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Little homeless girl taken and used to fullfilment

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I was walking back home from work one day in a sunny afternoon and while I was on my way, I stopped to grab a quick smoke. While I lit my cigarette, I saw this Little girl, 10 years old come up to me and gesture me with her hands to give her some money, she looked homeless and was probably sent by her parents to beg and collect money. Most people would give her the money because she looked so innocent and really looked like she needed the money. She was wearing a t-shirt and a skirt with her hair was tied up into one ponytail.
I thought about taking out my wallet to give her the money but my mind suddenly rushed to a very different scenario. I looked at her from head to toe and knew what I wanted from her. The last time I got access to a lil girls body was a long while ago, i needed it. I bent down on my knees and asked her what she was willing to do for me for the Money and she said anything, I had my golden chance. I told her that if she wants to go with me to a place and i could get her fed and would give her an amount that she wouldn’t have to beg for a week after that. She agrees on coming with me.
I hold her hand and book a cab and take her to my apartment. I told her that if anyone asks, she’s supposed to say she’s my niece. I got her inside my apartment and then asked her to sit down. I sat down with her and started asking her why she was going around asking people for money. She didn’t give me a solid answer and was just insisting on getting her money and going back. Suddenly i noticed that her Little skirt was riding really high up, almost up till her crotch, and to my surprise when i bent over to take a look. She wasn’t wearing any panties! Imagine my happiness. I could see her Little untouched pussy and then looked up at her face , she was looking at me. I asked her that If she wants the money. She’s gonna have to sit on my lap and make me happy. She asked me how was that supposed to make me happy. I said that I’ll show you don’t worry. She then moved over to me and i picked her up and placed her between my legs. The feeling was heavenly. Such a tiny ass grinding on my hard cock.

Continuation in part 2.
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  • Reply John Combs ID:6629enqb0k

    Not long enough

  • Reply Golden ID:1ec7xyznwlo3

    Goldenbiguy on telegram, id love a homeless lil girl, id give it all to her

  • Reply Nina homeless teen ID:2kyhpc18rd

    I am Nina and I’m a teen homeless girl… And was approached by a guy he straight to the point saying, he’d give me drugs in exchange for sex etc , so agreed .. and he took me back to his place and we had a drink and then, we did loads of coke and was insanely high and then he aggressive grabbed my head and forced cock in and was savage and nasty and lmade3 sick… After that he said right get ya clothes off you cunt… So did and then he waited till I’d done another 5 enormous lines and then he laughed said, you have no clue what’s cumming.. and so held her face down and then 1 after other guys forced çock in pussy and till it tore with 4 cocks in

    • John s ID:ffh2ubrhj

      Did you like it

  • Reply skimofkr ID:gnrzoz8ri

    part 2 please

  • Reply WJD ID:fx6w3br43

    Is there going to be a part 2 of this story

  • Reply Megasus ID:41ex8xu18

    Ewwwww quit reading as soon as I saw the part about being 10

  • Reply Homer ID:99uwotzm

    Did it with a homeless little girl, she has parents but they kicked her out, she was 10 now 17 still living with me

    • Cmtwanderer ID:2cq8b7y0v2

      Wow would love to hear some stories from over the years… 🤤

    • Homer ID:99uwotzm

      Cmtwandere am planning on writing a story about my experience with my little girlfriend, yes she’s still living with me and we are planning to get married soon till she turns 18, her parents doesn’t give a shit about her. Makes me hate them so much like I want to beat the crap out of them. Like how would they throw out a beautiful angel like her.

    • Cmtwanderer ID:2cq8b7y0v2

      Homer well at least she has a real loving father in her life now, truly cant wait to hear about this. My email is [email protected] in case I miss them here or if you want a proof reader 😁

    • anal rp ID:21c6xftbd4

      you fuck her ass?

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    • Warning ID:1zfwhz06id

      Very boring