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I got raped by a bunch of boys in Uni

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On the night of our one of many dorm parties, i was raped, little did I know that I would become pregnant…(completely fictional story)

It was one of those windless Autumn nights. Yet we were throwing another one of our midnight dorm parties here at our university. Not because there was any special occasion, its just something that we always did. I myself was never a big fan of those parties, so I rarely joined in. Only this time did I join because my best friend (and roommate) Alyssa pleaded me to go with her.
“Are you ready Elise?” called my roommate poking her head through the crack of our door. I really didn’t want to go to the party although it was just one floor below us. All I wanted was to stay in our own dorm, curl up under the covers and try to fall asleep ignoring all the boom boom boom music blaring from the floor beneath us.
“Do I have to go?”I groaned.
“Yes, of course your going, now wear your shoes,” she said.
She pulled me across the room while I protested.
“No buts let’s go”
“Fine, at least let me grab a jacket.” I grabbed my grey cardigan and slipped it on.
I wore my thin spaghetti-strap crop top with my cut-off jean shorts. I should’ve worn more that night, if I’d known what the night had in wait for me, I would’ve never have gone to that party.

Alyssa kept pulling me along with her until we reached the boy’s dorms. Down the hallway, through the stairs, down through another hallway, and into one of the two dorms that at least 50 people were partying in. We weaved through the crowd of our drunken peers, they laughed and grooved in time to the music, all of them drunk like crazy. She stopped me at a table full of drinks and other alcoholic beverages.
“Drink,” she demanded me.
I took one of the red plastic cups from the side and reached for the non-alcoholic punch.
“Punch? Jesus Elle, stop being such a bore,” said Alyssa taking the jug of punch from my hands.
“What’s wrong with punch?” I said crossing my arms.
“C’mon Ellie, its Friday night, can you live a little?”
“What’s wrong with punch?” I asked again.
“How ’bout some Booz instead?” she said suggestively. She poured the Booz into my plastic cup. I took a small sip. She chose something else from the wide selection of drinks and chugged it down.
“Ok have fun Elle!” she said before running off as she disappeared into the blob of humans.
I placed my cup down on the side table and sat down on one of the plastic chairs. Maybe I could just leave now. Alyssa would be too busy getting drunk to notice. I could just go to bed for two hours and then come back to find her.

I watched as my drunken peers grooved to the heavy music underneath the disco light. Alot of the guys were so drunk they were grooving their bodies a little too close to the girls. They were practically rubbing their “you know whats” on the girls dancing next to them. If the girls weren’t careful enough, I believe the guys would start humping the girls and I think they would all be perfectly fine with that, considered how drunk they all were.
As I slowly sipped my drink, Colin, another one of my close peers sat down next to me.
“Hey Ellie,” he said, “why aren’t you partying?”
“I am,” I said. “What do you mean?”
He pointed to my cup. “Down that and let’s go party.”
As I finished my drink he pulled me up and led me to the middle floor of where everyone was dancing.
Jack (same guy from my old highschool, a tall white dude with tattoos, ear piercings, and red hair like me) called my name coming up from behind me. Colin patted my back and whispered “have fun” before disappearing into the crowd.
“There you are babe,” said Jack. “I’ve been looking all over for you.” He wrapped his hands around my waist from behind. “So pretty Ellie,” he murmured into my red, wavy long hair. He gave my boobs a light squeeze. I tried to backed away from him, but he only held onto me. He definitely had too much to drink. “Don’t touch me,” I said angrily.
“What’s wrong babe?” he said drunk, he kissed the side of my face as he toyed around with my boobs without my consent. ” Get a grip,” I said trying to push him away from me. “Ok, fine” he said. “As long as you chug this down first.” He handed me a drink. I glared at him and took the drink from his hand and chugged it down. “There, satisfied now?”
He smiled. “C’mon everyone’s waiting for you.” he guided me out of the room and into the quite hallway.
“What do you mean everyone?” I said confused. We entered another room and I believe this was one of the boy’s dorms.
Seven guys, three of them I knew, were chatting around in the room barely wearing any clothes, they were nearly naked. The second we entered, their eyes snapped up and looked at us. Some of them nodded at Jack when they noticed me.
“What the fuck is happening?” I said adverting my eyes from them turning to look at Jack. Jack closed the door behind us and then locked it. I looked at him alarmingly. “What are you doing?”
“Its ok babe,” said Jack. “Your with us now,” he said trying to suppress his grin. He came up from behind me wrapping his arms around my waist, kissing my hair. “Your the most beautiful princess,” he whispered in my ear. Things were mostly just confusing to me although I knew that all eight of them were drunk. That was until the dick in his pants came in contact from behind me. I tried to jerk away from him, but he only held onto me tighter.
“Your not going anywhere Ellie,” he sneered as I felt his erect penis rise higher from behind me. I gasped trying to get away from him. With one strong arm, Jack held onto me, and with his other arm he removed all his clothes. With me, he proceeded to do the same, I screamed at him to back off. The rest of the group removed their own clothes and helped Jack by stripping me off from my own clothes. I screamed but they only covered my mouth. They tossed my clothes to the side as Jack still held on to me. Then they forced me onto one of the beds pinning down my arms and legs. Then Jack took his massive dick and shoved it into my mouth. “Suck it, and don’t you fucking bite me,” he ordered. I tried to move my head away as he inserted his dick in my mouth. “Suck it!” he ordered, shoving his dick further down my throat. I almost started choking and obediently started sucking his dick as tears streamed down my face.
I felt his pre-cum at the back of my throat and I made a face. I squirmed trying to get out of his grasp. He only held on to me tighter. He then yanked me up and forced me to swallow more alcohol until I became so drunk and weak. They all pinned me down again as I screamed for help. Jack shoved my underwear into my mouth so I couldn’t speak. He grabbed his massive dick and jabbed it into my pussy. I winced in pain. Then he started fucking me like crazy. He leaned over still fucking me while whispering in my ear, “Oh Ellie, your so fucking hot,” he whispered gruffly. He pressed his mouth right next to my ear. “I want to cum all over your beautiful body Elle, I want to see my cum fill your pussy.” His voice was so full of lust as he rammed his massive cock into my pussy faster and harder and deeper. I cried out in pain. I could tell that he was starting to reach climax as he pumped me even faster, I tried to scream in protest, but my underwear muffled my scream.
“Are you enjoying it Ellie?” asked Jack. I glared at him in return. “How would you like Ellie,” he said, “for each of these guys to fuck you tonight?”
At the sound of this, each of the guy’s eyes widened in excitement as they pinned me down harder, their cocks hard, full, and erect. I shook my head violently. “No?” said Jack, “don’t worry babe it’ll be fun.”
I shook my head violently again in protest. He continued ramming his cock in and out of my pussy like a madman. I could tell he was about to climax as he kept pounding me.
He then stiffened and grunted as he shot his wide load of cum into my unprotected pussy. Tears streamed down my face, I did not want to be treated as their sex toy. I squirmed underneath their grasp.
Jack suddenly pulled me up to a standing position, secured his arms around me and fucked me from behind like a dog, trying to get as deep as he could into me. I tried to claw his hands away from me but he was too strong. He groped my breasts violently as he fucked me hard.
I did not want his cum in my body. I felt violated, humiliated, like my body didn’t belong to me, like I had no right over my own body. I glared up at him.
When Jack was finished with me, they tied me up on the bed and Jack allowed all of them to touch and finger me. After having my breasts violently groped and sucked on, after they finger fucked and kissed me, they all started fucking me. All seven of them. They ignored my cries of protest.
So I spent all night being fucked by these guys. One by one as they dumped their heavy loads of sperm into me.
The last one that fucked me had a really huge dick, at least 11 inches long. He had pinned me to the wall and trapped me there, I was so helpless as he rammed his dick into me. I screamed trying to escape his grasp, but he only pinned me down harder against the wall as he fucked me at the speed of a machine gun while groaning with those sexual animal urges of his.
I gasped, his dick hardened as his cum came squirting all over my insides, filling me up to the brim as cum leaked out of my pussy. I moaned. He took his dick out of me and squirted the rest of his cum all over my belly and my breasts kissing me. He still didn’t seem satisfied after that, so once again he slammed me against the wall and started fucking me all over again, this time even more cum, I nearly passed out after that.

The last thing I remember was the door unlocking as it slammed open. They all dropped me onto the floor and ran. I had no energy to see what had happened whatsoever. My vision blurred and I passed out on the floor.

Months later I found out that I pregnant with a baby…

I was only eighteen.

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    they should have raped your ass

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    I would like to be raped
    [email protected]

  • Reply Alissa ID:2kym2a86ik

    Similar thing happened to me

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      my wife knows how to enjoy rape and we go out at least once a month. she is particularty fond of well trained dogs

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      Are u on snap or ig

  • Reply JamesFoxFtM ID:nju01my8m

    You kinda rushed past the actual porn parts. It’s an interesting plot idea but it needs detail and emotion. It kind of reads like a shopping list

  • Reply Big milker mommy ID:2kbmdh620k

    I’m sorry that happened to you

  • Reply Samantha M. ID:vuf1mlhi

    Great story but it lacked little details like the color of panties she was wearing, the kind of underwear she wore, cotton/silk or satin. The kind of skirt she was wearing, how the skirt came off or skirt got lifted up yanked down, or unzipped or even torn off. More details would’ve been great.

    • Big milker mommy ID:2kbmdh620k

      That’s sick ngl

    • Emma girl ID:41etvftd2

      Thank-you for the feedback, will try to work on it