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Sister caught me and made me pay

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Sister caught me in the bathroom looking at her and my moms used period pads when I was 12 and then made me pay the price.

Since I was 10 I would get my little cock hard, whenever my mom and sister had their periods. They put their pads or tampons, sometimes both in the trash can in the toilet. They wrapped them up in toilet paper, and I’d pick them out, undo them and look at them and smell them. I loved the smell of their pussies, and seeing some of their short hairs on the pads. I guess they were in sync, though my moms periods lasted a day or so longer than my sisters. I could tell my moms light brown hairs and her brand of pads and tampons, over my sisters black pussy hair and her brand.

I had my nose in a pad smelling my sisters pussy when she walked in on me. The lock only went halfway that time and I didn’t notice, she opened right up. There I am, leaning back on the toilet my small 12 year old but very hard cock in my hand. Like her I had black pubic hair, and was about 4 inches long at the time. I had one of her pads up to my nose. She freaked out, and began yelling at me. I hurried up and threw the pad away but it was too late. She closed the door
“What do you think you’re doing you little freak?” she said.
I just stammered and couldn’t come up with anything. “You are disgusting you little turd, smelling my pads? I’ll be you smell moms too, what about our tampons what do you do with them?”
I just looked down at the floor, my hardon totally gone now.

She made me stand up and said, “Go ahead, do what you were going to do with them”. She started jacking my cock so hard it hurt, but it got hard again. She made me sniff her kotex and jack off onto it. She commented that for young guy I shot a lot of cum already. Then she made me lick the cum off the used pad. I didn’t ever lick one and never even tasted my own cum but I did it. Then she surprised me. She made me take out her tampon and taught me how to put the next one inside her, but only after washing her totally. I was so damn hard at this point I couldn’t stand it. She pulled up her panties and jeans and slapped my cock so hard it started going down.

After that I was her toilet and period slave. I watched her pee, eventually poop too, I inserted tampons, put on her pads and changed them. Sometimes she’d make me jack onto the pads, then lick it off. Then one time when I was 14 I was quite bigger and she made me jack off in her room and shoot my cum on her tits, then lick it off. She pushed my head down to her black haired bush and taught me how to eat a girl out. She even made me eat her during her period, mostly with a tampon in, only a couple of times without. I had to wipe her, clean her, and when parents weren’t home I had to wash her, both of us naked in the shower. In the shower with soap she started jacking me off. I shot in her hand and she took it and ate it all. With that, we dried off, and I thanked her, and she told me to shut the fuck up and get into her room. It was there that she let me fuck her, then lick out her pussy of my cum. That and being her toilet slave was my life until she got married.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Your sis sounds (and smells) like a great girl!

  • Reply Jason ID:1dgjts53ud8c

    Cant wait til my daughter bleeds, love seeing a tampon string in their pussy

    • xyz ID:5qwa7pwafi9

      what this code you just wrote below