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Daddy made me orgasm like a girl <3

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After having hot incest and beastiality threesomes with my daddy and my doberman for a while, my daddy continued my training to become a human cocksleeve by forcing me to stay naked as long as my mom was out of the house. Every morning after waking up, he makes me shower and prepare my asshole so it’s ready for him to rape at any time. He then makes me deepthroat his morning wood and swallow all of his thick, tasty semen.

At breakfast, he always cums on my food and into my drinks as well and I love the feeling of his salty, creamy cum on tongue. After breakfast, we start our actual training and we hit our first milestone yesterday. To become a certified cumdump, I need to give up my dignity and my cock should lose all its function as a man and become useless. I should only use my ass pussy to please my masters and not cum myself. So my daddy has been training me to orgasm without actually ejaculating.

He always starts his training by inserting a rod in my urethra. At first, I still cried in pain but I slowly felt pleasure from getting the inside of my dick scraped by the metal rod, which gets thicker and thicker with each training. Now, I can easily slip in a 22mm rod. After plugging up my dick, he makes me ride his thick cock like a slut in heat and spanks my ass and insult me while violently raping me. Once he gets tired of me, he throws me away and lets my dog fuck me until he feels like fucking me again, which means I’ll always have a thick, hot cock fill up my tight little hole.

He won’t let me spill a single drop of cum from my asshole, so after hours and hours of getting fucked, my belly is inflated by all the cum inside me. During these hours, I also cannot ejaculate because my dick is plugged up and my daddy won’t let me release even if I beg him to. At the end of the day, I let out the cum inside me into a bowl, giving me a semen enema, and I shit and cry as he finally pulls the rod from my urethra and I can finally cum and piss all over the floor. Every time I end up ejaculating, he punishes me by fisting my asshole and tying the base of my cock until I am a crying mess on the floor.

We’ve been following this routine for a while now and my body finally reached its peak yesterday. When my daddy pulled out the rod from my urethra yesterday, I couldn’t ejaculate at all but just started squirting like a woman. I have never felt such pleasure before and my daddy was so happy to see his little slut had developed so well, so he fucked me again and again as a gift until I passed out from pleasure. When I woke up again, he was still raping me, so he didn’t even care that I was asleep and just used me as his private sex doll, I am so happy <3

My dick now can’t function like a man’s anymore and I am one step closer to my cocksleeve dream <3 My daddy says our next milestone will be double penetration, so I can’t wait until I can finally pleasure him and our dog at the same time <3

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  • Reply HonryDood ID:7zv2yufw43

    Fuck this is hot

    • James ID:2kydy01g42

      Hi do you like fucking ass hole?

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  • Reply Wells ID:2pdxt7wrv4

    Nice subject. Are you also interested in longer stories ? Where longer time not much happens but
    build tension, hints to awaken appetite.
    I like the direction. Gay, Sissy, Incest, Beast and many more.

  • Reply Daddy ID:5qkv667cfii

    Kinda ruining the good story you had going