and there she was watching me jacking off ! She says my brother does that all the time and her boyfriend sticks his in her butt ! I’m in shock at first but fast thinking I ask if she likes it and her answer was sometimes yes . She wasn’t at all afraid of me or the fact I was half naked with a hard cock. She walked into the room asked if I was going to cum soon ! She says she likes watching her brother shooting his stuff out ! my cock was pounding hard and so close to cuming I just slowly started stroking my cock thinking fast I tell her if I let her watch me cum I wanted to put it in her butt !
Like most young kids she just agreed shaking her head . I picked up the pace and wasn’t long a was shooting cum everywhere and as it slowed she put her finger on my Dick head and slowly rubbed it around in a circle like she knew it would drive me crazy ! I wiped up a little and pulled my pants off my other leg and spread my legs wide showing her everything. She moved closer to me and leaned forward wanting to kiss ! I kissed her like a teen girl and she responded the same and I started removing her shorts . To my surprise she just lifted her tiny ass and kicked off her flip flops .
I kissed her and rubbed her hairless pussy and instantly could feel her pussy was loose like recently been fucked ! This made my cock super hard ! I kissed her neck turning her around slowly and she knows what I wanted . She possession her self in on the edge of the couch knowing I was going to fuck her ass . I Had some lotion I was jacking off with and got a big squirt in my hand and rubbed on her asshole and when I was rubbing it on her hole she started pushing back on my fingers she’s definitely done this before was my thoughts! I pushed my cock head into her ass being careful not to push to hard to my surprise it slide right in with only a little effort! I know this kids been fucked a lot !! Pushing all the way in I could feel her little body adjusting to my 7.5 long cock .
I pick up my pace going deeper in her ass she’s moaning in a low quiet hum aching her small back like a real slut . Her ass is so tight I can’t hold it long even though I had just blowed a huge load 15 minutes ago. I grab her small hips and drive my cock as deep as I can and unload in her asshole like a beast in heat ! I slow my thrust into her small ass and pull out and I see cum running out I grab a shock and wip her ass thinking I can’t send her home leaking cum ! As fast as I clean her up she puts her shorts and flip flops on and tell me she is my new Secret girlfriend! I’m like I hope she doesn’t tell anyone ! At that point the act had came clear and my heart was pounding with fear . My teen brain was in overdrive with fear for a few day . After about 5 days I hear nothing and she walks by smiling like nothing happened . Her parents are very strange and older druggies and I realize nobody cares !

A few days later early morning I’m getting ready to leave open the door and there she stands . She says none of the kids are awake and she bored. Well my plans changed they can wait ! She came in I’m looking around making sure no one seen her coming in …. I’m good ! She smelled of soap and hair spray and was as fixed up as much as a kid can do . I’m thinking she’s horny looking for someone to play alright ! She says can you kiss me my other boyfriend won’t . I lean down and push her up to the edge of a chair and start kissing her and rubbing her little body and like before she kisses back like a grown woman !
I know there’s no reason to go slow or be slick like with teen girls my age I just start removing her closes and kissing her all over . I had only ate one girl at this point but I was going to lick this little pussy . I removed her shorts and pushed her legs back and spread her pussy open and she had be fucked a few time it was very clear ! I put my tongue on her pussy and licked her little clit and put my tongue in her pussy hole . I tasted something familiar in her pussy she was leaking a load of cum ! Yes I had tasted my own cum ! I wasn’t sure how I felt knowing I was eating another man’s cum out of an 10 year old pussy but I licked it harder and was extremely turned on ! I kicked my pant off and got on top of her and pushed my Dick in hard and was almost ball deep in 2-3 pushes but I hit the bottom! I pushed her little legs back and pounded her hard and deep for 5 minutes! I do believe she enjoyed it as much as an 10 year old can ! I finally feel my balls boiling over and cum like I had never before . I pull my cock out looking at her hole that’s staying open with now 2 mens cum running out and I thought this girl is a real slut ! She says I like how it feels when you shoot your stuff in my hole. I wondered who was just fucking her but never asked of fear she wouldn’t come back and let me fuck her again . This went on for awhile. Let me know if you want to read more . Go eat I’m not a writer just a pervert

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    Hehe my uncle used to do this. It was our little secret until he moved to Spain

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    Look at it this way guy. She will never ever forget you. You were the first one to do that to her. I’m sure she’ll have very fond memories of her first time
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