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Open family

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Mum dad daughter and son all fuck each other

I can’t remember how old I was when I first saw my parents fucking but I was only pretty young. I came inside from the backyard and there they were completely naked and having sex in the lounge room. I wasn’t sure what they were doing but when mum saw me standing there she told me to come and see what they were doing. I went over to them and dad told me to take off my clothes and lie down next to mum. I did as he asked and then mum started playing with my pusssy. My body felt all tingly and I started to moan and dad said ohh does that feel good baby girl, and I nodded my head. Next thing I know is my mom is holding my legs apart and she’s telling my dad to go in slowly at first. He didn’t listen to her and he told her to hold me down. He then pushed his entire cock into me and I screamed in pain but he wasn’t going to stop fucking me until he came. He must have fucked me for about 25 minutes before he shot his load into my fertile womb. I’m now 6 months pregnant and we hope to have a little girl so she can be the next slave to him.

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  • Reply SmarterThanYouApparently ID:71otzos8r9

    Apparently, the retards couldn’t understand that she never once said that she got pregnant from the first fuck….

    She said that she didn’t know how old she was the first time.
    She said that she is “now” six months pregnant.
    You joined the dots. Not her.

  • Reply Hippie ID:3zxi5w3i49c

    Don’t know how old you were but your 6 months pregnant? What?

  • Reply Foxy ID:7zv3itbbhk

    This makes absolutely no sense

    • Smh ID:1zfwhz06id

      Lol a retard wrote this