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Bills Time in the Marines (a cut part of “I Discover my 50yo Male Neighbor Raping my 15yo Son”)

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This was originally part of “I Discover my 50yo Male Neighbor Raping my 15yo Son”, but was removed as it was over the line, even for me.

**Warning! This story is violent and involves brutal rape, torture and a bit of Zoophilia. Might not be your thing.**

After getting numerous request (surprised, but not surprised) here is the cut part from my previous story: “I Discover my 50yo Male Neighbor Raping my 15yo Son”. This was originally going to be part of Bills diagonal he said to Michael as he raped his ass, but it was wayyy to long for someone to say as they brutalized a straight 15yo boy hole, plus it took you away from the current ass rape visual lol. also as i mentioned, felt it was a little over the line, even for me who has a huge brutal-violent-max pain-anal rape fetish! so here it is, rough and unedited. Hope you enjoy it my fellow pervs!

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Bills time in the Marines.

brought me back to my posting in the middle east! all you would hear at night was the screams and pleas of the underage teen boys being brutally raped by the base garrison! i raped a new teen boy pussy every night while there! the best was the twin 13yo brothers we took from the village and gangraped all week! they took hundreds to dicks and twice as much loads. we even forced them to fuck eachother several times! by the end of the week, both brothers assholes were perminately ripped open and gaping by over an inch. they lost all bowel control and were shiting themselves as they slept, or were being fucked. they even felt loose to the men who dp’d+ them. as they were no longer tight, we ended up forcing them to take dog dick and camel dick until they got the beast off! then one day, as the one brother was being mounted by a german shepard, the other brother was mounted by a very gifted, and horny camel. never have i seen a camel ram all 20″ into a hole, but this one did! the arab boy was impaled, the camels hard dick ripped him open right infront of us! the camel then fucked the dead boys body till it came in him. as it pulled out, the boys intestants followed. we made the other brother fuck his dead brothers guts. he cried, but got off pretty quick. this got us all hard, so we grabbed both the dead brother and alive ove and gangraped them all night. the alive brother seemed to really get off on cuming in his dead brothers guts as men raped his ass. the boy obviously was broken and dead inside, so we started do the most depraved things we could think of to him. his boy pussy stopped being lubed and only took dick dry, leaving only the blood from his reoeatedly torn up rectal track to lube his ass as we gangraped him. he was fisted, object raped and took multiple rifle barrels in his hole. the base doc would stitch up and repair his ruined boy pussy as much he could almost every day, but not before raping the boys ass himself. soon we grew tired of him, and took three more underaged teens (a brother and sister, and their cousin) from the village (raping their assholes in front of the family first of course before heading back to base). it was time to retire the now brotherless twin, but not before we gangraped all 4 together that night, the three new teens were treated to their future torture, as they watched the boy that had been with us take three dicks in his bloody hole at the same time, then fisted, then fucked by one of the pack camels (not the same one that fucked his brother to death though). as a parting gift to our fathful fuck hole, we did let him fuck the new brother as sister we pick up. he raped the brothers ass first as the brother was forced to ass rape his sister. he came deep in the screaming brothers ass seconds after the brother came in his sisters ass. then, he pushed the brother off his sister, and fucked her cum filled asshole. several men were brutally fucking the boy cousin, and now the brother as we watched our old fucktoy assrape one of our new fucktoys. soon he filled her ass as well. several of us the grabbed the boy and led him to the front gate. he was completely nude. we opened the gate and pushed him out, but not before we bent him over and each filled his ass one more time with cum. as the last man came deep in his ass, a Private returned fron the base mourge with his dead twin brothers frozen severed cock. it was filled with epoxy before frozed, making it erect and bloated. he then shoved it up the boys pussy, plugging the remaing cum in his ass. we then told him to go home and to to not remove his brothers cock till he got there. we watched the boy dissapear over the hills as he walk in the direction of his village 20 miles away, as the sound of ungerage teens being brutally assraped filled the base.

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    Wow! Yeah, sure comes near to crossing a few lines, but all the better for it.I fucking came like crazy!!

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    Got any more good stories like this about bill

    • [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

      just this and its companion story at the moment

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    What a great story. We need violent and extrem story’s, maybe with young pregnant girls.

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    I absolutely love it DONT stop writing 😊