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My Bus Friend Part 1

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Recalling how I lost my innocence to a groper on the bus. Part 1 getting groomed and molested.

When I was a little girl, I rode the public bus to school. My little neighborhood was too far out of the way to take the underfunded school’s limited bussing, so I took the city bus every day and my mom would pick me up after work and bring me home. I was proud to go wait at the bus stop every morning, hand the driver my pass, and find my seat all on my own. I knew exactly what time it came at, and when to get off to walk the rest of the way to my school. I sat in the same seat every day, towards to back of the bus in the window seat so I could watch the city pass by on the drive. No one ever sat next to me, until Pat did.

I actually don’t know his name, I never thought to ask and he never told me. But he looked like a character from a book I liked named Pat, so that’s how I’ve thought of him since. This was before stranger danger had been taken seriously in my area, and the first day he asked to sit next to me, I was happy to oblige and answer all his questions about me. My name, how old I was, where I was going, how I got home, who my family was, all my favorites, all sorts of questions kids love to babble on about.

We rode together almost every day for a week, and then the questions were accompanied by touch. A hand on the shoulder, on the knee while I laughed at his joke, up my thigh and up and up. It felt natural when his hand finally rested on my young mound. His hand under my school skirt but over my panties. He rubbed up and down my slit while carrying on about some story he read, and the thrill that ran through my preteen body encouraged me to relax and let him carry on. He was a grown up, so surely this was a normal thing to do.

This became our normal routine. I’d get on the bus in the morning, he’d get on two stops after and sit with me. We’d talk while under my skirt, away from view, he massaged my hairless pussy and played with my clit through my panties while I humped against his hand. He never put his finger under my panties though, and that frusterated me to the point I went completely without them one day. He barely paused when he realized I was naked beneath my skirt before continuing like normal, only now skin on skin as he smeared my arousal over my pink little pussy. He never put a finger in, and my lacking sexual education didn’t even know he could have.

He started putting my hand in his lap at some point, but not always. Not when there were a lot of people on the bus. But most days I rested my hand on his leg, happily and ignorantly playing with the odd bump in his pocket. On days the bus was really empty, his conversations were more hushed. He slowly taught me about the world of grown up sex. About how a man can put his privates into a woman’s, and how it would hurt the woman pretty bad but if she behaved he could make her feel really good too, and might even put a baby into her. He told me about how good it felt to play with his private parts, and I started taking my job a lot more seriously, eager to bring my new best friend lots of pleasure like he brought me.

I dont think I ever made him cum from touching him, but I had many little girl orgasms on his hand. It took one “Shh. Be quiet or we’ll get caught.” To teach me to surpress my moans and instead get release from grabbing his wrist and rubbing myself hard on his fingers while girl cum dribbled out of my naked little pussy. A few times, he would pretend to drop something under the seat. I figured out quick that when his head was down, I was meant to spread my legs a bit wider, and lift the front of my skirt so he could see my babygirl cunny. A few times I heard him take long, slow sniffs which I thought was silly. But after nearly the whole school year being spent like this, I was happy for every bit of attention he gave to me and my sensitive private parts.

In part 2 I’ll recount how we spent days after school together, how he took my virginity, and some other fun stuff I wont spoil. ♡

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