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The ranch was meant to teach me a lesson and now it’s time for someone else to

The long school holidays were about to start . I could not wait to have 4 weeks off school to hang around with my friends . I had only just turned 15 earlier in the year . I had just begun to click with my group of friends . 3 days before the holidays started my mum and dad sat me down and told me that they didn’t think my friends were a good influence on me and thought it might be good for me to head to my uncles ranch for the holidays . I screamed at them ” no way I’m staying and being with my friends . We already have plans set out ” . I couldn’t not believe they were thinking of doing this to me . My dad said ” look 4 weeks away doing some work at the ranch will help you sort yourself out . It’s already sorted . Your friends can go without you for four weeks ” . I screamed and ran to my room . The last day of school came and I was so hoping it was not going to happen . But I arrived home and saw my bags at the door . We drove the 3 hours to hid ranch . I never spoke to them the whole way . I had left my friends and the city to this smelly country area that I already hated . ” Well get ready for four long working weeks ” my dad said as we drove up the long driveway . I saw my uncle standing there . ” Hello Lisa . Nice to see you again ” . He said as I stormed off . Then I watched as my dad dropped my bags on the dirt and drove off . Reality set in . I went inside with my uncle . He showed me my room and then had some dinner and then he said I better get some sleep as I’ll be up early . I went to my room and cried thinking how could this be happening to me . The first few days I did alot of cleaning up around the yards . It was hard work and my body was hurting . But I did notice one thing . There was this cute guy who was working with the horses . He would of been early 20s . But I didn’t have the nerves to speak to him . It was the forth day and my uncle got me to clean out the stables . I saw him closer up and he looked amazing . Now I’d never had a bf so the butterflies were going crazy . Then as he went pass once he said with a smile ” hi Lisa ” . I couldn’t believe he knew my name . The next day he had me brush horses for him . His hand teaching mine how to do it made me blush . Then later that day helped me tie their hair . I could hardly sleep thinking about him that night . The next day I got up early and ran to the stables . I must have been a little to early as there he was topless with only jeans on . ” Oh sorry Lisa let me put a top on ” he says when he sees me . ” You don’t need to ” I say . Then butterflies taking over . I get the nerves up and say ” can I touch you ? ” . OH I’m not sure you should ” he say . ” Please I’ve never had a boyfriend and you are so handsome and full of muscles ” I say with a smile . ” Ok , but only a tiny touch ” he says . I move forward and run my hands up and down his hard chest . I don’t know what came over me but I lean in and kiss him . I think the moment took over both of us and he continued to kiss me back . All of a sudden I hear ” so this is what you have been up to is it . Your mum and dad was right about you ” . My uncle standing at the stable door . ” No I’m sorry I didn’t mean to ” I say in a sad voice . ” Well you will need to be punished for this ” he says . ” Joe go and get me the wooden horse ” my uncle says . I watch as the guy I liked go and get this long wooden stool like thing . ” Now strip them cloths off ” my uncle says in a stern voice . ” No damn way am I stripping in front of you ” I scream back at him . ” Joe hold her ” my uncle says and before I react Joe has me and my uncle is stripping me . Ripping my shirt off . Followed by busting off my bra . My pants follow next . Then he tore off my little pink panties . I was being held there naked in front of them both . ” Damn you have a cute little body just like your mum did when she was her age . I use to spy on her alot ” my uncle sarcasticly says . ” Joe tie her on the horse ” he orders . Joe reluctantly does as he was told . “Now go get The master for me ” he tells Joe . I watch as Joe walks away . ” You are going to learn a big lesson from now on . You will leave here with respect ” . He says to me . ” Let’s have a look while Joe is gone ” . I feel him pulling at my pussy . ” Oh nice you are still a virgin ” he says with a laugh . ” That’s not going to be the case for much longer ” he says . Next thing I hear is horse hoves coming in but couldn’t look to see . ” Well Lisa now you get to meet Master in a very special way . He is our main stallion and in a month’s time he starts to mate with his mares so as punishment I thought it would be good to let him get in some practice on you ” he says in his mean voice . ” Let me the fuck off this thing . You can’t do this to me . I’ll tell mum and dad ” I cried . ” Go ahead and tell them . Do you think they will believe you ? Why do you think you are here ? ” Then I felt it Master was being led over the top of me . I couldn’t move my head I just had to watch as his body moved forward . I knew what was about to happen to me . I pleaded him not to do this to me but he didn’t care . I had seen master in the paddock yesterday and knew just how big his dick was and knew how tight my pussy was and just the thought of his cock going into me scared me . Then I felt it that massive cock was against my pussy . My uncle said ” I’m going to help him fuck you ” . ” PLEASE NO you will tear me to pieces . You can’t hurt me like this ” I cried . ” You should of thought of that before being a naughty slut . I’ll make you a real slut before you leave ” he said with a grin . I then felt him moving the horse cock up and down my slit . Master I could tell was getting impatient . I then felt my uncle start pushing it against my tiny pussy hole . I screamed and tried to fight but could do nothing to stop this . Then I felt it the head of that horse head had parted my pussy lips . That cockhead was so massive it was stretching me apart . The discomfort was undiscribable . My uncle held it there for a second and then pushed alittle more in . The tears rolled down my face as I felt like my pussy was being torn apart . Joe says ” damn look at her pussy gripping his cock ” . My uncle says ” I’m going to let go now and he is going to fuck you ” . I know this is it I’m about to lose my virginity to a fucking horse . My uncle let’s go and I scream louder than I ever have in my life . Master thrusts forward and in one stroke his rips right through my hymen like it was nothing . I’m screaming and crying . Pulling at the ropes that have me tied down so hard that they are burning into my skin . He bucks back and then forward again ramming his cock as deep as it can into my now bleeding pussy . Again and again he rams my pussy hard . It feels like he is going to break my pussy . My stomach is starting to hurt from the hammering I’m taking from Master . Soon I feel his cock is rock hard . His head bobbing up and down . Then I feel it gush after gush of his sperm is being shot into deep into my pussy . I didn’t think he would ever stop cumming . He finished and pulled out . Master just stood there bobbing his head like he was happy with his job . ” untie her Joe ” my uncle says . Joe does and I trie to get up but just collapse on the floor . My legs can’t hold my weight and my stomach feels like I’ve been punched 100 times . ” Well your in the right spot any way slut ” my uncle says . He walks Master alittle closer till his still hard hard cock is near my face . I can see cum still leaking from it . ” He gave you a good fucking I think you should help by cleaning him off . Give him a nice blowjob clean ” he says with this huge grin on his face . ” Please I can’t do anything more I’m hurting so bad ” I say . My uncle grabs a whip of the hooks on the wall and says ” well it’s that or this ” . I look at that cock and made what I thought was the right decision . I moved my head and put just the tip of that cock in my mouth . I nearly gagged at the taste . After about 30 seconds my uncle says ” Joe I think she needs some help ” . Joe right away pinched my nose and I instinctively took a deep breath through my mouth and that cock went right to my throat . I gagged so bad . Saliva running out of my mouth . I couldn’t believe it Master started moving his cock . It was going deeper into my throat . Great mouth my mouth and throat were killing . I could feel his cock was half way down my throat . I soon couldn’t help it I threw up . My throat convoluted as I did and i couldn’t believe after what he shot in my pussy that he had more but Master shot a load into my throat . Soon as he was finished I had to suck him as he pulled out . My mouth was dripping saliva and cum . ” Here you go my ” uncle says as he throws me some cloths . I put them on .”Now get to work ” he yells at me . I spend the day working in complete pain . I had trouble walking all day . For the first couple of hours I could feel cum dripping from my pussy as I moved . The day ended and I was allowed to shower . The thing was my uncle stood there watching me commenting on my body . I hated him so much . I got out and we went and had dinner and then i headed to bed . It wasn’t that long till I heard my door open . It was my uncle . He walked to my bed and sat on the edge . ” Watching Master fuck you turned me on so much . I might be 45 years old but trust me I still get hard ” . He pulled back my covers and before I could do anything my nightdress was being pulled up to my waist and my panties off . ” Please uncle I’m still so sore . Don’t fuck me ” . He got up and his pants came off . I was shocked at his age he still had a big cock . His cock was at least 9 inches but it was fat . ” Trust me Lisa after this you are going to be sore ” . I thought he was going to fuck my pussy . He grabbed me and pulled me so my legs were hanging over the side of the bed . Then I felt something weird he was pulling my little ass cheeks apart . Then a finger was at my tight as fuck anal but . ” WTF are you doing . Your not allowed to touch me there . That’s not the hole for sex ” . I yelled at him . ” Oh yes I am going to fuck you there and you are going to take it . I’m going to hurt you so bad ” he replied . I felt his finger move to my bud and start running around it . ” fuck you are a tight little slut arnt you . But when you leave here you won’t be ” he says in a sarcastic voice . I jumped and yelled as I felt his finger pushing at my hole . More and more he pushed till I screamed and tried to fight away as the finger went in . I stopped fighting as it just caused the pain in my arse to be worse . It felt like my little ring was burning . ” Well that should of helped ” he said . Next thing I felt was his huge cock at my hole . He again pushed and pushed till the head popped in . I screamed in pain and tried to hit out at him . He just laughed . ” Don’t worry your pain is turning me on ” . He starts to move back and forward trying to push more in . I just keep screaming in pain . I can feel my ring trying to stop him but then he pulls back and I feel him push hard and it felt like my ring snapped . His cock was I’m me . I was in so much pain it’s to hard to describe . He started fucking my arse till his whole cock was inside with each thrust . I was crying and yelling and screaming with each thrust . ” Sorry Lisa but your ass is broke now ” he said with a laugh in his voice . Harder and harder he fucked me . As he did I could feel my ass just give up the fight . Soon enough I felt him cum . He just got dressed and said see you in the morning and left . I layed there crying . I could not believe what had happened to me in the last 24 hours . I couldn’t help it I had to feel . I reached and could feel my ring was still gapped open and cum running out of it . I could hardly sleep due to my whole body in pain . Well the next three days just ended up the same . He had master fuck my pussy each day . It never felt good it always hurt . I always had to then have him in my mouth . Not once did I not throw up . Each of them nights he came in and raped my ass . Even though I knew he had tore my ass and hurt me it still caused me so much pain each time . Then the weekend came and the Saturday nothing happened to me . I was shocked . I thought maybe he had enough hurting me . He hardly spoke to me that day . I even had hardly any jobs handed to me . Then Sunday came and I realised why . My uncle woke me up and it was like 9am . I said ” sorry I slept in ” . It’s ok as you needed rest for today ” . I thought oh great more work or back to Master but I was wrong . He next said ” I went through some of your cloths and found out what size you were . Here this should fit you . Now put it fucking on and come outside ” . He had thrown me a box . I opened it and saw like this bodysuit . I put it on and was in shock . My stomach and chest was covered but the area for my titts was cut out so my tiny little titts were showing . The bottom half had a area cut out so my ass and pussy was assessable . I walked out the back door and in the yard I saw other men there . I don’t know why but my brain got me to look around fast and I counted 20 guys . They were all in cowboy/ranch like cloths . I also saw that damn wooden bench thing in the middle of the yard . I got to my uncle and I saw him holding the whip . He looked at me and then the bench and said ” do I need to ask you or make you ?” . I said no and walked to it and Joe tied me to it . My uncle walks to me and says ” it’s time to pay rent and seeing you have no money it’s time to earn some . These guys are here and are going to pay to fuck you . Time to see what your are worth ” . He laughs as he drops a bucket beside the horse . The first guy walks up and pulls his pants off . He had a medium sized cock . I watched and was so ashamed as he threw a couple of coins in the bucket . He smiled and said ” can’t let you earn to much we might not be able to come back ” . He moved behind me . I grunted as he pushed his cock into my pussy . In no time his cock was all the way in . I heard more coins drop into the bucket and a guy came to my face . I knew what he wanted and just opened my mouth . He held my head and started to fuck my mouth . There I was having my pussy and mouth fucked at the same time . The guy at my pussy was now holding my hips so he could fuck me so hard . I was already crying and my screams were being muffled my the cock in my mouth . The cock in my mouth was no reaching my throat and I knew what was about to come . I was right that cock now going into my throat . I was gagging so bad and my head in the position it was made most of my saliva roll back down my throat . Both continued to fuck me . It felt like forever before the guy in my pussy unloaded his load into me . Then once he was finished the guy in my mouth pulls out and walks around and starts ramming my pussy . Another lot of coins and another cock in my mouth . The one in my pussy just keeps ramming in hard like he wants to get further inside me . I’m already in so much pain . I feel the one in my pussy push in harder than he had and he holds in in so deep as his load flood’s my pussy . Again he pulls out and the guy from my mouth takes his place . More coins and my mouth is stuffed again . But the guy now in my pussy does something . He is moving slow . Two of his fingers are rubbing my clit . All of a sudden I can feel a new feeling in my pussy . It’s weird it’s starting to tingle . I can’t help it I start making muffled moans . He starts to fuck me alittle faster . His fingers working my clit faster . I feel my pussy is starting to contract around his cock so tight . My moans getting more . I’m thinking why is my body doing this . I was not enjoying being raped by these guys . I was still in so much pain but my body was reacting to this sensation on my clit . Then it hit me . My body started to shake and a wave of pleasure took over me . I had my first orgasm . Even with my mouth stuffed with a cock you could hear my massive moan . My pussy started to squirt . The guy fucking me says ” See she loves a good cock fucking her pussy ” . I was so ashamed and embarrassed . After he finished in me a couple more took turns fucking my pussy . Each one used my my clit and I ended up having another two orgasms . By now I’d been fucked by 5 cocks . I was sore and exhausted . Sweat coving my body . The next guy walks up ” well you guys have made a mess of her cunt . Look at her cunt lips they are swollen and red and her fucking hole is gapping . Might give her pussy a miss ” . I thought thankgod but that was a mistake . I feel his cock line up against my ass . He pushes it hard against my hole . After alittle pressure his cock is working in and out of my ass . I start again to scream . It now just another part of my body that is hurting . He wasted no time in ramming it all the way in . He starts bringing it all the way out then rams it back in . Doing it slow so my ass feels it all . Doing it slow just makes the pain worse . Half way through him fucking me after he pulls out I feel something weird . Something had happened to my ass . ” Oh loon boys I’ve fucked her ass inside out ” I feel him rubbing my insides that are now on the outside then showed it back in with his cock and continued to fuck me . I later found out I prolapsed and lots do it but at the time It scared me . Soon he was coming in my ass . Next 3 guys walked up . One got on top of me . I could hardly breath due to the weight on top of me . I had no idea what was about to happen . His cock went right into my pussy . Next I felt a cock at my ass . I thought no way they can’t do this . But I was wrong . That cock was rammed into my ass . I had never felt so full . The other guy grabbed and turned my head and his cock was next in my mouth . Each cock started moving in unison . It was so uncomfortable . I could feel my pussy and anal stretching beyond what I thought possible . I was now crying again . This was causing so much pain . I could feel the one in my ass and pussy touching each other . The one in my mouth was already at my throat and started fucking deep into my throat . He didn’t care about my gagging and the froth coming from my mouth . It felt like longer than any other time I’d been raped since I’d been here . First the guy in my mouth finished then the other two . Omg I was thinking I’ve already had 9 cocks . I’m done I can’t take this . ” Please uncle stop I can’t take anymore ” I pleaded . ” The rest of you guys fuck her really good ” he says . 5 of the others fuck my now ruined pussy . By the end I just feel the cum running out of me . 4 take my ass . I didn’t think my ass would ever close again . I began to hear the sloppy sounds coming from both my pussy and ass . I didn’t even want to think about what either looked like . Next was the last guy . My God he was massive . I had never seen a guy so tall and so well built . He looked so scary . ” Well that was a amazing show you put on . Then holes of yours look well used now . Don’t think I really want my cock in them cum filled holes ” . He looks at my uncle . My uncle must of known what that meant as right away he hands him the whip he had . I mean it was a good 60cm after the handle then the bottom of it had like little strands of leather coming off it . He walks and wow he must of been wanting to do this as he drops the first note in the bucket . Then it happens . That whip hits my right breast . I scream out loud . Then across my left breast . I can’t stop screaming . He keeps whipping one after the other till both my breasts are bleeding . He finshes with two well aimed shots right onto each nipple . I’m still screaming and crying as he moves . Then I can’t believe what he does next . I feel the sharp pain as that whip hits my pussy . Again and again and again he whips my pussy . Making sure it hits my clit , pussy lips and even the hole . My vision is starring to go blurry . He just keeps going . I must of passed out . When I come to I feel it’s now on my ass . I can’t believe what this guy has done to me . Once he had enough he walks up to me and says ” your a ranch whore now bitch your market well and good ” . My uncle comes up and grabs the bucket and goes to the guys . ” Well if you want to stay for the final show pay the fee ” . Then I see Joe walking towards me with Master . OMG they are going to see Master fuck me . Well I was sort of right . Again he was lead over me . This time it was Joe who helped but it was not my pussy it was my ass he was put in . OMG a horse cock will be fucking my ass . It was like Master didn’t care it was just a hole to him . He bucked and started his fucking motions . My body was in so much pain this just didn’t make any difference . I just layed Rhee and grunted as raped my ass . He was so huge and going in so far you could see the outline of his cock just past my belly button . All the guys cheering Master on . He finally shot his load in me and I was made to clean him off . Finally after I don’t know how many hours I was let off the horse . I feel off . I couldn’t move . I couldn’t walk . My legs were numb . Mt stomach felt so bad I can’t even describe it . My pussy and ass were so past sore . Even my spine was killing . I basically couldn’t move . ” leave her there she will be fine ” my uncle said . There I was laying in cum from all the guys and Master . It was basically dark by the time I had enough strength to craw to the house . I didn’t even make it to my room I just slept on the porch . The next few days I was so sore I could hardly move . I was lucky that he left me alone for a few days . Hardly had to do any work . My breasts were so so so tender . My cloths hurt them . The cuts on them were still lightly bleeding off and on . The first time I went to the toilet it nearly killed me . My pussy lips were still so swollen and red . The cuts from the whipping it took stung like you can’t believe . That little hole now wasn’t so tight as it use to be . My ass well let’s say I couldn’t sit . The cuts on there were so bad . When I went to the toilet that way I ended up prolapsing for a couple of days . Well the next thing my uncle thought would be fun was get me on that bench . Master would go above me . I would be tied underneath Master and his cock put into me . Then my uncle would start to ride him . His cock going in and out of my pussy . As it was already inserted deep the rhythm of being riden would push it in beyond its limits and I’d scream . The faster he galloped the faster his cock moved . The amount of pain his cock caused going in so deep was out of this world . He would ride anywhere from 20 mins to an hour . The last part of my stay he would fuck me whenever he wanted to . Whichever hole he decided he wanted . Twice I had to go through the group rape again . First was another lot of 20 the second time only 15 guys . This had been the worst four weeks of my life . Well 3 week after I got home I found out I was pregnant . I wish I could of said I knew who the father was but I had no idea . The amount of guys who fucked me it could of been any . I didn’t care I was going to keep the baby . Well I had a healthy baby girl . Mum and dad said for the start they would help me . You all will think im dumb but mu uncle tried to keep in contact but I didn’t want to at the start but eventually gave in . He invited me back and some weird part of me wanted to . So mum and dad said if I wanted to I could visit every now and then and they would look after my daughter .
Well it’s now 13 years later . I have given my daughter a really sheltered life . But her 13th birthday present I’m sending her to the ranch . She loves horses and has always wanted to go and get to ride a horse . I have a nice week long visit planned for her . She will really learn how to ride .

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    anally raping girls is the only way!

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    A I think the only chance of you getting sex is with a corpse as nothing living would fuck you

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      So when will you and your daughter be going back

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    Anonymous if you would like I can do a part two from what happened to my daughter . I won’t mention the two bullies who commented

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      Cant wait for the part 2

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    Longest fucking paragraph in history and sooo fucking boring. way to much dialog and the farthest from an erotic as possible.
    Pathetically boring like the other story i just read. I could get a hard on faster with my dog and I hate my dog.
    I think your brain got in the way of this one.

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      Fuck I wish I was still a virgin.

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