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The Break-In

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Me and my friends decide to break into a house on Christmas day . This takes place 3 months after “Into The Woods”.

It was 3 months after the events of “Into The Woods”, i was craving to have another chance like i had there , but in the meantime i had gotten into some trouble , stealing and other stuff. I had a group of very close friends with me, they were the best. So anyway as i was saying 3 months after that bliss, me and my friends were planning on breaking into a big house we knew were loaded with Christmas gifts and other valuables . The people who lived there apparently were rich and had just moved a few weeks ago, so we decided on Christmas day to rob them.

It was about three a.m. I held my breath as my fingers picked through the wires of the alarm system, trying to find the one that would grant us access to this lovely home that was to be our latest payday.
I could hear my friends shifting from foot to but ,my focus was entirely on the task at hand, I had finally found the right wire. I stripped the casing off of it with ease and attached a small clamp to the exposed wire. I looked over my shoulder and whispered, “You’re turn boys”.

We usually liked to be in and out of the targeted house without anyone knowing we were there, but due to the location of the safe, it would be near impossible to get into it without waking the lovely couple that occupied the room. So this time around we went with our other plan of action which involved a little more commotion than normal.

My friends got the zip ties and duct tape out of the backpack. I readjusted the ski mask that covered my face and walked quietly through the house towards the garage. Off the kitchen there was a long hallway with a few rooms branching off , I knew that the last door to the right would lead into the large garage and that the fuse box would be right near the door. But as I was halfway down the hallway, something caught my eye.

A picture stood out on the wall , It was a quaint family picture of the happy couple and their son. He was beautiful dark hair, fair skin, small and lithe body. Further along the wall there was another picture of just him where he was swinging from a tree branch, a wide smile across his face and reflected in his large brown eyes. He was eleven and he was perfect and exactly my type. I bit at my lip as I debated. There would be time to spare if everything went as planned and while my friends were working the safe which normally took a good twenty minutes (were not experts), I would have time to play with that boy.

I hurried forward down the hallway and into the garage. As I stepped back into the house after completing my second task of the night, I heard a few thumps and muffled voices from above, and a few minutes later the phone in my pocket vibrated. I flipped it open and put it to my ear. “All secure up here”, “Their cell phones?” I asked. “Yep – dumped them. How’s it going on your end?” “Power is out, and I’m on my way to secure the boy…” I paused for a second and then continued, “I might play with him a bit if he’s really as cute as his pictures on the wall.”

I brought my cell phone, my knife, a handful of zip ties and a roll of duct tape and started towards the living room, where another hallway would lead me to the boy’s room. It was mostly dark except for the dim moonlight which shined in through the blinds over the large windows. I found the boy’s room. His door was decorated with a sign that read “Tyler” in large childish letters and hung slightly ajar. I stood outside the entrance for a moment trying to listen for anything odd, but only his quiet breaths were audible. I pushed the door open enough for me to slip through and then slowly eased my way towards his bed.

His room was relatively neat for an eleven year old boy’s room with the exception of a few articles of clothing and toys strewn about. Furniture-wise there was a desk and a stout bookcase with mostly toys on it, but the only thing I paid much attention to was the full-sized bed. The boy, Tyler, was sleeping soundly on his back, his mouth open, his blanket scrunched around his middle, leaving his upper body exposed to the night. His barefeet were also sticking out from the thin blanket, as if he had gotten too hot. Tyler was wearing a tank top over his torso, but the blanket covered whatever pajamas he had on his lower body.

My heart was pounding loudly in my chest by now, and my dick would have been fully erect had the course fabric of my black jeans not been containing it. With one zip tie in my mouth for use on his skinny wrists, and the duct tape secure in its spot on mine I made my move. I clamped my hand down hard on his mouth and managed to crawl onto his bed by the time he started struggling. His hands came immediately to his mouth in an attempt to pull away my gloved hand, and his legs quickly started lashing out to knock me off the bed.

But even with his legs kicking, the force I put into my hand kept his head and therefore his upper body glued to the mattress. With my free hand I managed to grab an ankle and force it to the bed where I quickly shifted my body so that I was straddling the kid’s thighs. With his body completely pinned down, the boy started hitting me with balled fists and screaming for help, though his fists didn’t really cause me any damage and his screams only came out as a muffled sound. At this point I used my free hand to pull out my pocket knife and press the backside of the blade to the boy’s tender throat. “Raise your arms up above your head and put your wrists together,” I said as calmly as possible, careful to keep the zip tie secured between my lips.

His wide dark eyes were shiny with tears and fear. When he didn’t move, I brought the blade up closer to his face and lightly touched the tip of it to his check. “Do as I say and I promise not to do anything with this knife.” I pressed it a little harder against his full cheek without breaking the skin. The boy made a muffled sound and his arms started moving. “Good boy, Tyler,” I praised. He only seemed to look more terrified and I assumed it was because even if I smiled at him I was still wearing a ski mask. “Now, one more direction and I’ll put this knife away, yeah?”

He tried to nod, but the pressure from my hand over his mouth kept his head from moving properly. “I’m going to move my hand away from your mouth. You can talk, you can cry, you can say anything you want to but if you scream, the duct tape will come out and you won’t get a second chance. Got it?” I said in my calm voice. Sure using the duct tape would ensure that the boy didn’t scream out for help when I finally got around to enjoying him, but it would take all the fun out of hearing his little sobs and cries as I went about my reward.

“Okay?” I asked him, giving him a chance to either defy or obey my directions. He blinked at me and whispered a shaky, “Okay,” back to me. I smiled again and stowed my knife in the back pocket of my jeans. I then leaned forward and pulled the zip tie from my mouth. I slid it through the end of my makeshift chain and then pulled the boy’s crossed wrists a little further up so that the plastic restraint could wrap around them as tight as it could go.

Tyler let out a whimper as the plastic tightened around his thin wrists. He yanked his arms a few times in a panic but I only observed the plastic ties closely to make sure that they could withstand a little boy’s thrashing. They seemed sturdy enough so I brought my attention back to the boy pinned beneath my legs. In the struggle, his blankets had been thrown off of his body, revealing a pair of cute boys’ briefs, white with another color bordering the edges and all the seams. They hugged his prepubescent bulge tight enough for me to almost see through and hung low on his hips.

Tears were leaking down the sides of his face as he frantically asked, “Why are you tying me up? Where’s my mom and dad? Who are you?!” he wasn’t shouting exactly but his shaky, terrified voice got a little stronger the more he spoke.

I thought for a moment before replying, “I’m your friend Tyler, I’m here to play with you.” “Wa-What?” His eyes seemed to widen further out of shock. “Play?” he asked, sounding wary. I nodded, “You see there are two bad men upstairs right now. They want to hurt your parents but you can stop that from happening…Would you like to know how?” I placed my hands on either side of the boy and leaned forward slightly, coming closer to the prize that was soon to be mine.
“How? Please don’t hurt them!” he begged with his little brow furrowed in worry. “I’ll make sure that they stay safe,” I lied, “As long as you agree to play with me for a little while.” “Okay! Okay – I’ll play with you,” he said immediately. I felt his tensed body start to relax a little beneath me. “What did you want to play?”

But I couldn’t take the stalling any longer. My gloved hand moved the moment I felt his body start to submit to me. As I leaned over his body, my hand came to his stomach. My covered fingers slipped beneath the edge of his shirt and glided all the way up the length of his chest. “What are you?”
I dropped my gloves to the ground beside the boy’s bed and let my freed hands touch his warm body once again. He shivered beneath me and started to squirm as I touched one of his perky pink nipples.

I pinched and played with it a bit but the sight of the boy biting at his lip and squinting his eyes closed tight made my pants start to feel smaller. I slowly and teasingly dragged my hands down his chest and to his hips, where my fingers easily hooked themselves under the elastic band of his tight briefs and started easing them down his thighs, revealing his young boyhood for me to see in the moonlight.
He protested at this, however. “S-Stop it – I don’t think I like this game.” I didn’t reply to him. I just cinched his underwear as far down on his thighs as they would go with me still straddling him. I couldn’t help the smirk that came to my lips – this feeling of power and dominance was so satisfying I could hardly stand it.

He seemed to understand a little bit better now. Tears came back to the corners of his eyes, as he looked down at his exposed body. He looked like he was about to cry but was biting it back.
I lifted my weight off of his thighs and pulled his legs out from under me. I pulled his undies off all the way and tucked them in my back pocket along with my knife as a keepsake He lay there in front of me, little cock and untouched asshole on display. I released my hands from his ankles and brought them to my own waistline. I finally unleashed my stiff dick from the layers of confinement, and pushed my jeans and boxers down to my mid-thighs. The freedom felt divine.

Tyler was squirming and trying to close his legs back up again, but as I scooted forward, I held his legs just beneath his knees and pushed them forward and out enough so that his butt was partially suspended in the air and his legs were protruding out from his body like a V, the point of which starting at his crotch.

I slowly slid my erection up against his boyhood, causing Tyler to let out a whimper that sounded very similar to a sob. He was shaking beneath my firm grip, and the thought of his tears soon-to-come got my blood pumping in a way that the feeling of power always did.
“No!” he cried, “Don’t touch me!” He wasn’t shouting, but his voice was raised almost too loud.
Before more protests could escape his trembling lips, I pushed my finger inside of him.He cried out in shock and pain as I continuously moved it in and out of his hole. God he was so delicious. His body clenched around my intruding finger, trying to stop it from its invasion, but only succeeded in making me impatient. It wasn’t long until my second finger was inside of him as well, stretching out his entrance and getting his body ready for the main attraction.

I slipped my third finger inside of him. Tyler sobbed and pleaded, “Take it out. P-Please – it hurts.” I felt giddy at the thought of replying with an Okay, if that’s what you want and taking out my fingers, only to thrust my pulsing cock into his not quite prepared body, so with one sticky hand back in place on the underside of his thigh, I directed my dick down towards his hole with the other. “The main event is starting,” I teased as I pressed my bulging helmet against his ass.
Tyler made a fearful whimpering sound deep within his throat, which only made my heart race faster. I pushed. Slowly I moved myself forward, his tightness reluctantly allowing me in. He was crying in full-force now. Tears, body-wracking sobs, snot – the works. His face was scrunched up and his head was turned away from the scene, towards the wall. He was trying to say words, but they were incoherent. It was beautiful, it was glorious. And god damn he was tight.

The head of my dick was finally absorbed in his warmth, but I didn’t stop moving deeper. I wanted to see his small, shaking body impaled onto me, filled by me. I wanted to rush and get on with it, but I also wanted to savor it. Take my time. My contradicting urges fought inside of me, but I knew that no matter how impatient I felt, I wouldn’t rush this. I never rushed this.
With a little thrust, I pushed myself all the way inside of him. My erection was buried in his hot, sobbing body. Again, it felt divine. I was still for a moment – just a moment to engrain the picture below me into my memories, and then I started.

I was hot all over, and hottest where I was digging into the boy’s plump ass. Lust and hunger consumed me, just as his tight hole was consuming my pulsing cock. I was moving faster and faster, thrusting into this boy, this angel as deep as I could. My every thrust was accentuated by loud and louder groans and cries to stop but the boy was nothing if not obedient. No screams. No reasons for me to duct tape his mouth.

I was panting and grunting like a wild animal. I pounded into the boy, pulled myself almost all the way out of him, and then pulled him down onto me with as much force as my arms could muster. I came. I came deep inside his tightness, long spurts of my hot seed spilling into of him. He made a sound of disgust and started wriggling around, trying to get the intruding sticky liquid out of his body, but as my dick was still buried inside of him, my cum was stoppered up his ass.

He had stopped his sobbing for the moment and managed some coherent words, “What is that?” He sounded out of breath and exhausted. I’d put him through a nice little workout. “It’s gross and sticky.” I smirked and leaned over his body, my penis still lodged deep inside him. “It’s cum. I shot it up inside you. It means that I’ve claimed you – your body belongs to me now.” I ran my tongue along the side of his neck and whispered in his ear.
“No!” he exclaimed, sounding more frantic than I’d heard him all night. “I don’t!” “You do,” I informed him. I let one of my hands come to his small penis and started stroking him. “Stop it – we’re done now,” he argued. “I played your game, and now you’ll keep my mom and dad safe from the other bad men.”

Well we only played the game once – if you want both of your parents to be safe, we’ll have to play one more time. It’s only fair,” I said as I sat back up. I finally pulled my dick out of his ass, and admired the sucking sound his hole made as my intruding member finally left it. Some of my cum oozed and dripped out of his red and irritated asshole.
I felt my erection coming back. He looked up at me in despair and looked about to fight me some more when my phone started vibrating in my pant pocket. I sighed and pulled it out. There was a new text message from my friends.
“Slight complication with the safe, but we’re working on it. Havin fun yet? ;)” it read.
I rolled my eyes at the words on the screen and quickly typed out a reply.
“Call me when it’s done. Don’t bother me.”

I slid it back into my pocket and returned my attention to the squirming boy. He had turned to his side, and curled into a little ball, hiding his exposed privates, but leaving his gaping hole in full view. This new position made it easier for the semen inside of him to dribble out. He was squirming his legs in an attempt to get all out of him, but the thick globs of my cum just kept slowly beading up around his entrance and running down his rear. I’d pumped a lot of the stuff into him and there didn’t seem to be an end in sight.

My cock was almost fully hardened again and I reached out a hand to wipe away a trail of semen that had gotten onto the back of his thighs. “Since you don’t want to play anymore, now you’ll have to choose which one of your parent’s you’ll save,” I said conversationally.
He flinched at my words but didn’t turn to look at me. His face was hidden behind one of his restrained arms. “Stop it…please,” he choked. He sounded close to tears again. I griped his neck with the hand that didn’t presently have my semen on it and turned it so he looked me in the eye – one of the few things he could see of my face. “Want me to choose for you? Or will you play with me a little longer and choose to save them both?”

Salty tears were freely flowing from his eyes. He sat there and cried quietly for a minute, debating what he should do while I distracted myself with his soiled body. I leaned over him and brought my lips to his outstretched arm. I dragged my tongue along the soft underside of his restrained limb and felt him flinch in revulsion. He tasted like sweat and smelled like sex.
I leaned further down and whispered in his ear, “So what’ll it be, Tyler? I’ve already claimed your plump little behind as my property – why not play with me just a little longer. It won’t hurt so bad this time if you decide quickly – all that sticky stuff inside you will make it easier, but not if you let it all drip out while you think about it…” I dragged my hand, still dirty with semen I’d wiped off the boy, down his chest, leaving a thin line of the opaque stuff down one of his nipples.

He sobbed a little louder now, but managed a few words between them. “You promise you won’t hurt them?” His whole body was quivering. “I promise that all three of you will be alive and well when the sun comes up, Tyler,” I promised slyly. I had no idea what my friends was doing to the boy’s parents upstairs, I was sure their spirits would be the only thing damaged in this ordeal.
“F-Fine,” he sobbed, “I’ll keep playing…” “Good boy,” I hummed into his ear. Now that I had a twisted form of consent, I could continue with round two.

I twisted him around so that he was on his belly – the zip-tie chain keeping him restrained allowed the movement – and lifted his ass up into the air. He let out a warbled groan and wriggled his butt around in discomfort.

I was sure he could feel the semen oozing down deeper inside of him now that the angle of his body had changed. As I held his butt suspended in the air, his legs scrambled to get underneath him, his knees trying to support the weight of his body. Despite having his hands bound, he was able to lean on his bent elbows so his face wasn’t pushed straight down into the pillow, giving him room to breathe.

I pushed my revived hard-on between his legs as I pushed his knees apart a little more. My average sized cock looked supersized when compared to his small and tender boyhood. I rutted against his prepubescent bulge, getting some of my previously spilled load onto my erection. Tyler’s rear end quivered uncontrollably, still not used to having any attention paid to his private parts.

Even though I could feel the difference between the first time I’d done this and now, he still let out a pained cry. It was loud, but probably not the loudest he’s been. My cock throbbed as I thought about how much they could hear from upstairs – if maybe his parents could hear some of the sounds he was making, his cries of pain, his sobs of fear. Had my friends mentioned that I was down here with their son? Could they tell what I was doing to him just by those terribly erotic sounds he was making? Erotic to me at least.

I hummed as I pushed myself inside, not taking so long this time since his body was not fighting me so much. It was amazing how quickly the human body could adapt, even when it didn’t want to. The slick walls of his ass were pulling me in, I could feel the head of my dick pushing my jizz from our first round deeper into the boy’s body until there was nowhere else for it to go but back up towards his entrance.

Tyler squirmed beneath me as I pushed myself in as far as I could go. My sack pressed tightly against his rear, I leaned forward and sucked at the pale skin of his back, along one of his shoulder blades. “See how easy that was? I bet it wasn’t even that painful that time. A little burning and pulling but not the searing heat like the first time, right?”

Tyler sobbed and uttered a defeated sounding, “No…” I wasn’t sure if he was agreeing or disagreeing with me – or maybe just saying an overall “no” to the whole situation, but I didn’t stop to ponder it.
I started to move, not rushing through it like I had the first time. I started with small movements, pulling out only a little bit before pushing back into his depths with a little more tenderness than I’d showed the first time. Little thrusts accentuated with kisses to his back. I traced his small shoulder blades with my lips, then left a trail of kisses down his delicate spine.

Gradually I worked my way up to larger thrusts, but not picking up my speed much. I was aiming for slow and steady this time. I needed to make this last as long as I could because my time with Tyler was limited. I could hear an erotic squelching sound now that my movements were bigger, and every few thrusts I saw some of my cum spurting forcefully from his occupied hole.
Tyler was sniffling and sobbing, but he had finally submitted his body to me. He’d given up on fighting me, probably figuring out that it only hurt more if he tried to shut me out – I was much stronger than him and could easily tear through any opposition his weak anal muscles could muster.

I sped up now, arching my back in pleasure as I pushed and pulled his insides. I could feel myself stretching him out, making it easier for me to get deeper. I slid a hand from his hip to lay flat against his lower abdomen just above his jostling little cock. I wanted to know if I could feel my dick inside of him from the outside. Wondering how far into him I was getting.

My whole body felt like it was on fire, and I welcomed it. I could feel his body starting to buckle beneath me. Whatever strength he’d been able to muster up was now trying to leave him. I managed to grab ahold of his waist before he collapsed. I knew he was still conscious because he was sobbing a string of “no”s and “stop it”s just loud enough for me to hear and disregard.

My self-control finally waned, hearing the boy’s weak refusals. I couldn’t help put kick it up to full speed and power. I kept pounding into him, pulling him towards me with every thrust to make the connection that much stronger. His cries of “No” got a little louder, with the increase in ferocity of my movements. I knew I wasn’t ripping or tearing him, but that didn’t stop it from hurting I’m sure. I just didn’t care.

I was getting close to my boiling point again. My breaths were labored, my thoughts incoherent except for the need to find release. I groaned as I made my last hard thrust into the boy, releasing another barrage of spastic spurts into his shaking collapsed body.
“Nonononononono,” he cried loudly into his pillow, letting it muffle the loudest sound he’d made all night.

I pulled out before I was finished cumming and made a mess all over his bare ass and back. I watched, panting as my seed started flowing in ribbons out of his dick-sized anus. I sat there watching as it naturally started to shrink down a little, but it was still too soon for it to return to its usual clenched state.

I let go of his hips, letting the boy’s lower body finally touch the mattress again, landing in the pools of old and fresh cum. He just lay there, not bothering to close his legs. If I had more time to play with him I’d have found something to use as a butt plug and watch him squirm for a little while as all that semen moved around inside him before uncorking him and going for round three – but I couldn’t do that.

Almost as if on cue, my phone started to vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out and held it up to my ear. “Yes?” I asked. “I got the safe open,” “Okay, I’ll be right there,” I replied before hanging up. I slipped the phone back into my pocket, and proceeded to pull my boxers and pants back up to cover my exposed dick, now flaccid after all that exertion…though I knew that with only a little more stimulation I could be ready to go again. I had some pretty strong stamina.

I looked down at the boy as I buttoned up my pants, “Thanks for playing with me Tyler – you did a great job. Your parents will be so proud of you for saving them.” He turned his head to watch me, his eyes wide, fearful, and stained with hopelessness; his body shaking uncontrollably.
It didnt take too long for us to gather up the valuables and gifts so once that was done we made our break for it.

The police came much later when we were long gone, lots of sobs from the parents about their son being defiled and stuff, i just continued on and said to myself “another day, another great fuck”.

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    I know this is fiction but you mentioned you brought your cell phone. If they were to suspect you in a robbery the first thing they will look at is your cell records of where you have been.

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