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You guy’s are sick

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I tried to act older than I was and a guy took advantage of it.

You guy’s think it’s awesome to have sex with a girl you don’t no and get her pregnant. For the girl it can be life changing. I am 21 yo now and have a 7 yo daughter I become sexually active at 14 lost my virginity to a 19 yo guy. I didn’t no what I was doing but he did.

Well shortly ofter I lost my virginity my family went on vacation for spring break to the beach. My parents trusted me to stay by the hotel and not wonder off. There was a party on the beach so I went to see what was happening. They were all nice finally a good looking guy ask me who I was and how old I was. I told him I was 18. So he hung out with me a little bit we talked then he kissed me. And ask me if I wanted to walk by the pier and have a beer. I couldn’t say yes fast enough. So we stopped at a shop he got a couple beers and then we walk to the pier. At the pier he started kissing me and touching me I let him I wanted it I wanted to have sex with him. We then walk over to the hotel pool and got a couple cushions we laid them down out of view of everyone. We started making out on the cushions and then he ask me to suck his dick I did it and soon we were in 69 position. I was a little nervous because I had never had a guy cum in my mouth and I didn’t no if I could swallow or not. But before he came he stopped laid on top of me and said he wanted sex. I was ready I felt him go inside of me it felt so good. He started slow and asking me if I liked it. I told him I loved and then he said you not really 18 are you. I told him no I was 14 but not to worry I wasn’t going to tell anyone one. He laughed and said well even if you do you don’t even no my name. Then we started having great sex I came for the 1st time ever I hugged him told him it was great. He told me he was close I then told him he had to pull out or I could get pregnant. He kept going told me not to worry about it. Then as he started speeding up he ask me do you no what’s really hot. What? I’m going to knock up a 14yo tonight. As I started to panic he started to cum inside me. I started to cry he laid on top of me his dick still inside me. He told me I should be happy this is what I was meant for it’s just nature I am supposed to bred. Said he wished he could see me when my belly swells up. Or I tell my parents then he left. I didn’t say anything to my parents even when I missed my period I was in 8th grade and had a little bump not much but I could tell when summercame. Finally my mom came into my room and ask me if there was anything I wanted to tell her. I said no then she ask are you pregnant. I just cried my daughter started preschool when I was finishing high school. So guy’s your 15 minutes of fun can last a lifetime for a girl.

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  • Reply Bigun ID:60aa7938m

    Yup just sick perverted here

  • Reply DJ killafou ID:4glp01b09

    I don’t know if this is true, in fact I’m doubtful BUT if it was, I would’ve raped you soo many times , it’s your own fault for lying

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y8ra

    It was your own fucking fault! The guy sounded like a great fuck. You enjoyed it, you paid the price. What a laugh!!

  • Reply TT ID:3zxi7uylzrd

    You girls think it’s awesome to lie to men to get laid and don’t think about the consequences, that’s just dumb

    • Adude ID:1dax6q6y3byd

      The way I look at. Is just as much your fault as his.
      Cause he should stop or repected to pull out. At the same time your should of been on brith control.
      I don’t use condoms cause I am allergic to latex but am also not a dick to get a girl pregnant and bail. No if the female dose want in the kids life that fine. But I at least am if they need me. Also I don’t fuck around I have only had 3 sex partners and got two pregnant

  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf0ifii

    I fucked a shit load of young gales in my life time and would of loved getting you pregnant but then again I wouldn’t of left you high and dry either. I hope you and your daughter Wendy are doing well and it would have been a pleasure to have known you. At least you have a bright side to this as you do have a beautiful daughter and a wonderful mom.

    • Joe Biden ID:2vnchxvnz

      Hi Gonzo Love your stories. Where have you been.

  • Reply anal rp ID:21c6xftbd4

    if he would have just rape your little ass instead, you would have never been pregnant! next time offer your asshole instead

  • Reply dll ID:2c3g7uer8l

    spelling corection there no and know
    like no not going do it.
    i know something.
    for future if you right another story

    • Thx1138 ID:fx7i92oi9

      There is right and write.
      Please turn to your right.
      Please use the right word.
      If you write another comment.

  • Reply vive-la-baise ID:3i7n800lk0d

    hope you and your baby are doing fine and that you have a man in your life.

  • Reply Jane ID:21z0zywthk

    Girl, you got to remember that you wanted to have sex with an older man. You don’t blame him for your mistake. I’m kinda skeptical about this story you made, and I am surprised you never even heard of birth control. I started taking them since 15, I’ve told men to wrap it up too when they fuck me!

    • Wendy ID:7ylvmikv9b

      I new what birth control was. I just wasn’t on any. I didn’t have a condom on me.

    • TT ID:3zxi7uylzrd


  • Reply Molly ID:1i2kovirk0c

    I don’t blame the guys, I blame myself
    I was 14 and went to a rave.
    I meet a guy he treated me nice.
    I remember dancing with him that’s it.
    I woke up in his van naked and my pussy was sore.
    The guy I was with said I was really out so I probably didn’t remember us having sex.
    He kissed me and then started having sex with me I didn’t stop him ..I sort of liked it even when he came in me.

    I got dressed and he dropped me off few blocks from home. Like you I became pregnant no regrets

  • Reply Melissa ID:1i2kovirk0c

    I don’t blame the guys, I blame myself
    I was 14 and went to a rave.
    I meet a guy he treated me nice.
    I remember dancing with him that’s it.
    I woke up in his van naked and my pussy was sore.
    The guy I was with said I was really out so I probably didn’t remember us having sex.
    He kissed me and then started having sex with me I didn’t stop him ..I sort of liked it even when he came in me.

    I got dressed and he dropped me off few blocks from home. Like you I became pregnant no regrets

  • Reply curious ID:4j4pgtrzk

    Wish I had been that guy

    • Wendy ID:7zv3fpxxi9

      Wow why

    • Erick ID:61njao7eqri

      He wanna fuck bitch

    • Erick ID:61njao7eqri

      Mail me babe [email protected]

    • Wendy ID:7ylvmikv9b

      I wanted to have sex with him I just didn’t want him to cum inside me

  • Reply 14 yr old ID:2vki2t0i

    I’m horny af my cock is hard text this number for some sexting 213 861 0827

    • Wendy ID:7zv3fpxxi9

      If you are 14 you shouldn’t be on here

  • Reply Steve ID:fzq35kt0d

    So then maybe you should be glad this happened

  • Reply Wendy ID:vzg6b544

    At first we were more like sisters than mom and daughter. But now I am the mom and I love it very much.

    • alex ID:61njao7h6ia

      show me your pussy babe mail me [email protected]

    • Wendy ID:7zv3fpxxi9

      Alex what no way

  • Reply Steve ID:vzg6b544

    Do you like being a mom now?

  • Reply Wendy ID:7ylvmikv9b

    Bill. W I would of taken the morning after pill if I could of gotten it. But couldn’t even if I could get to a pharmacy I didn’t have enough money. It was up to luck and I am not a lucky person.

  • Reply Bill w ID:30rxnvr8rb

    Hey Wendy, glad to hear you didn’t get an abortion. I’m not sure why men get off from fucking young teens. I didn’t enjoy reading it. I hope you instill more urgency in your daughter to be patient

  • Reply WOODY ID:7ylg5nr6ii

    When deal with love to spend some time with you and your daughter if that’s possible. Getting contact with me….woodyulive58@gmail

  • Reply Ben ID:bpcjnotv3

    I didn’t get my sisters pragenent but I did see them naked a lot and I liked it. I did see my little sister go from a baby girl to a young lady she was 12 years old and she ware a bra size of 34c.

    • Steve ID:vzg6b544

      Then why are you acting like it was a bad experience? You said you wanted sex with him you let him fuck you even at 14 you had to no had babies are made.
      So you fuck a guy you just met with no protection. Girl you wanted to get pregnant maybe it was subconsciously or maybe not but you wouldn’t of spread your legs if you didn’t want it.

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:vzgbdem1

    always think before you act!it will cost you later in life!

  • Reply Mario ID:21z0l2dt0k

    great story …..please don’t look for sympathy ….. you lied to the guy, placing him in legal jeopardy and if you were fucking before this guy you knew the risk. you will probably spend the rest of your life with cum in all your holes ……but i think you will enjoy it

    • Windy ID:7ylvmikv9b

      I just didn’t think it would happen

    • The Pussy Gaper ID:fx7itbv9k

      It’s a me, Mario. Let a me get into that Princess Peach?

  • Reply Dave ID:2cqb5bdqrd

    Funny, I thought your name was WEndy, not WIndy, I don’t think this is a real story anyway, but if it is, you started it by lying about your age, then illegal drinking, even at 14 you should know truth and honesty.
    Happy mothering.

    • Windy ID:7ylvmikv9b

      I didn’t use my real name. And I sure you never did anything thing wrong when you were young

  • Reply Uriel ID:3zm4ogbz6id

    I’m sorry what happen to you, do you have FB, SC, or IG?

  • Reply Doug ID:2zicu2anhm

    Windy – I am glad you are getting to fuck some and enjoying it – I will bet you make sure a rubber is used or birth control. Just to sure, start caring some with you. You did a grown up thing when you started by sucking the guy and then turns out to be an ass. I found it interesting you were prepared for him to cum in your mouth so you could experience it. I hope you are still sucking cock and the guys appreciate you doing it. It can make you the most popular gal around and could help you land a good husband that appreciates a great cock sucker. A gal that sucks and swallows will never be alone. Do most guys make you cum off or does it take something special.
    Surprising the number of gals that don’t with their husbands but will other guys. l suspect you are a gal that knows how to cum and enjoys it. You got started at 14 but in todays times, your daughter will be looking to do what Windy did when she is 12 so be alert and tell her the facts. Hope to hear your response.

    • Windy ID:7ylvmikv9b

      Doug I enjoy oral sex both giving and receiving. And if a guy is good at sex I will cum some guy can’t hold out very long so I get disappointed. I not trying to be the most popular girl around anymore. Wanting to be cool is how I got pregnant. As far as my daughter goes our relationship is more like sisters I was so young I didn’t no what to do my mom really raising her. I am there also but my mom is the one in control. And I hope she waits to have sex till it’s with someone special. The 1st guy I was with was just some guy that lived by me. The second guy I was with got me pregnant. So not the best start lol. Then in school none of the parents like me around their sons because I was the girl who puts out. All good now though ?

  • Reply James ID:43xw3bpzl

    I really wish other guys could use their brain. Fucking pricks here

    If the rest of us are sitting back doing nothing and commenting saying stupid stuff then shut the fuck up.

    Wendy, I am sorry for what happened to you. I hope you have found better guys since then and I hope your daughter, with the experience you have learned from, can use that knowledge to have a great life

    • Rex ID:10o3er0tqrc


  • Reply James ID:43xw3bpzl

    Im reading through the comments and im finding a lot of guys to be jerks here.

    The usual public comment is “dont have sex if you dont want to get pregnant.” 100% to be sure not going to be pregnant, yes. However, this isnt the point of what happened here.

    She was honest with her feelings, liked sex, as those on this site probably do. Just be honest, we like the feel of a partner, guy or girl, and we love the various activities. If you are being truly honest you have to think back to how old you were when sexual thoughts, or even thoughts you didnt know were sexual, began.

    The point of this is he took advantage. Yes, the sex was consensual-ish. The beginning was, but not all cards were laid on the table. Whether or not he intended to make her pregnant to start he did so knowingly.

    I am not a girl, and i cannot say I know how that feels going through it, all I can do is try to understand from what I know. And I can say from her story she was left in a horrible spot. She did not want a kid at 14, did not know what to do or how to handle one.

    So guys, before you decide to look at it with the usual stigma, we all have sexual desires here, give her a little bit of her due

    • Dean ID:5rhvk80k0b

      Yep, I think that James pretty much said everything that needs to be said. As for the rest stop being insensitive selfish fucking assholes.
      Btw Windy make sure your kid gets proper advice. Glad to know that you had supportive parents. Also I hope that you’re pursued higher education. Don’t let small setbacks prevent you from achieving your dreams

  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15nqrk

    Let guess – now you do a lot of fucking and cock sucking every chance you get. Once you found out how to cum, be truthful, how many other guys did you fuck before the kid was born and I won’t ask about the number since then. Nothing new or strange here as you were looking to get fucked and you did, but lucky you, came off too so be happy. And don’t worry there are millions of guys looking for an easy fuck and if you have developed great cock sucking skills, you will be in demand forever. Want to bet on what age your daughter gets fucked the first time since her mother did at 14.

    • Windy ID:7ylvmikv9b

      Doug I am 21 now so yes 3been with a few men. But at 14 he was only the second guy I had been with the 1st guy I was with used a condom. I did ask him to pull out. I enjoyed the sex because I didn’t no until right as he was going to cum he never planned on pulling out. And hopefully my daughter will be smarter than I was.

  • Reply Big o ID:vzg6c9zm

    Sweet hopefully your daughter will follow in your footsteps.

    • Windy ID:7ylvmikv9b

      Big 0 I hope not

  • Reply Robert ID:fx7wlf6ib

    If you don’t what to get pregnant then don’t fuck. You can’t depend on a horny cock hound to think clearly when he’s inside a hot girl. It’s incredibly tempting to just push deeper and bask in the pleasure of inseminating a pussy. At the moment I’m guessing you also enjoyed feel of his hard cock twitching while his sperm squirted into you.

    • Windy ID:7ylvmikv9b

      I enjoyed the sex I panicked when he told me he was going to knock me up tonight. And then I felt him cumming. You kind of just of just go limp knowing what just happen. Then you pray and hope you tell yourself it can’t happen to me I am to young. Then the period you just started having the year before stops panic starts again. I didn’t no how to be a mom I was more like a sister and my mom was the mom.

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:vzgbdem1

    you shout have told the guy you were on 14years of age from the start! if you were to stay home instead of going out and having a beer with that guy it would not have gotten you pregnant in the first place! how can you be trusted when you don’t listen to your parents?now you have a baby while going to school!what lesson have you learn?

    • Windy ID:7ylvmikv9b

      I no but your a little late with your advice.