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Do as I say or he goes to jail

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When Dennis was caught taking company money, the owner saw a way to take advantage. Fiction, Blackmail, Wife, Gangbang.

I have been writing stories for fun. Years ago this is the first story that I had ever sent in to be published on any adult site. I hope to hear that some of you like it. There is a pert 2 if you do.

Blackmail, oral, masturbation, wife, gangbang.

Dennis walked in from the garage door at 2 o’clock even though he normally did not get home from work till after 6. “Joan, we have to talk.” He took his wife’s hand and walked her over to the couch and sat down. “I’ve been taking money at work and I’ve been caught.” Joan looked at him in shock.

Dennis was an accountant for a man who owned four small bars in town. He had been messing with the books and had redirected almost $5000 to an account he had specially set up that only he had access to. “Mr. Webber found out about some money I had skimmed from the company accounts. I only did it because we had some bills that I could not pay. I was going to replace it next month but now he knows. He wants me and you to come to his office later this afternoon.”

Dennis was 33 years old, 5’8″ tall and slim. He looked like an accountant. Joan was 29. 5’6″ and had a body that any straight man or bi woman would jump in a second. She could have been a super model. The difference between a fashion model and a super model is mostly that a super model has bigger tits and Joan had a pair of 36 C’s on her slim body. They had been married for three years and had been true to each other although each had had a few sex partners prior to getting married. Joan had never been with more than one man at a time and had never tried it with another woman.

“You did what?” Joan said and pulled away from him. “You stupid fool. Now what is going to happen? Did he call the cops?” Why does he want me to come with you?”

Dennis replied, “He hasn’t told the police. He says he wants to try to get this taken care of and told me to bring the money with me but I don’t have it. I paid bills with it. I guess he thinks if you know about it you will help make sure that he gets his money.”

At 4 o’clock Dennis and Joan walked into the Main Street Tavern and walked to the back where Mr. Webber’s office was. Dennis knocked and was told to come in. He and Joan stood quietly in front of the big desk. Mr. Webber sternly told them to sit and they sat in the chairs in front of the desk. “Joan, has Dennis told you what has happened?”

“Yes” was her only answer.

“Tell me what he told you so I know if you know the truth.”

“He said that you found out that he had taken some company money. He said he was going to pay it back but you found out first.”

“Did he tell you how much?” “About $5000.”

“Dennis, did you bring the money with you?”

Dennis replied, “No sir. I don’t have it yet.”

Mr. Webber stood and said, “Well I guess that I will have to call the police then.”

“Mr. Webber, could you please wait a little while so I can get your money back to you? I always intended to put it back. We had these bills that had to be paid and …”

Joan chimed in that she would appreciate it if he should give her husband a chance. “He’s really a good person.”

Mr. Webber looked at them and a little smile came over his face. “Joan. I’ve always admired you and would like to help you. I have been thinking about what I could do to help you. I have decided that I will give Dennis some time to come up with the money and not call the cops IF while he is getting it together you will be my sex toy!”

Joan abruptly stood up and turned to the door. “You son of a bitch. Never. No fucking way.”

Mr. Webber reached for the phone and dialed. “Hello, I need to talk to someone in the theft division please.”

Joan stopped in her tracks and turned around. Mr. Webber hung up the phone. “That’s better my dear. Now let’s talk.” Dennis was still in the chair and Joan stood behind hers. “Dennis will stay out of jail and keep his job if during the time he is paying the money back. You will be my sex toy and do whatever I desire, any time I want. Is it agreed?”

Joan looked at Dennis and he sat with his head down saying nothing.

“We need to talk, alone” Joan said. Mr. Webber said that he would give them five minutes and he left the room. When he returned he asked what their decision was. “It looks like we don’t have much choice. I’ll do it but when the money is paid back it is over and Shithead here keeps his job as long as he wants.”

“Agreed.” replied Mr. Webber “And Joan, you can call me Vic. Now leave, and Joan, you come back here at 9 tonight. Wear something sexy and no bra.” Dennis and Joan left the office. When they got into the car she slapped his face and said that she hoped he was happy about the mess he had gotten her into.

That night at 9 o’clock Joan walked into the Main Street Tavern dressed in a bright blue mini skirt and a white front buttoning blouse with the top button unbuttoned. Her tits shook as she walked showing that she did not wear a bra. All eyes were on her as she walked to the back office and knocked. Vic opened the door for her and she entered. Vic was 48 years old, stood 5’9″ and weighed about 180 pounds with a little bit of a belly. He was starting to get a bald spot. He wasn’t handsome but not ugly either. “Right on time Joan. I like that. Come in and lock the door. We don’t want to be disturbed.”

“Would you like a drink?” “I had two at home just so I could come here but yes I would like another one.” Vic phoned the bartender and he brought two drinks. Joan’s was a rum and coke like she had asked for but it was a double. She took a sip and said how strong it was. Vic just grinned and locked the door again.

After she had finished most of it Vic said, “Time for me to see what I got in this bargain. Unbutton your blouse the rest of the way please.” Joan hesitated for a minute and Vic said, “I said unbutton your blouse before I rip it open.” Joan slowly undid the remaining buttons revealing the deep valley between her large tits. “Very nice, now play with your nipples through your blouse.” Joan reached up with both hands and rolled her nipples between her fingers. “Stop and put your hands down.” Joan did as she was told. Her nipples had hardened and were making large bumps in the thin material of her blouse. “Very nice Joan. We are going to have fun with them. Now finish getting undressed and be very sexy about it.”

Joan did not say a word. First she pushed her tits together with her hands and then she pulled her blouse out of her skirt and off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor while swaying and dancing. She leaned forward in front of Vic and made her melons sway in front of his face. Vic reached out and cupped them and then pinched her nipples hard enough to make her utter a scolding Ouch. Joan stood back up. Her tits sagged a little as you would expect from most natural tits that were that big but Vic loved them. As Joan started to unzip her skirt, Vic went over to the side of the room and unfolded a futon that was there, making it into a single sized bed. As Joan dropped her skirt to the floor Vic dropped his pants at the same time. He was not wearing underwear. As Joan removed her panties exposing her beautiful sex that was covered with blond hair just matching her shoulder length blond hair, Vic walked over and put his mouth around her right nipple and squeezed her breast with his hand. “Finish undressing me.” Vic said and Joan removed his shirt. Joan had seen that Vic’s cock was large even though it hung there still flaccid. As she dropped his shirt Vic pressed his cock against her stomach and her tits against his chest and reached back and squeezed her ass cheeks.

“OK sweetie get on the bed.” Joan kicked off her shoes and still with a stone faced look she got on the futon. Vic stood over her. His manhood was starting to grow. “Oh yeah, there is one thing I forgot to tell you earlier. I will not accept any more that $1000 per week from your husband to pay back the money that he stole.”

Joan sputtered and said, “But he was going to sell the car tomorrow and will have all the money for you then.” No more than $1000 per week and that is final. Now suck my cock and get me hard.” Vic put his hand in her hair and pulled her face to his crotch. As she opened her mouth Vic pulled her head forward and pushed his cock deep into her mouth causing her to chock and gag. She pulled back and Vic said, “That’s OK, you’ll get better.” Vic looked to make sure that the camera that Joan had failed to see was recording. He pulled Joan’s face back to his hardening shaft and with his hands gripping her hair rapidly pulled her head back and forth on his cock but not deep enough to gag her this time. “Suck.” he instructed and the camera recorded her cheeks pulling in as she applied suction to his face fucking cock. After a couple of minutes Vic pulled out. He was now fully hard and Joan could see that he was about seven inches long and maybe an inch and a half across with a pronounced curve upwards. That was about an inch longer and a little bigger around than her husband.

Dennis and Joan had a good but not exciting or adventurous sex life. They fucked about two times times a week. Joan would suck him but did not deep throat and she never let him come in her mouth. They never tried anal. He could pump away in her snatch for about ten minutes before dumping an average load of sperm into her tight cunt. That was usually enough to give her a nice but not hard orgasm. Occasionally he would go down on her and eat her out before starting to fuck her. This got her going better and she would have a stronger orgasm when she finished. There was no cuddling or kissing or other play after he finished. He was asleep within minutes. They did not use sex toys and she seldom played with herself but they were happy with each other. No kids yet but they were not ready and so she was on the pill.

Vic stood over her. He reached into a drawer next to the bed and took out an eight inch vibrator and handed it to Joan. “Put on a show for me. I want to see you make yourself come.” It took Joan a little bit to figure out how to turn it on. “Turn it on high. Rub the tip of it on your clit.”

Joan parted her pussy lips and touched the vibrating dildo to her clit. The first touch made her jump. She continued rubbing it up and down her slit. Even though she did not want to be here doing this, she did think to herself that the vibrator felt good and that maybe she ought to get herself one.

“Stick it in your cunt and push it in and out. Fuck yourself with it.” Joan did as she was told. It went in easily and she realized how wet she had gotten. “Farther. Get it all in your cunt, like a good slut.” Joan gave him a dirty look because she did not like being called names, especially by this old pervert. She did as she was told and worked the plastic vibrating cock deep into herself in slow pumping motions. She could feel herself reacting positively to the feeling. “Get it all the way in so I can’t see any of it and leave it there.”

After changing positions and slowly working the plastic dick deeper and deeper she got it fully in so her lips closed around the end of the eight inch pretend cock. “Just keep it in there and wiggle your hips around and rub your finger on your clit. Joan obeyed and Vic sat next to her as the feeling between her legs intensified. After several minutes of rubbing and vibration Joan had the strongest orgasm she had ever had. Her pussy squirted girl cum for the first in her life and pushed the dildo out of her cunt. She shook and moaned and rolled her head back and forth as she climaxed. “That was a great show Joan. I really enjoyed it. While you are my fuck toy, I am going to fuck you deep in all of your holes, but every time I come I am going to come down your throat. You are to swallow every drop of my cum. Understood? Now suck me off and I will be done with you for tonight.” Although Joan knew she was being forced, she was feeling the most sexual she had ever felt and she willingly took as much of Vic’s cock into her mouth as she could and bobbed up and down on it till it exploded in her mouth. Joan had to swallow fast several times to get all of Vic’s big cum load but like she was told, she swallowed every drop for the first time in her life. It didn’t taste bad at all, salty and thick and kind of slimy but not bad.

Vic and Joan got dressed. Vic kept her panties. He went over to the recorder, and then Joan saw it and knew that their night had been recorded. Her heart sank. Vic pushed stop but she did not realize that he then rewound it and pushed play.

After another drink while watching the playback, Vic told her he was done for the night. He told her that from then on she was to shave her pussy and not wear panties when she came to him. The next time he wanted to see her was three nights later at the same time. Vic took her by the hand and walked her to the door. She didn’t say a word. As they went out into the bar Joan saw a sight that frightened her. She looked at Vic. He said, “I told you I was done with you for tonight but I didn’t say that my friends were.” The closed sign had been put out, some tables had been moved and a mattress was put there on the floor. Six men from about 20 to 50 including the bartender were standing there with their pants off and their hard cocks in their hands. On the large screen TV was playing the fuck session that she and Vic had just had. Joan put her head in her hands and wept.

Three hours later, at almost 2 am, Joan arrived home. Dennis was waiting in the living room for her. Joan was a mess. Her clothes were all messed up, she had drying cum all over her, in her hair, on her face, on her mostly exposed tits and everywhere. Her cunt and ass hole were so full of cum that it was running down her legs. Her stomach was so full of cum that it felt like she had just finished a big meal. Dennis walked to her and asked her if she was OK and told her that he had found someone that would buy the car. She told him that Vic would only allow him to pay the money back at a rate of no more than $1000 per week. She slapped him again, walked past him into the bedroom and locked the door. After taking a long shower Joan got into bed. She was aching and sore but had never felt so sexually satisfied. As she drifted off to sleep she found herself softly rubbing her pussy and thinking about what she would wear the next time she went to see Vic as Dennis slept on the couch.

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    Well written and hot
    Where do I see part 2 please

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