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School Homework

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British teacher gives her young student confidence.

There is a boy in some of my classes, we’ll call him Chris. He is slim and good looking, but a little shy. He is clever but sometimes struggles with his set work and I worry about him not achieving to his abilities. I always look at him in those classes without being too obvious and hold his eyes and smile when he looks back at me. I can see he needs a confidence boost which would help him with things.

On this day the class is coming to an end.
“Christopher, could you stay behind please?”, the other pupils react as if he is in trouble. “Its nothing like that” I say happily, “now off you go”. I wait at the front for them to pack up and leave.

Chris is sat in his chair looking nervous. Once we are alone I go over and sit on a nearby table. I cross my legs and smile at him, consciously raising my pen to my mouth and playing with it while I talk.

“is everything OK?”, I say.

“Yes, miss”

“It’s just that I’ve noticed you are not always finishing the work that’s set. I know it isn’t good that you have me and not your proper subject teacher”

“I know miss”

“Don’t you like me, Chris?”

“Yes miss, it’s not that. I think you’re really nice”

I give him my best smile. “Thank you. So what can I do to help more? Do you need anything explaining?”

“I don’t know, miss, I just run out of time”

“OK. So what if I spend some more time with you and see if we can work it out?”

“OK miss”

“Is it a girl?” I ask. “I know they can be distracting at your age, is there someone in class you maybe think about too much?”

“No miss”, he says too quickly.

“And what about Chloe?” I smile at his shocked reaction, “it’s OK, I can see she has the attention of quite a few boys in the school”, I laugh. He fidgets embarrassed.

“OK I say, so how about I make some time available to you after school, and we’ll see if we can get you back on track?”

“OK, miss” he says.

“Right then, back here after school, OK?”

“Yes miss”

I let him go and smile as I watch his behind in his tight black school trousers as he leaves the room.


It’s after school, and he enters the class.

“Good boy, I say” deliberately using those words. “look I’m a bit sick of this room, I’ve been in it all day, do you mind if we go for a drive and talk?”

“OK miss”

I laugh at his reaction. “you don’t talk a lot do you? We’ll have to see if I can relax you”

He just stares in embarrassment.

“Don’t worry. Just don’t tell anyone” I laugh and wink and signal him to carry my bag to my car.


We are driving out of the school, I undo the top two buttons of my blouse and look at him. “Best time of the day” I say but only get a nod. I wonder what he is thinking. “We need to work on your conversation. Do you mind if I pop home for something?” I know my husband isn’t home until late.

I invite him in and ask if he wants anything to drink. He says no, but I give him a glass of water anyway as it might settle him to hold and drink something.

” So tell me about Chloe” I ask, “What do you think about her”

I can tell that he either doesn’t know what to say or is too embarrassed.

“OK”, I say. “You know you shouldn’t be embarrassed about liking girls. It’s natural”.

“Yes, miss”

I sit him down on the sofa and sit close, next to him.

“Do you like me?” I trace my fingers along his thigh. “I see you looking at me too. It’s OK”.

“Yes miss”

“Good”. I undo the remaining buttons on my blouse so it falls open revealing my bra. I place his hand on it. I can feel my heart racing. “is that good?”.

He nods. My hand softly caresses his bulge through his trousers. “I can take my bra off if you want”. He nods. “Tell me what you want Chris, It’s OK, don’t be shy, just say it”.

“i don’t know miss”

“yes you do. Don’t be shy. You want sex but your nervous because you haven’t done it before?”

He nods again. “it’s OK, we don’t have to if you don’t want to”

“I want to”

“then tell me, Chris, or I can’t do anything. Tell me what you want”

“I want to fuck you miss”

“Good boy”.

I lean forward and kiss him deeply, aware that he has never been kissed like this before. “Give me some tongue” I say and kiss him again. He kisses back with passion and I can already feel his confidence growing. I feel for the bulge in his trousers, this time squeezing his cock which I can feel is stiff. I feel him jump. “Relax” I smile at him, and I remove my blouse and bra. “Is that OK?” I ask as he looks at my breasts.

“Yes, miss” he smiles. I can see we have already made a great leap forward on his confidence.

“Good. Let’s go upstairs.”

I take his hand and lead him to the bedroom, as soon as I close the door I waste no time in loosening my trousers and kicking them off, standing before him in only my panties, my breathing is heavy and I watch him looking at me.

“You can touch if you want”, I laugh. He steps forward and puts his hand back on my breasts and I kiss him again. I feel his tongue swirling in my mouth and feel pleased that he has learnt that first lesson well. I take his hand from my breast and place it in my panties, pushing it hard against my cunt. “yes, that’s it” I gasp.

I step back and look at him, “do you want to get undressed?” I say in a knowing way.

He smiles. “yes” and starts undressing. I notice with a smile that he didn’t call me miss.

I watch him as he undressed. His hairless chest, his long, young legs, his cock, stiff and jutting out, beautiful and unblemished.

I walk up to him and kiss him again. He definitely has that under his belt now, I think, as I let my hand go there and gently grasp his cock. I feel him tense. “relax”, I whisper as I gently start to masturbate him.

I can feel that I need to move on and I kneel before him studying his beautiful, young cock. Stiff and a decent size. I look up at him and give him a cheeky grin before going down on it deep, taking it all the way in and sucking hard as I come off it, tasting his precum. I look up and smile again and notice him pushing it back towards me. Good boy, I think as I take it in my mouth again, sucking and licking and feeling him move, gently thrusting and hearing his moans. With my mouthfull I use my hands to caress his legs with encouragement giving encouraging moans myself. I feel him tense and try to pull away, I grasp his bum and pull him towards me as my mouth fills with his cum.

“oh my god, miss” he cries. I hold him in my mouth savouring the moment before I let him slip from my lips as I swallow his sweet cum.

“was that OK?” I ask enjoying his stunned smile I get as a reply. “there’ll be a few girls in school who would like to do that with you” I suggest with a mischievous smile and I fall back on the bed and pat the mattress suggesting he join me.

He lays down next to me and I run my hand down the full length of his body and kiss him again, he kisses back fully and I’m pleased as I know he can probably taste his own cum.

“Put your hands on me”, I say as he once again starts playing with my breasts. “you like my tits don’t you” I say and he laughs. “feel my cunt” I say and his hand goes to it, once again I press it against me. “you feel how wet I am?”

“yes” he breathes.

“it’s because I want you to fuck me. Do you want to fuck your teacher?”

“yes, miss”. I put my finger to his lips.

“not miss. You’re in charge. I’m yours. Whatever you want it’s up to you”

I’m caressing his cock which is already hard again. I kiss him passionately and roll on my back.

My arm is still under him so I lift it and guide him on top. I look into his eyes, but I can tell he is unsure.

“don’t worry, you won’t hurt me. This is however you want it”, I whisper. I reach down and hold his stiff cock and place it against my wet cunt. He pushes in. I gasp. I hold his bum again and make sure he is fully pushed in, then I raise my hands tracing my nails gently across his back to his shoulders, holding him tight. He thrusts again.

“yes, fuck me” I moan.

I feel him building a rhythm of his own. I smile at him. “yes, that’s it. Good boy”. He thrusts more forcibly. I raise my legs round him. He is humping hard and fast. “yes. Fuck me”

He is free and doing me so well. I’m glowing with pride and passion. I don’t need to guide him anymore as he pounds my cunt.

I can feel the change in him and my hands go back to his bum, my legs locking in him. “yes. Don’t worry” I look deep in his eyes, kissing him and I feel him explode with a cry. Emptying his teenage cum inside me. My heart flutters and my head cartwheels. I love this boy.

He falls away from me and I lean into him still kissing. My hand idly caressing his cock. “well?” I say?

He smiles back. “wow”

“you were good” I say, preempting his question. “don’t worry. I loved it”. I kiss him again.

“when you fuck other girls pull out and cum on them. They won’t mind”, I say. He nods. I can tell he is still processing it all. “you were the best”, I say.

We lay there for a while and then I get up and start to get dressed. I take a while to take in his perfect body, knowing that I was the first to enjoy him, before suggesting he get dressed himself.

As we walk back to the car I say “better”. He smiles and leans across and kisses me with confidence. It makes my heart flutter.

“yes. You were incredible”.

“only the first, lover boy” I say. “now go get the girls”.

“can we do this again?”.

I smile because he didn’t call me miss.

“I’d be glad if you did. It’s up to you now”, I say.

I drive out, my hand on his knee. He has a confident smile. It’s the greatest gift I could give him.

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    You people need jesus

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:8b9fb9r20cl

    Teacher here as well. Made me wett reading it and thinking about some of my students

    • Graywolf804 ID:7zv2v6s5m3p

      Had an english teacher in HS … she and her husband enjoyed acting out some of Chaucer’s more amusing tales.
      [email protected]

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      How old is your student?

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      Thank you x

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    Thank you xx


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    As a teacher, I LOVED this story….maybe I should give my students some confidence.

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      I’m a teacher too x

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      Wish my teachers would have given my the same had the hots for a few of them teachers are so hot still