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The Big 1 O

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I heard about this place from a girl, Natalie…

It was one of those “I have a friend” stories.  She’s very popular, so a lot of stories start that way, but I wanted to believe this one.

So, I asked dad, and he booked the Reused Shoppe.  They collect a bunch of crafting supplies, but not like Hobby Lobby, or Michael’s.  Stuff other people throw out, but they can’t recycle like felt, glitter, and kid’s stuff like that.

I was turning 10, which Natalie said was old enough, and dad was happy to find out it wasn’t just cheap.  It was free, so we called all my friends, and set a date.

Natalie said she couldn’t make it, but sent [Good Luck!] in a text.  Well, she is a teenager, and she had teenager stuff to do. I couldn’t wait to tell her all about it later.

Mom made a cake, and we had presents to get out of the way, but most girls decided to make junk, and give me that instead.  That kept them busy at the tables, it was just like art class, and the grown-ups got bored.

There was a parent’s place out back, where they could smoke, and dad ordered pizzas, with wings for him and his friends.  One of them even brought beer for them to drink, so that took care of pretty much everything.

It’s amazing that I was able to get away, and go off alone on my own birthday party, but finally I snuck down the right hall.  Just like Natalie said, the one on the left side went to the restroom, but the boy’s room was practically unused.  

Boys don’t really like playing with fabric, glue, and glitter.  So, none of them were invited, even my own brothers stated home.  The other way just went to an office, the door was open, and the owner was sitting in a chair.

He turned away from a computer with a bunch of screens, like a hacker.  I didn’t see all the cameras he had, as if anybody wanted to steal any of that trash. It was to keep an eye on the girls, but I have to point out what a great setup it was.

If you wanted to attract young girls, but you wanted to keep the boys away. I looked up in the corner of 1 screen, where the adults were still busy smoking, and drinking out back. I shut the door, and he smiled, pulling a mask on for safety.

“Well, if it isn’t the birthday girl.”

“It’s the big one, O.” I looked around, “You mind if I have a seat?” In his lap, there wasn’t any other chair in there, let alone a casting couch, or fantasy rooms with twin beds, bunk beds, posters on the walls, or fetishwear in the closet to play dressup.

I knew exactly what I was getting into, and he even put his hand in his lap. So, when I sat down, he could grip my thigh, and feel it with his thumb. “Natalie told me all about you,” I put my arms around him, “You know Natalie, right?” She’s a little old for him, but she wasn’t always. Sure, she had a friend, but she had a 10 year old birthday a few years ago.

She told us all about it, but she lied too. I knew she was lying about her friend, but she taught me how to lie too, and tell just enough of the truth to get the story across. Just change the names, and the places enough that nobody gets in trouble, or leave them out. Just say it happened to a friend, and you just heard about it.

He molested me, because that’s what he does, but the dirty talk is what really got me excited. “I know lots of girls named Natalie, it’s a common name, not like your’s.” He said my name, “That’s a pretty name, for a pretty girl.”

I giggled, and shook my head, “You really think I’m pretty?” Playing the game, flirting, when he already had his hands on me. Between my legs, and the top one rubbing the front of my panties with the side of his thumb.

“Beautiful.” he gave me a peck on the cheek, but he let his mask slip down over his nose, and risked smelling my hair. “You smell wonderful too.” He slipped his nose behind my ear, and took a deep breath, sniffing loudly, and turning his hand to let go of my thigh. Rubbing the front of my panties, and getting the FAQs out of the way.

“You start puberty yet?”

I nodded, “I got my period.” He stopped, and even backed off of my crotch, but I spread my legs, so he rubbed one of them again. Slipped his hand out from under my butt to rub the other. “But it’s not very heavy, and it’s like every other month.”

“Well, that means you’re growing up, and your body’s going to start going through changes.” I nodded, but his voice changed, and he stopped necking me, too. He sounded a little disgusted, and disappointed, too. “Are you a virgin?”

“Physically?” I shook my head, “I use tampons.” Not to mention big dildos, but I didn’t mention them, because I figured it would be a turn-off. “Huh, I’m not on birth control either, but it’s okay if they use protection?”

“Who are you talking about?”

“Huh!” I finally got up. “Look,” I glanced back up at the parent monitor, “I don’t know how much time we’ve got, so let’s just cut to the chase.” I shimmied out of my panties, and dropped my skirt, but he got a good look at my fresh waxed pubes.

“All right, this Natalie sounds like what I’d call a recruiter.”

I nodded, “She came here for her birthday about 4 years ago, but now she’s in high school, so she’s got teenagers to show off her sex skills for, and she showed us how to do things, too.”

“What kinds of things?”

I rolled my eyes, “Sex stuff,” I closed my eyes to imagine the sexiest song and started swaying my hips, “Like dancing,” pulling my dress up to expose my eyes, “Stripping, lap dances, hand jobs, blow jobs, how to put on rubbers, and the whole shebang.” I peeked, but he didn’t have a boner at all.

She told me about that too. He likes to look, and touch, but he doesn’t like to fuck, and suck. It’s a little hypocritical of him to make us play all innocent, then turn around, and hook us up with his friends. He’s got more than one friend, we’ll say that.

“Huh, so I want to take it to the next level.”

“Well, I guess that makes my job easier.” He turned back to his desk, and got out a camera. Unplugged it, but a digital camera. Like one of those old 35mm SLRs with the lens mount for professionals, but with a CCD chip, and a flash drive, instead of old fashioned film.

“Pull your dress down, and stand over there by the green wall.” Like a green screen, only it was just painted cement. He could photoshop me into any background he wanted to though.

“Like this?” I posed, and blew a kiss.

“Huh, honestly, can you tone it down a little? I guess you sexted with boys closer to your own age, so you’re good at sexying it up, but what I need is just a reference photo, I can send around.”

“Huh!’ I straightened up, and rolled my eyes, but then I looked at the camera, and he hit a light switch. This big floodlight in the corner shown on this umbrella thing I missed, because it was way up in the high ceiling, but it was natural enough looking light that he could pull out the flash drive. Plug it in his computer, and bring up backgrounds to copypaste my face in.

I looked over his shoulder, “How about a beach one? I can go change into a swimsuit, so it looks like I’m playing on the beach, and that’s not. Technically childporn, right?”

“Not technically, but can you set up a green screen at home?”

“I don’t have to.” Natalie took me to the beach, and sent me the best picture she got of me. Turning back, with my butt out, and the wing blowing my hair perfectly, and a big smile that was pretty, but not too too sexy.

“Perfect.” He trained her well, so she could make child porn, that doesn’t look like childporn. Just a pretty little girl, running along the beach, with the wind in her hair, and the waves behind me.

I put my arm around him, and felt down to his lap, but he moved my hand, and went back to the trackball on his desk. “I’ll let you know if I find anyone, that likes a girl as mature, and experienced as you are.”

“Oh,” I whined, theatrically, “I’m flattered, but I’m all so horny now, and I was hoping you could show me what you can do with your hands?” I ran my hand down his arm, and pulled it off the trackball.

“Okay,” he turned around, so I could put it on my leg, and he pulled me in with the other hand on my butt. Spreading his legs, so he could feel up under my skirt, and touch me.

“Huh!” I had to hold onto his shoulders, and put my head down on his shoulder, but he wasn’t beating around the bush. She wasn’t kidding, he just slipped a fingertip up, and down, barely touching my lips, but he got it wet from my hole, and slipped it up to touch my clit.

“Uhn!” I hunched, so his hand slipped out, and my dress dropped down over his knees.

“Still a little sensitive?”

I picked my foot up, and slipped my panties off of my shoe. “I can take it,” I pulled his mask down, and held the stinky crotch over his nose, because she told me he was a pantie sniffer too, but he took them in the other hand. Held them up, so I took his fingers, and wet them in his mouth. Then, I let him slip them back up under my skirt, between my legs, and into my hot damp gash.

“Uh, huh! Fuck, uh fuckafuck!” He had to clamp my hips between his knees so I didn’t hunch back again, but I couldn’t help it. Holding me steady like that, he rubbed my clit raw, and I had to bit his collar when it overwhelmed me. My knees gave out, and he dropped my panties to hold onto me. Shivering, and tembling with the first orgasm I ever had with just my clit.

Normally, it took deep penetration, and a lot of it to bang one out of my cervix. That’s how I knew I’m mostly cervical, even Natalie couldn’t lick me off with her tongue, and she tried. She sure could flick it fast, but he was even faster with his fingertip. She still had to break out the tools to pound one out with a dildo, though.

“Huh!” I could finally take a deep enough breath to gasp “Thanks.” I picked up my panties, and took a sniff. Then, I dried my juices out of my dripping snatch, and sniffed them again.

Oh, I guess I peed a little. “Keep them” I handed them back to them, and he took a sniff, before he pulled his mask back up. “Call me?”

“I need to get your number first, but you think you could give me a hand before you go?”

He already had his pants open, and I gasped when I saw how hard he was. Not that he was particularly huge, I just heard that he was impotent, but either Natalie lied about that, or he started taking Viagra after the last 4 years.

“I can do better than that.” I got down on my knees, and showed off my oral sex skills, I’ve been practicing that too, but my brother told me we had to stop when I got my period. He was afraid I’d get pregnant, and that would blow the whole thing wide open.

Speaking of which, he pushed my head off, but he covered it up with my panties, and rubbed the head, while I held onto the shaft, and felt it bulge against my thumbs, filling them with his wet load.

“Huh, you.” He grinned, and shook his head, pulling his mask up, since it slipped down again. He had to take another deep breath. “Huh, you’re actually a pretty good cocksucker too.”

“Thanks, tell your friends, but you want my dirty panties now?”

“Not really, you want them back?”

“Yeah,” I unwadded them to see the wet wet mess, and even a translucent string that broke, leaving a couple of drops to hang down. “Snh! You don’t have HPV, or anything like that.”

“Huh, honestly?” He nodded, sadly. “Yes, I’ve been diagnosed with Genital Warts.”

“Huh!” I rolled my eyes, wadded it up on the inside, and stuck them in my purse. Natalie told me that, he said it was just razor rash, but she knew what that looks like. Which means she’s probably got it, and I’ve been exposed to it too. Not just from her, but also the other boys we both slept with, like my brother, so he should probably get tested too.

“Oh well here’s my number.” I just showed him in contacts, so he took it, and typed it into his computer. Then, he scrolled down.

“Oh yeah, Natalie?” He handed me back, with the selfie I had of her in my contacts. “I remember her, how’s she doing?”

“Not bad. About $500 bucks a week on a good week.” I guessed. He’s not a child pornographer, any more. He was a photographer, way back in the darkroom days, before they made you get registered as a sex offender when they caught you with child porn, but now he doesn’t even take pictures like that.

Well, just childporn that doesn’t look like childporn. Now, he just sets up horny young girls like me, with men to have sex for money, and I don’t know how much they pay him to keep this place open. How else do you think he makes money?

There sure isn’t a whole lot in giving free birthday parties for little girls to play with leftover scraps of felt, glue, and glitter.

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