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I thought I was lesbian but now I can’t stop thinking about dick!

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Hi I’m Kylie, I’m 13 and my friends and I love being lesbian together. Recently I can’t stop thinking about dick?

I’m 13 and for awhile I thought I was a lesbian. My best friends and I spent most of our summer together and we hung out at my house every day after school to do “homework”. Our parents never thought anything suspicious was going on because we’re all girls, little did they know we were exploring each other.

We first began before school started last summer. Puberty hit us and we wanted to practice making out so we’d be experts when we had our first kisses. I always felt super tingly and wet down there when kissing them and I had no idea why. A couple of make out session days later I knew I didn’t want to do it for practice anymore and I just liked kissing girls. After a confession to my friends about my downstairs feelings, our practice kisses soon evolved into curiosity about each other.

We touched each private parts while kissing to see what would happen and soon than later the 3 of us started doing a lot more and even full on lesbian sex. We’d take turns humping my pillow while the other two masturbated and kissed, we’d do group masturbation and it was so pretty to see my friends cum infront of me, and we even licked and rubbed each other’s buttons. I especially love when one licks my button while the other pinches my nipples, they always make me cum so hard. Now we’re talking about inserting fingers but I’m embarrassed to tell them that I can’t even fit 2 fingers inside of myself without feeling a lot of pain. I watch a lot of porn and read sex stories and I know girls love having stuff inside of them, especially dick. It makes me feel broken.

I never cared for boys before but now that we talked about penetration I can’t stop thinking about dick, even seeing pictures of cocks make me feel like drooling and gets me very horny to the point where I roughly rub my button until I squirt. I’m from a very conservative family and they talk a lot about how women are made for men. Every day I think about how I’m made to take dicks and it makes me so wet thinking about plugging up my hole. I don’t know if I’m lesbian or not and everything is so weird. I just want to feel a dick deep inside of me and see his bump inside my stomach, but I can’t fit anything inside. I’m very lost on what to do.

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  • Reply Homework, huh? ID:5uns7a66i9

    Oh, and be honest with your friends about your penetration issues. If you have one particular friend you’re close to, tell her about how you want to try fingers, but it hurts when you try it yourself. See if she can help you get used to it.

    A lot of times, if someone sucks on your clit while they finger you, the pleasure helps you deal with any temporary pain. Also, they should get you wet before they start penetration (rubbing, kissing, sucking and playing with your nipples), and go slowly the first time or two. You will have lots of time to get fucked hard; let’s just get you used to being penetrated, first.


  • Reply Homework, huh? ID:5uns7a66i9

    There are sex toys that girls can use that substitute for dicks. Everything from realistic copies that your friend would wear with straps around her waist so she can “be the man”, to slender things they can slide inside while licking you so that you’re not forced wider than you can go. There are even “double-headed dildos”, where you and your girl each slide an end into you and then you can basically fuck her while also fucking yourself.

    Benefits are that you don’t have to worry about pregnancy, disease, or immature boys. Also, the toys stay hard when boys go soft lol. It’s a good way to experience penetration without having to make a decision on whether to have a relationship with a man. Just a thought.

  • Reply Dick ID:15qc190uqrk

    Thank you of thinking of me, because my name is Dick – lol

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren2qrd

    It is not wrong at all. your sexuality is yours and yours only. No person has the right to tell you what is right or wrong. Humans are hard wired for sex and I for one am glad u r sex switch has been turned on. Your body is a temple and I would worship it as so should you. think of yourself as being lucky and gifted loving both sexes. woman’s bodies are made to be pleased and I am glad you are figuring this out. Feeling a warm cock in you is an experience like no other and I hope you will soon enjoy the ecstasy of being cumed in when having an orgasm.

    I am so glad you shared this experience with us as I have been with many younger females and the thrill of learning about sex is amazing. I hope you get to have a threesome with a male and a female having the best of both worlds. having someone lick you into orgasm is amazing but having an orgasm from a cock deep inside you is a whole different ball game and can NOT be replaced.

    Enjoy yourself my little kitten, you deserve!.

  • Reply Ghost ID:22lqmgx2qm

    Id love to talk over snap if you have it

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ek1ybx6ic

    All part of growing up good girl

    • Kylie ID:6s770ktk0b

      Thank you! Im confused though, what makes me good?

  • Reply Gyeah ID:nc515rhm

    You can like both. Its not an either or situation. And its not wrong to be gay or bi.

    • Kylie ID:6s770ktk0b

      Thank you! A lot of people are telling me that 😀 I can’t wait to try stuff with both, it’s making me and my downstairs parts very excited ^^

    • Gyeah ID:nc515rhm

      If you want we can chat more about that sort of thing and other stuff email me at [email protected]

    • Debbie ID:bjotpkdk0b

      @Kylie I tried it I loved it

    • Kylie ID:6s770ktk0b

      @Debbie What did you try? 😀

  • Reply bigirl ID:2e812fzk

    If you have Insta, I can answer any questions you have I’m a bi girl

  • Reply Anonymous ID:161rl7wad9d

    You’re probably Bi, if you’re into group stuff expect to be into threesomes. FMF, FFM, MFF. My best suggestion, slowly work up like using a sharpie, and then slowly progress

    • Kylie ID:6s770ktk0b

      Bi? Does that mean liking both? I was told that people who do that are confused and they’re worse than gays, but maybe it’s just another wrong thing they say 🙂 can you tell me all the steps I can do to work up to bigger things?

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1ek2ks9d9k

    You thought you had determined your sexuality before you even knew what sex or romantic relationships were, and got your preference wrong? Shocker.

    • Kylie ID:6s770ktk0b

      Noo you got me wrong I really do like girls and I really really love having sex with besties 🙁 But how can I like girls while also fantasizing about dick? I’ve always heard from my parents say that you can’t like both and if you do you’re just confused or a whore

    • Anon ID:n4ip9c8k

      Oh shut up