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Chubby teen gets her tight holes destroyed by her younger brothers

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Today I and my two brothers were wrestling on trampoline and messing around when suddenly our older sister Ingrid asked to join us. That was a bit surprosing considering how rarely she spends time with us but we accepted her. For context I’m 15 and my brothers are 12 and 13 while our sister is 16. Shes a bit chubby but I wouldnt consider her fat.

After some fighting/wrestling she tried to pants me but I easily overwhelmed her and slid her pants to her ankles exposing her big butt cheeks which were on clear sight becouse of her thong. She tried to recover but my brothers were fast to join me and together we toppled her and holded her down. I teased her about her big butt while giving her a wedgie. She was crying in pain but I just spanked her telling her to shut up.

Soon she insulted me calling me a “pervert” which angered me so we stripped her completely now getting to see her shaved pussy and massive tits. While still holding her down I decided to go for it and quickly undid my pants and slid my dick to her tight vagina. She was shocked but I just started to hump her silencing her mouth with my hand.

After few minutes I finished and helped my brothers to take their turns on her. Finally when she had been fucked by both of them I decided to go for her ass. She probably though that the nightmre was over but then my penis entered her anus. After coming again I let my brothers have fun with her and it didn’t take long until her both holes were dripping from our cum.

When we were finally ready I told her not to tell anyone or else we’d rape her again and that seemed to do the trick as the bitch was too scared to even speak.

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  • Reply A ID:5u1d7cg20dr

    Ok story, plenty of spelling errors.

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fiin

    Fantastic story and not really story does feel like a memory

    • Joe ID:7zv3a3h20i1

      Hey Danny1003 have you had sex with or sister or daughter

  • Reply D ID:7pqjl2abm1k

    Do you have any social media

    • OP ID:2mv6b9rfikk