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Little Babysitting Stories

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I didn’t Realize the Love I had for Young ones until I started Babysitting…

My Name is Sofia, my friends call me Sofi.

I started working as a Babysitter when I was 18, at College Studying Art & Photography. It seemed like the best Job for Studying, Editing and rest of the stuff, but I strictly wanted to look after Preteens because younger than that range would be too much work. Then I won’t get any free time for my studies.

Anyhow after a week I got a call from an apartment nearby, asking me for a 1 night job. I had to look after two young girls and it sounded nice so I agreed.

Next day afternoon I arrived at their place, it was a huge apartment inside a gigantic building. They welcomed me inside and I saw the most cutest little girls I ever saw. They seemed to be watching some movie and the parents left me all the details with contact numbers and they left after saying bye to all 3 of us.

I kept my bag on the table and went near to them so I can introduce myself to them.

Then I said “Hi, my name is Sofia, what are your names?”

“the younger girl told me that she is “Maggi” and her elder sister is “Mary”

Maggie was 9 years old and Mary was 13. They both had the most beautiful eyes and their pink lips made them look like Dolls.

Mary was laying down on the floor watching TV and she was wearing a loose long T shirt upto her mid-thigh and her Sister Maggi was wearing a Regular size T Shirt with a pink underwear with a clown art.

“ok let Me go change and make some snacks for us” I told them while walking into my Guest room.

While walking away I thought, their skin was perfect. Mary’s thighs looked like it’s been marinated in Olive Oil. Maggie’s face and hand looked so perfect too.

More than that their innocence, the fact that they have no idea how beautiful they are to others, made something tingle inside me.

I shrugged it and unpacked my back pack. Got dressed up with a T Shirt and a pair of soft leggings & no undies, it was hot, lol.

Then I made some fried chips and I asked them to join me on the big sofa.

They jumped up and sat on each side of me while I was holding the bowl on my lap. Some cartoon was playing on the TV and they were so interested in it while I was admiring both of them.

Meanwhile I realized that this is not a normal Love I’m having for children, this is something more than that. I was confused because I was even in a relationship during that time. But I never felt more horny like I did at that moment.

I rubbed both of their heads with my two hands and gave them both a kiss on their heads. They didn’t seemed to mind.

Then Maggie tapped on my thigh and told me “I want to pee”

So I gave the almost empty Chips bowl to Mary and took her baby sister into the bathroom.

I took her inside and asked her “do you need any help?”

She answered back “yes” in a cute innocent way.

So I bent down and removed her clown underwear and I took it totally out of her feet. Her Vagina looked so puffy and cute. Looked so soft and fresh. Then I made her sit down and asked her to pee. She did pee well like a good girl and I for the first time touched her beautiful muffin.

I squeezed it like a lime and drained it with dripping pee drops and I took a napkin and cleaned her well. I wanted to give her a kiss on her Vagina but I didn’t.

Then I asked her to go out without her undies because it was dirty and smelly with her pee. I washed it with soap and squeezed it. Then I put that on top of the washing machine.

Then I came out to look for her then I suddenly saw her sitting together with her sister Mary on the sofa without wearing anything under…

I was shocked but they seemed to be OK so I didn’t said anything. I went back there and sat next to them, I took Maggie’s both feet onto my lap. Then I started to squeeze and massage her thighs.

I even touched her vagina and her butt hole too. I was in heaven and I felt that I’m so wet. My pussy was dripping.

Within all the things in this world I never thought a 9 year old pussy would make me soaking wet at a strangers house.

-to be continued-

(I’ll continue the story according to your comments. Also sorry for my Bad English, I’m an Asian girl. Please comment and let me know your thoughts.)

Thank you

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