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Teacher Learns What She Likes

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A dedicated teacher finds out that she’s a nymphomaniac

Dave was a young adult in his final year at school, a large comprehensive in the North of England. He was at the age when he was experiencing his sexual awakening. He was very conscious of the girls around him and his thoughts regularly turned to what they would look like without their clothes.

He hadn’t, however, had any significant sexual encounters and his knowledge was confined to boys playground banter and pictures. Some of the boys were lewd and shouted obscenities at the girls. He occasionally joined in, although he didn’t fully understand what some of the things that the boys were shouting, actually meant.

Dave’s interest wasn’t just in the girls. He had a crush on one of the teachers, Miss Stein. He was fascinated by her and she was, in his own youthful naive way, the perfect specimen of womanhood.

Janette Stein was in her late thirties, a divorcee and very attractive. She had also been blessed with a lovely voluptuous figure. Her dress could not be called conservative, since she dressed in the manner of the younger woman, short skirts, low cut dresses or tops and high heels. She knew that men’s eyes followed her and she loved it. She was known to flirt with the male members of staff in the staffroom. Men vied for her attention. She did, on occasions, go out on a date but there was no regular boyfriend on the scene.

Dave was in her class for the last lesson of the day and, as always, sat at the front closest to Miss Stein. He was having difficulty concentrating since Miss Stein was wearing a mini skirt which had ridden up and was exposing her thighs. To add to his problems, the buttons on her blouse were unbuttoned and showed her cleavage, and soft tender breast flesh.

His eyes were drawn to her thighs, he wasn’t sure, given the half light under her desk, whether or not she was wearing any panties although he could make out the tops of her stockings held up by suspenders. As he stared, the sun broke through and was shining on Miss Stein, increasing his visibility. He flushed, immediately recognising that she wasn’t wearing panties. But as soon as the sun came out, it disappeared behind another cloud, leaving his vision again unclear.

Miss Stein had been watching Dave closely and was quite enjoying his fascination with her. She somewhat naughtily and cheekily opened her legs a little more to give Dave a clearer view. He was mesmerised and was now wondering whether she was shaven or not. The boys in the playground often had pictures of woman that were completely shaven around their genitalia, a Brazilian they called it. He needed to get closer to find out.

Dave clumsily dropped his pen on the floor under his desk and he bent down to retrieve it. When he got under his desk, he deliberately knocked the pen nearer to the teacher, whilst feigning to be trying to pick it up. He shuffled forward towards his pen and this brought him within touching distance of Miss Stein. He was awestruck. She had no panties on and was shaven. He could even see the start of the slit of her fanny. He could feel his penis growing in his trousers and he had to quickly get back into his seat before anybody else saw the developing bulge.

Miss Stein knew what he was up to and she teasingly unbuttoned a bit more of her blouse, watching Dave’s excitement mount. Miss Stein was now enjoying the moment and was playing along with Dave. She always got a thrill out of a male admiring her, and this was no exception.

Dave wanted to be alone with Miss Stein and, thinking quickly, he turned towards his mate sat at the side of him and punched him in the arm causing his mate to let out a cry of “ouch!” Miss Stein immediately told Dave to stay behind after class. The class was only ten minutes from ending, but to Dave, it seemed an eternity before the bell sounded and all the pupils scrambled to leave.

When everybody had left, Miss Stein, still with her blouse largely undone, asked Dave why he had punched his friend. He was unable to utter any words with his eyes glued firmly to the softness of her breasts. She had to ask him several times before he blurted out “because I wanted to be alone with you Miss.”

“And why would you want to be alone with me” she asked. Dave was stammering gibberish and she told him to take a deep breath and explain why he wanted to be alone with her. “Because I want to feel your breasts” he finally blurted out.

Miss Stein was herself beginning to feel more than a little horny by now and she said that she would give him her address and that he was to come round at 7 o’clock. There’s no harm in a bit of extra curricula teaching thought Miss Stein. After all, somebody has to teach Dave how to treat a woman and she was an excellent teacher.

Dave arrived early and was admitted before he even rang the doorbell. The door was immediately closed behind him. Miss Stein led him through to the sitting room where she gave him a little kiss on his lips before asking him if he would like a drink. Dave could taste Miss Stein’s lipstick and he licked his lips lasciviously. His throat was dry, however, and he replied that he would like a coke.

Miss Stein brought Dave the drink and sat him down on the settee. “Now Dave” she said. “You said that you wanted to touch my breasts. Is that all you want to do?” Dave nearly choked on the mouthful of coke, only managing to swallow it with difficulty.

“No Miss. I want to see you with nothing on as well”, he replied, “In that case, we better take our clothes off” she replied. Miss Stein stood and started to remove her top, a flimsy white blouse. Dave was unable to move. “Do you want to undress me?” she invited.

Dave broke from his trance and leapt off the settee to help Miss Stein undo the buttons to remove her blouse. This revealed a soft lacy quarter cup bra which barely covered her nipples. Dave reached round to Miss Stein’s back and unfastened her bra. Her 38DD breasts tumbled loose. He was only inches away and Miss got hold of his hands and placed them on her tits.

Dave was in heaven. He was living his dream and was unable to contain himself. He began to kiss and suck her breasts. He marvelled at the softness of the skin and he squeezed the tits gently. Miss Stein was enjoying watching Dave entering the adult world and she equally enjoyed Dave squeezing and kissing her breasts.

“Let’s both of us remove all our clothes” she told Dave. She slipped his jacket off, quickly followed by his T-shirt. Dave’s trousers were struggling to contain his erection and there was a small wet patch from his pre-cum. She unzipped them and dropped them to the floor so Dave could step out of them. He was now wearing only his underpants, but Miss Stein quickly and adroitly, removed these revealing his dick. Dave was a well developed youth. He had a long dick whilst it also had a big girth. Miss Stein was impressed and was already wondering what it would taste like!

“Come on” she said, “now you undress me”. There wasn’t much clothing left for Dave to remove but he relished the thought of seeing Miss with no clothes on. He unfastened her skirt and it dropped to the floor revealing only her thong. Within seconds, this joined the other clothing on the floor.

Dave asked Miss Stein if he could put his hand on her fanny. “I think that you should stop calling me Miss Stein in these circumstances. You must, however, use my full name in and around school. Here, you can call me Janette”. “Can I feel your fanny then Janette?” he asked. She smiled and took his hand, putting it between her legs. He immediately felt the dampness and he pressed his hand firmly against her labia. His fingers rubbed between her legs and slipped into her fanny, first just the one, but then another. He was unsure what to do but Janette seemed to like it so he kept rubbing and inserting his fingers.

“Lets move somewhere more comfortable” said Janette. She led him through to the bedroom and sat him on the edge of the bed. “Now Dave” she asked. “Have you been with a woman before”. “I’ve been out on dates but I’ve never been like this”. “What do you mean like this” she enquired. “In the nude and hoping to have sex” he replied. “Is that what you want with me Dave. Do you want to fuck me?”

Dave was a little shocked by Janette’s use of the word fuck, and her straight forward manner. However, that was exactly what he wanted and he nodded his head. “Do you want to do anything else to me?” she pressed. “Like what?” asked Dave.

“Do you want to mess with my tits and lick my cunt before fucking me? I can teach you all these things and more” she added. Again, Dave was a little taken aback by her language but he fully understood what she meant. “Teach me everything that you know about sex Janette” he begged.

Dave’s dick stood upright whilst he sat on the edge of the bed throughout this exchange, and Janette knelt between his legs, gripping the dick with her hands. She bent to lick the pre-cum that had leaked, and she then took the glans into her mouth. She sucked it and teased it with her tongue until Dave thought that his balls were going to burst.

Janette then swapped positions with Dave and opened her legs wide for Dave to lick her cunt. She explained to him that she liked her clitoris to be taken into his mouth and that if he did this she would deep throat him later. He was unsure what this quite meant but he cared little whilst he continued taking her clit between his lips and into his mouth. He tasted all her juices and has he worked his mouth and tongue around her cunt, Janette secreted more juices.

Dave was in heaven, but his prick was straining to enter Janette’s cunt and to fuck her. His face left her cunt and he knelt upright and shuffled his body forward, putting his prick against Janette’s cunt. He moved back and forth, rubbing his dick against the outside of her wet cunt.

Janette herself could wait no longer and she guided his dick to her cunt entrance. She put her hands around Dave’s backside and pulled him forward and his dick slid in for his first time. Janette loved it. She held his hips and worked him back and forth, allowing just half of his dick to enter her at first. She kept this up for awhile but Dave grew increasingly anxious to fuck her deep. She let him go and he went deep into her, his balls banging against her as he fucked he furiously.

Janette urged Dave on, shouting and moaning with pleasure. She was delighting in being the first fuck for Dave. Inevitably Dave reached his climax, his body tensed and his cock jerked away inside Janette’s cunt has he shot his seed inside of her. He wrapped his arms and legs around Janette pulling her into him. His mouth went to her tits and she told him that she liked it when somebody bit them. His teeth sank into her tits and again she moaned with pleasure.

Dave’s prick shrank after he had spent all his sperm and it slipped out of Janette who immediately took it into her mouth to clean him up. She then invited Dave to clean her up and he went to her cunt, relishing the taste of the combined juices of Janette and himself.

Dave’s face was between Janette’s legs and he was lapping up the juices from her pussy. His tongue entered her cunt and squirmed around her still swollen lips. He had never dreamed that sex could be so exciting and lovely. As he cleaned her, he felt an erection coming on and he asked Janette if she would like to do it again. She needed no asking.

Janette turned and got on the bed on her hands and knees. She told Dave to kneel behind her and she reached round to grasp his cock. She then guided it into her waiting cunt. Dave rather liked this doggie position and he went at it like a rabid dog. He liked being able to hold and squeeze Janette’s tits in both hands whilst his prick rammed hard into her.

This time, Dave was able to go a little longer before he again hit her cervix with his cum which swirled around inside Janette. Both of them then cleaned up the other with their mouths and tongues.

Both were spent and whilst Dave dressed, Janette put on a dressing gown. They kissed long and hard for the first time that night. She asked him if he had learned anything and whether he had enjoyed the lesson? His smile gave away the answer to those questions and she had to fight to stop him from trying to take her dressing gown of. She was only able to stop him when she promised that he could come to her home again the following night and she said that she was now his bitch. As his bitch, she would do his bidding at all times.

When Dave had left, Janette thought of the risk of becoming pregnant. She was not on any contraception. She decided that she would leave a little earlier the following morning and call at the pharmacy for a morning after pill. Longer term, she would need to make arrangements to get a prescription to go on the pill regularly. If she was to return to an active sex life again, and she fully intended to, then it would be essential. She knew that most men preferred to go bareback, and she herself preferred the feel of skin rather than latex.

When Dave turned up the following night, the bitch was wearing a very short skirt and, seemingly, nothing else. Her smile slipped and she tried to cover her big tits when she saw that he had another man with me. “This is my Dad,” Dave explained. “He wouldn’t let me come unless he could come along too.” She quickly ushered both men in before the neighbours saw. “Why did you have to tell anybody about us?” she pleaded as she closed the door. “I didn’t,” Dave replied. “He read my diary and found out. Please Janette, he won’t let me fuck you unless he can fuck you as well.”

Dave’s Dad was pleasing to the eye and had the same athletic build that Dave had. Janette’s mind was whirling but she slowly began to see that having two cocks would, potentially, more than double the pleasure. She could imagine one fuck after another, double penetration and many other joys that the three of them could get up to.

Janette led them through to the sitting room. There she explained that she was willing for the three of them to enjoy the pleasure tonight but that she wouldn’t commit to the three of them every time. Inwardly though, she knew that if the night went as well as she hoped, then she would be more than willing to repeat it.

Dave was already showing signs of his eagerness to start the fun. The bulge in his trousers was very evident. Without ceremony, they all undressed. Not surprisingly, Janette was the first since she only had to drop her mini skirt to reveal all her glorious body. Judging by Dad’s eyes he was more than happy with what was on show. But then, any man with blood in his veins would have leapt at the chance of joining Janette as she stood proudly naked.

Janette was looking at Dad’s cock. It was longer and thicker than Dave’s, a magnificent prick she thought to herself. Unlike Dave, whose cock was upright, Dad was not yet erect. However, Janette was itching to get to work on it.

It was clear that Dave’s need was greatest and Janette led him through to the bedroom by his cock. Dad followed behind.

Janette immediately got to work on Dave, taking his cock in her mouth. She intended to deep throat him and she eased more of his cock into her mouth. Simultaneously, she beckoned for Dad to come and finger her cunt. Janette was able to control her gagging reflex and she swallowed Dave’s cock right up to his balls. Dave began to throat fuck her whilst Dad was sliding two fingers in and out of Janette’s wet cunt.

It didn’t take long for Dave to cum. He shot his sperm down Janette’s throat and she swallowed it all without any discomfort. Dave slowly withdrew his prick and Dad’s cock quickly replaced it in Janette’s mouth. Dad’s prick was bigger than Dave’s and Janette didn’t attempt to take it all in, rather she just flicked her tongue on the glan and sucked the pre-cum. It wasn’t long before Dad was steel hard and he transferred his cock to Janette’s cunt. She groaned with joy has he entered her, stretching her cunt wide. It seemed that Dad had not had a fuck for a while and he went for it with unbridled passion.

Janette was equally enjoying it, and she cried for him to fuck her harder. He responded to her request and his balls banged against her as he thrust in and out. Their combined juices were making a slurping noise as they banged away. After several minutes of this Dad’s back arched and his cock jerked inside Janette as he filled her with his cum. Simultaneously, Janette had an orgasm, and both of them were spent.

However, Dave had been watching fascinated and was hard again. Dad moved aside and the site of Janette’s gaping cunt almost made Dave ejaculate straight away but he quickly climbed on top of Janette and entered her. Janette was still wet with hers and Dad’s juices but Dave loved it, and again Janette was crying out to be fucked harder. Dave tried to oblige her but it wasn’t long before he was straining and bucking has he emptied his balls into Janette’s pussy.

Dad was by now ready to go again. Janette loved his long thick cock and matched him push for push, feeling his cock hit her cervix. After a while both were ready to climax and did so at the same time. Janette had never before felt so much cum hit the walls of her cunt, and with such force.

Janette needed time to recover and both men prepared to leave but not before she agreed to them returning the following night.

When they had gone she meditated on the two nights. She was pleased that she had chosen doing it bareback, a condom could have reduced the pleasure considerably. She was already looking forward to a repeat. However, she must remember a prescription for the pill.

Her bedding was in a mess with all the juices flowing around but this didn’t bother her unduly. Well worth it for such glorious fucking she thought.

Janette immediately went for a shower to clean up and to try and expel the sperm that had been left behind. She was delirious with joy however, and couldn’t wait for a repeat of the experience with Dave’s Dad. 10 inches with the girth of a tin can was now her ideal cock.

Slightly worried about all the sperm that she had taken, Janette called at the chemist on her way into school the following day and got another morning after contraceptive pill and took it immediately. With her mind at ease she reflected on the enormous cock and found herself getting damp at the thought of being impaled on it again. She also liked the thought of fucking with Dave again because what he lacked in inches he made up for in technique that she was teaching him. He was a natural. Janette thought that two cocks more than doubled the pleasure as she sauntered into school.

The day couldn’t go fast enough for Janette, she wanted the lessons to end so that she could rush home to get ready for her visitors. At 7pm they appeared at the door, both with a wide grin across their faces. Janette was dressed in the now normal mini skirt that covered nothing. But it mattered not because she loved to show her body to Dave and his Dad.

They immediately moved through to the bedroom where both men undressed with Janette looking on and once again gasping when she saw Dad’s cock. Even slack it looked very big, and very attractive.

“We’d like to try something a little different tonight” said Dad. “Have you ever had anal sex?” he asked. But before she could respond he said “you will have, after tonight.” Though she hadn’t had time to answer, Janette had indeed tried anal intercourse and quite enjoyed it. They all moved to the bed and Dad, because of his size, said that he would go in Janette’s pussy whilst Dave would penetrate her anus. Janette produced some lubricant from a bedside cabinet and applied it liberally to both men’s dicks.

Dave lay on the bed with Janette on top of him with her back to him and he slowly and carefully eased his cock into Janette’s anus. Because of her previous experience, it wasn’t too difficult to enter her. It was Dave’s first time like this but he found it equally enjoyable. Her anus was tighter than her pussy.

Dad then spread himself across Janette and equally carefully put his cock on her cunt and eased himself into her. This was ecstasy for Janette and she shouted for both of them to pound her and they responded with unabated enthusiasm.

They both frantically thrust back and forth, in and out, with Janette screaming for more. Dad’s cock was just as big as she remembered but her cunt opened fully to accept it, all 10 inch. It was just sheer heaven to be fucked in both holes. The only thing she didn’t have was a dick to suck. Maybe, she thought, she could bring this up later.

After a while Janette’s cunt was beginning to feel a bit tender and the men swapped round. Janette really felt the pain when Dad slowly entered her anus but she was able to take about 5 inches of his cock. Both men filled her with their sperm and it was trickling out of her.

After a short break both men were hard again after Janette sucked each of their cocks.
This time they agreed that they would both get in her cunt. Janette was up for trying and so both men put their cock against her vagina and with both pushing gently but in unison, they managed to get about 5 inch each of cock in. Again Janette screamed for more, she was insatiable, and loved her sex. All three came several times during the session and all three were sated. They agreed that they would meet again and to give some thought to somebody joining them so that Janette could fulfil her dream of a dick in every hole.

Janette was on top of the world. She loved her work and her sex life had looked up considerably. No longer would she be reliant on her sex toys. She was getting everything she wanted and more. She walked with a spring in her step thinking of the night time pleasures later.

Dave, Dad and a friend of Dad (named Derek it turned out) were on time the following night and she ushered them inside quickly. The third man who had joined them looked very fit and she tried to imagine him naked.

She didn’t have long to wait. There were minimal introductions before everybody shed their clothes in minutes. Like Dad, Derek he had a long thick penis and she licked her lips in anticipation. She was wet between her legs in seconds and was able to take Dad’s huge prick without any difficulty. She loved the feel of it inside her and her cunt seemed to cling on to it, never wanting it to be withdrawn.

Dave again entered her rear, applying plenty of lube. The new man placed his prick on her lips and she could see close up how huge and inviting it was. She licked and sucked the end and it extended to it’s full 11 inches. She wanted it all in her mouth but this was a challenge. However, she was more than up for it and, taking more in, she felt it slide into her throat. Again, she was able to control her gagging instinct and swallowed more of his prick. He began to throat fuck her with a gentle in out movement.

Janette was loving it, a prick in every hole. She had fantasized about this but the reality was better than she had ever dreamed about. All the men were thrusting back and forth and Janette gave them maximum encouragement. Inevitably they all needed to climax and each in turn filled her various holes with their cum. She loved the slightly salty taste of the sperm in her mouth and she swallowed it all with a sense of enjoyment.

They decided to have some refreshments before continuing and Janette produced a bottle of wine when they moved to the lounge.

Janette didn’t want to waste any time and she encouraged the men to fondle her all over. Her gorgeous tits were too enticing for Dave and he started to bite them. He loved the feel of them, the size of them and the taste of them. He bit hard and deep and Janette shouted more. He bit harder and her tits were soon covered in his bite marks but still Janette asked him to bite more and harder. He needed no encouragement and set about his task with gusto.

The other men wanted to fuck Janette and Dad sat on the couch whilst Janette lowered herself on to him. She loved cock, especially big cocks, and this way she had more control of how much was in her. She wanted it all though. So she lowered herself right down on it and moved her backside up and down, her eyes watering at the pleasure of the cock touching her cervix. She ground and gripped the cock tightly with her cunt and it was impossible for Dad to go much longer under so much pressure. He filled her with his sperm again and it leaked out and down onto his balls as he softened. But Janette need not worry there were two more pricks waiting to take its place and the night was young.

Derek, Dave and Dad, were getting their breath, sitting with Janette on the settee. She was looking at Derek’s penis which she thought looked beautiful. Even before it hardened, it laid down his leg, nearly to his knee. She couldn’t stop herself from stroking it and holding it, even though she couldn’t get one hand around it. Inevitably it began to harden and grow and she stood up and pulled him up with his penis before leading him through to the kitchen, holding his penis all the way. She leaned against the island in the kitchen still holding his cock and drew him towards her.

He kissed her before lifting her on to the island which brought her cunt level with his dick. He placed his piece of meat at the entrance to her cunt and pushed sufficient to get the glans in. Janette, wanting it all, wrapped her legs around Derek and used them to pull him into her. His cock started to go deeper. But still she tightened her grip, pulling him deeper into her. Janette loved this cock. It was long and it was big, stretching her fanny to gain entry As she pulled him in with her legs around him, he thrust his hips forward and his pubic hair rubbed against janette’s shaven pussy.

This was ecstasy for Janette. Having seen Dave bite Janette’s tits. Derek did the same and Janette shrieked with delight. He left his teeth marks all over her tits while thrusting himself in and out. Janette cried out for more and couldn’t be restrained in her enthusiasm. They fucked wildly for 9 or10 minutes before Dereks sperm hit her inside with some force helping her to orgasm at the same time. Janette had to admit to herself that his was the best dick that she had pleasured, or which had pleasured her.

She knew she would never be able to refuse it. Derek slowly withdrew and bent to clean up her juices and some of his sperm with his tongue. Janette’s tits were covered in bites and her pussy was feeling a little sensitive having taken both Dad and Derek’s massive cocks. But she knew that she was not yet finished. There were two more cocks to service again.

Janette wandered back into the lounge where Dave and his Dad were watching some porn site. “Follow me” she instructed and both men got to their feet and followed Janette into the bedroom. She lay on the bed on her back with her head overhanging the edge of the bed. Dave stood over her and put his cock into her receptive mouth and she quickly deep throated him, Dad was on the bed and had taken her swollen clit into his mouth. Janette gave a little moan but could do no more with Dave’s prick down her throat. He began to throat fuck her whilst dad moved up the bed and pushed the swollen head of his cock into her.

She love the large cock that was banging against her pussy. Dave was the first to cum and Janette took it all down her throat, not losing a drop. Dad quickly followed and she was once again filled with warm cum. Janette loved it. More than anything though she loved Derek’s huge cock and wanted to finish the night with that thick shaft fully in her.

They moved back into the lounge where Derek was waiting and she got to her knees to lick and suck his enormous shaft while holding it in both hands. It quickly hardened and she laid him on his back on the floor and with her back to him she lowered herself onto his cock, rear cowgirl style. She rocked back and forth, up and down, savouring the feel of his cock as it went deeper into her.

She had not previously met such a huge cock and she fully intended to take full advantage of this one. Eventually Derek’s cock quivered inside her before firing his cum and filling her. What a wonderful night she thought to herself.

As the men dressed Derek told her That they wouldn’t be round the following night but that they wanted her to pack an overnight bag on the Friday evening and they would collect her to take her to a secret location for the weekend. They refused to tell her any more.

Janette was intrigued to know what surprise the men had for her but she knew it would involve sex and this did not worry her, indeed it fired her imagination. The more the better, particularly if it means I get more of Derek’s dick she thought.

She couldn’t wait for school to end on the Friday and was exhilarated by the knowledge that Dave in the front row, would be fucking her again soon. It made her hot just thinking about it and she needed to scratch an itch in the staff toilets at break time.

After school she called in at the clinic to get some contraceptive pills and she bought some new sexy underwear to please herself. Secretly she hoped she would not be wearing it much, if at all.

She rushed home after school to ready herself for the boys calling for her. She spent a little time pampering herself but the knock at the door couldn’t come soon enough. Eventually at about 5 o’clock Dave and his Dad appeared. She was disappointed to see that Derek wasn’t with them but they assured her that he would be joining them.
Dave took her overnight case and they went to the car and drove about 15 miles before stopping at a well known chain hotel.

On entering the hotel the male receptionist smiled and nodded to them as they passed through to the lifts. They went up to the third floor and Dave opened the door of one of the rooms which they all entered.

Derek immediately appeared and followed them in. He kissed Janette and she couldn’t help herself from stroking his groin, feeling his dick through his trousers. They all sat down at Derek’s request and he began to explain what was planned.

Apparently Derek played rugby and the team was staying at the hotel prior to a game that weekend. They had read somewhere that a woman had once fucked an entire rugby team, one after the other, in turn. Fifteen fucks in about 3 hours.
However, this team wanted to do better than this and wanted to see if any woman could be fucked at least fifty times over 48 hours. They said that Janette could leave immediately if she wasn’t up for it. Janette, however, was more than game and thinking of all that cock meat she blurted out a yes without much hesitation.

After satisfying themselves that Janette was completely at ease with the suggestion, the boys left her to settle in. She unpacked her overnight bag and stored the entire contents in a drawer by the side of the bed.

She undressed and admired herself in the full length mirror. She looked wonderful and her body seemed to glow at the prospect of the next two days. She had nice shapely legs, lovely tight buttocks and beautiful tits which, at 38DD, were gloriously well rounded and capped by the inviting nipples. She had even taken the time to shave her pussy to be sure there was no stubble.

The only very slight blemish was the, difficult to see, fading yellow bruising on her tits from all the biting and sucking that they had enjoyed during the week.

Her face was exceedingly attractive with eyes that had a cheeky glint in them and a wide mouth which revealed nice teeth whenever she smiled, which was often. She decided to put on the new panties and bra set that she had bought for the occasion but, after thinking about it, she decided to discard them and save them to go home in.

There was a knock at the door and she admitted the boys who were clearly thrilled at seeing her in the buff already. They had with them some rope and they explained that for the first couple of hours they would like her to be tied to the bed whilst the rest of the team. were introduced to her.

She hadn’t tried this before but agreed, albeit slightly apprehensive at first. The boys tied each arm to the headboard and each leg to the posts at the foot of the bed. They had left a little bit of play in the ropes so that she was able to move her limbs, albeit not very much. She was laid star shape with all her glorious stubble free hole on show.

The boys checked that she was fine and then left to fetch the team.

Immediately they left Janette began to feel uneasy. Why had she agreed to this? She was very vulnerable whilst tied up. She thought she could trust Dave but he wasn’t the dominant personality in the group. What at first was a massive turn on, might turn out to be a big mistake!

Fortunately it was only a few minutes before the boys reappeared and they had with them the rest of the rugby team. In total there were 20 of them. Fifteen players, including Derek. In addition here were two reserves and the coach. Dave and his Dad made up the numbers.
All stood around the bed ogling Janette, mostly her naked pussy but some eyes dwelled on her well rounded tits. Dad explained to everybody that they would all draw a number out of a hat to see the order in which they would go. He produced a vase with numbered pieces of paper and they began to draw one in turn. When they had drawn their number they were each required to strip from the waist down, revealing themselves to Janette.
As they revealed their penises, Janette began to get excited and her pussy was wet within seconds. She was amazed at the array of penises, the different lengths, girths and shades.
Two in particular took her eye. Both were very black and both were very big. She was craving for the attention of these two although she was happy with all of them. After they had all drawn their number the action started.
It turned out that Dave had drawn the ticket to go first. In a number of ways this was beneficial. He was the youngest and the least experienced. Not forgetting either, that if it had not been for him, this would never have been happening.
Dave nervously climbed on to the bed. He was already aroused and he put his cock on Janette’s cunt, rubbing his glans against her swollen lips. Janette urged him on, telling him to kiss her breasts whilst he entered her. He pushed forward and entered her with no trouble since she was already wet, just with the anticipation. His teeth bit into her breast as he thrust in and out.
He was going too energetically and was in danger of cumming too quickly. Janette didn’t want him to cum too quickly, not just because she wanted it to last longer, but she didn’t want him to be embarrassed in front of all the others, some of whom looked capable of fucking her for hours. She relaxed her grip on his cock and whispered for him to slow down and to relax a little. He did slow down and this allowed him to fuck her for five minutes before he shot his hot sperm in her. This was greeted with cheers from the onlookers. Dave couldn’t resist just bending to lick her juices and some of his cum that was leaking out. This brought another small cheer. Dave blushed but couldn’t wait for the next opportunity.
Next up was one of the blacks that had a huge penis. He was not fully hard has he clambered on to the bed so he placed his cock on Janette’s mouth and she invitingly opened her mouth to take it in. She licked and sucked it as best she could without being able to hold it with her hands. The large piece of meat grew has she ran her tongue around it’s head and it looked enormous to her. She was unsure whether she could take it and whether he would hurt her, particularly with her being tied to the bed.
He eventually moved down the bed and took her clit into his mouth, just has she had taken his cock into hers. The rest of them, getting restless for their turn, urged him to get a move on. He took his head from between her legs and replaced it with the enormous piece of meat that Janette so much wanted to feel inside her. He was aware of his size and that he needed to go carefully at first. He inserted the head of his cock with a little plop as it opened Janette up. It felt so good to her.
He pushed gently forward, going a little deeper with each push. His cock was touching all Janette’s nerve ends inside her and she was pushing her hips forward and up to get deeper penetration. He started to fuck her with crushing thrusts and she loved it, calling out for him to fuck her more. She had never felt better than with this enormous cock inside her and she wanted him to go forever. She experienced multiple orgasms. Inevitably, after about 15 minutes he finally filled her with his sperm and it was with such force that it swirled around inside her, making her cum as well. She couldn’t wait for him to fuck her again but she would have to. There were more waiting around the bed to keep her enjoyably busy and one of them was another glorious huge black cock.

In the next six hours Janette was pleasured by all twenty cocks and she loved every one of them. The second black prick was everything that she’d hoped for, very long and very thick with a girth of over 6 inches. What’s more he knew how to pleasure her, taking her to heights of ecstasy that she’d not previously experienced. It touched her cervix and reamed her cunt and she had orgasm after orgasm. It worked and stretched her cunt for nearly twenty minutes before, with a jerk she felt run through her body, she was filled with semen. Janette was looking forward to more time with this particular monster cock.
All the cocks she had taken during the evening gave her a great deal of pleasure. They were all different, all individual and, with the exception of the inexperienced Dave, all very adept at performing. They toyed with her, and teased her, taking her on highs and making her orgasm many times. She had been filled with so much cum and the towel under her was replaced several times as this, and her juices, leaked out, saturating the towel.
She was released from her ties and went round kissing each prick a fond good night. For some reason her kiss lingered slightly longer on her favourite dicks.
As she showered to clean herself up and to relax, she thought how lucky she was. In the evening she had been fucked 20 times by 20 men. Many women women didn’t get twenty fucks in a year and even fewer had so many partners. Wow, how lucky she was. And over the next two days she would be enjoying much more.
Although she had enjoyed the evening very much Janette was pleased to be able to rest and recharge her batteries in readiness for the next few hours of more delicious sex. She was pleased that no sensitive tissues appeared to have been damaged and that she felt no pain despite taking so many cocks, several of which were so big that she feared they might have torn her vagina.
There was a brief discussion with Dave and his Dad about the following day. It was agreed that Janette would decide the order that she would entertain each man and that each would be limited to 30 minutes. It was up to her, and her partner, to agree what they did during the half hour. She was free to have anal intercourse but this would not count towards the 50 target.
Having agreed this, Janette retired to bed, excited about the day ahead, and fell into a deep sleep almost immediately.
She slept through to 9 o’clock the following morning and was served breakfast in bed by Dave. Afterwards she had a quick shower to freshen up and prepared herself for her first encounter.
She had given Dave a list of the order of her mates and she had opted to start with one of her favourite black dicks. She wanted to savour and enjoy this whilst she was still fresh. In any event, she was impatient to feel a huge cock opening her cunt.
Her first mate appeared and quickly removed the bit of clothing that he wore, shorts and a T-shirt, no underwear. Janette had only a very short and transparent nightie which was quickly discarded. Her mate immediately put his head between her legs and started to lick the full length of her cunt, stopping at her clitoris to nibble it before repeating his movements.
Janette was wet in no time at all and he was slurping on this. Janette wanted so badly to hold this joint of meat and squirmed lower so that she could get hold of it. She started to wank him and his pre cum mixed with her spittle helped her hand move smoothly.
The passion was rising for both of them and it wasn’t long before they were coupling. His cock entered her as she moaned loudly and he started pushing and pulling, entering a bit deeper with each push. She cried out. It was even better than she could remember from the previous night. She was being reamed by a magnificent monster cock and she loved it. She wanted this to never end and she gripped his cock near his balls to stop him cumming. He was rubbing her clit vigorously whilst fucking her. After nearly 25 minutes and several orgasms for Janette, he shot all his cum into Janette, and again it hit her with some force. She loved it and it reaffirmed that she was a big black cock lover.
For the next few hours Janette entertained everyone of the group of men. She tried every conceivable position that she knew and others that her partners taught her. She was insatiable in her quest for more and more sex. All fucked her using her cunt and many took advantage to have anal sex. She sucked all the pricks and swallowed what seemed pints of cum.
When she had fucked everyone of them, she volunteered for more and there was no shortage of takers. She was amazed how much dick her cunt could take without any discomfort. She put this down to ensuring that she and her partner used plenty of lubricant, whether natural or from a tube.
She was, however, tiring and she had to call a halt for the day. She hadn’t kept count of the number of anal intercourse that she had enjoyed, but she was informed that her cunt had taken 28 dicks during the day. With still half a day to go, she was only two fucks short of the target.
The next day was a short day because the rugby team was playing their match in the morning. This meant that she had the morning to herself.
The following morning Dave brought her breakfast again. She could see that he was flushed and she asked him why. He said that he couldn’t wait for the afternoon when he could fuck her again.
Janette was herself looking forward to the action later, but she could see no good reason why she should have to wait. So she suggested to Dave that he might want to strip and climb in bed with her. He needed no persuading.
Janette had a soft spot for Dave. She had taken it upon herself to teach him all she could about sex in order to prepare him for his own sexual adventure.
They cuddled up together in the hugely comfortable bed. Dave began to stroke and squeeze her breasts whilst he kissed her. She was becoming aroused and could feel Dave’s cock against her leg. She reached down for it and slowly stimulated him until he was fully erect.
He rolled her on to her back and climbed on top, opening her legs wide with his knee. Janette was already wet and Dave had no trouble penetrating her cunt. He had learned fast and he moved into a gentle in out motion that made Janette want more. But he insisted on taking his time as he enjoyed the feel of the sides of her cunt. She gripped his dick tight and moved her hips in time with his thrusts.
After some ten minutes of this they both started fucking with unbridled passion. Dave’s balls slammed against Janette and she was crying out, “fuck me, fuck me.” Janette experienced an orgasm as Dave continued to pound her. Dave didn’t know why, but he was able to keep going without missing a stroke. Just as Janette experienced a further orgasm, Dave started to fill her again with his sperm. He kept fucking her until every last drop of his cum was inside her.
Both were exhausted from the effort and they laid back to recover. They chatted and it was agreed that it had been the best fuck that they had experienced together. They knew that they would become long term fuck buddies.
They decided to shower together and this was another delightful experience for Dave as he soaped Janette down with shower gel, spending more time than was necessary on her tits and between her legs. They dried each other before dressing and Dave left to go and watch the rugby.
It had been agreed that the last afternoon would be anything goes and Janette was free to have as many partners as she wanted. She could have a foursome, a threesome or just one individual.
She had already decided that she would take the biggest cocks individually, but she intended to have multiple partners with the others. This allowed her to be double penetrated and also to enjoy a dick in her mouth when she wanted.
The team returned to the hotel jubilant since they had won. They were also quite boisterous. Janette could see that it would take a lot to satisfy them.
She again started with one of her favourite black cocks. The man was euphoric after the win and his adrenalin was on overtime. He gave her the hardest pounding yet and she thought he would never stop. She herself experienced 3 orgasms has he thrust deep inside her. Even he couldn’t go for ever though and, when he came, it was like a tornado whirling around inside her.
Janette needed a break after this pounding. She requested everyone to leave for a short while. She went to her toilet to clean herself up and prepare for the remaining players. If they were all as hyper as her first partner, she was going to have a busy, tiring afternoon.
It didn’t take Janette long to be ready for more of the action. She spent the rest of the day performing fellatio, having dicks in her anus, her mouth and her cunt, whilst she also enjoyed cunnilingus. This was done with individuals and in various sized groups.
Everyone had enjoyed the weekend and the final count of fucks (excluding anal) was 72, easily beating the target. Janette marvelled that she had been fucked so many times during the weekend and by 20 different partners.

Everybody prepared to leave, having quick showers and packing their weekend cases. Dave drove Janette home whilst Dad and Derek travelled on the team bus.
When they pulled up outside Janettes she invited Dave in for a nightcap and he needed no persuading. They only just managed to get through the door before they were taking each others clothes off. Janette wanted to say a big thank you to Dave and they repaired to the bedroom where they fucked and slept till early morning.
Dave had to dress quickly and drive home to get ready for school. They kissed before he left.
Janette lay a little longer and thought how lucky she was. She absolutely loved her job teaching and she had now learned that she loved sex. She was an addict.

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    very sexy story. would love to get in on the action.

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    Do you want to play with me

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    I write it.
    I’m at
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  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1liphentm4

    Man, Janette is lucky they don’t have a dress code over there. Over here (The colonies) teenage boys aren’t trusted with girls in miniskirts. Let alone hot middle age women in their sexual primes. Apparently, it’s distracting, and they have a bright future to worry about.

    (Not that those teenage girls have futures to worry about, or being sexually assaulted threatens that future, as much as allegations could threaten the boy’s.)

    Sorry, America is really fucked up when it comes to legislating sex, and sexual abuse. They don’t even want to think about it, so when they’re forced to, they’re really bad at it.

    Really good at covering it up, though.

    • Janette Stein ID:wy1e3dt0i

      I liked it

    • Psiberzerker ID:1i2lz52uqra

      It’s February now, so you can buy a bunch of those cheezy Valentines cards, and pass them out. No idea what’s popular this year, I graduated High School in the 90s. The last one I got was Black Widow, which was sweet.

      For January, one of my favorite pun names has always been Janice, as an alternate speling of Janus, the 2 faced God of the New Year. (One face always looking back.) It isn’t actually, it’s an Anglicanized feminization of John, or Johannes, but still. I love wordplay.

      You teach Creative Writing, Mrs. Stein?