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Under Glass Men

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There was this abandoned building across the parking lot, and a fence, but I saw men go in there all day.

“Would you like to make that a combo with fries, and a drink?” I let go of the button on the headset, and typed up the sandwich.

“No thanks.”

“If you don’t like fries, you could make that a side salad, or.” I pulled the earphone away when he gunned the motor, and it went right past the microphone, loudly.

My manager dropped the burger off, and stuffed napkins in the bag, but she brought a drawer, and unlocked the register while I leaned out, to hand over the order. Broke the 20, and clocked me out.

So, I untied my apron, and got a drink to take out to the dining room. While my manager counted out my drawer to make sure I wasn’t pocketing any of the money. Company policy, but it’s hard not to take it personally.

“Okay,” she leaned out over the pickup counter, “You can go.”

The pickup truck I’d just given his burger pulled out, but basically made a U turn at the end of the fence. Pulled up to the wall, and got out, but he left his burger on the passenger seat.

“Huh!” I always wondered what was going on in there, so many people going, in, and out. One at a time, and most of them didn’t look homeless? There was this 1 guy that was obviously sleeping there at night. He left a shopping cart full of trash bags, I assume were his clothes, and a sleeping bag he pulled out.

Finally, my curiosity got the best of me, and I waited for the last guy to come out. There was a storm door that slammed shut, and he sat in the cab to eat his burger before he left. Smoking a cigarette between bites, but no drink to wash it down.

That had to be healthy, but then again, it was a double bacon cheeseburger to begin with. Finally, I went around the fence to the building. Looked in this metal gate in front of a glass door, without the glass broken out. We have Moved on the glass in some kind of blue paint, then repeated again in Spanish.

Further down, there was a plywood gate, locked, and a low wall of cinder blocks to the end of the yard. I could see the storm door, with the glass broken out, and shards of it all over a concrete step for a porch.

“Huh!” I was getting a little nervous, because it was kind of a dangerous place to be, I guess. Maybe there was a drug dealer, or a meth lab to make it in there, and they could be dangerous, if you didn’t come to buy.

I had a couplefew bucks from tips, and I wondered how much it costs? Not that I wanted to try crystal meth, I like my teeth the way they are, but just in case somebody asked me what I was doing there, I got it out of my purse.

Knocking on the door, I bent over to the open frame, and called out “Hello, is anyone in there? I’m coming in.” I pulled my mask up, but it didn’t smell like a meth lab. Not that I’d know, but I bet it has a strong chemical smell, or maybe even medicinal stink to it?

I just have to know what’s going on in there, so I took a deep breath, braced myself, and opened the door. It was dark, but a screen lit up right away. Then, a red glow from one of those big metal space heaters hanging from the ceiling.

Over a glass tabletop, it looked like. I got closer, rubbing my arms until the radiant heater warmed me up, but there was a sort of cage around the table legs. Bolted to the floor, to cover up a laptop, and a camera. Not just the webcam built into the screen on the laptop, but a separate one plugged into the side.

“Huh!” On it, a topless woman was holding 2 dicks, one on each hand, and rubbing the head on her nipples. They shot wads of cum crisscrossing over her chest, shoulders, neck, and one of them ran down her arm. Then, she shook the first one that went soft, and let go, but another man stepped up. Then another on the other side, to replaced the guy that finished ejaculating.

I shook my head, but I couldn’t help watching her technique. Both hands pumping, 2 hard cocks at the same time, but most of the screen was filled with her large bare breasts. Bouncing together with her arms hitting them, and her thumb appearing under one head, rubbing it underneath while the other slipped in, and out of the foreskin.

“Huh, yeah. He’s got to be close, uh!” Sure enough, the circumcised one shot off, right over her thumbnail, and her chin appeared. Turned to look down, aiming the spurting head at her nipple, then rubbing it around and round until it went soft. She shook it off, but it was getting hard to breathe in my mask.

Sure enough, no sooner than the man stepped back, out of view than another cock poked in from the lower left corner. This time, a big black one, and it wasn’t just the space heater, any more. It wasn’t just warm, I was hot, and I had to pull my mask down to breath.

“Huh, snh? Hhuh, snhH!” Then, I smelled it. Fresh cum, smeared out to dried crusts to either side, so he could see the screen. I closed my eyes, imagining the fat fuck, getting out of his truck. I remember that part, but he must have come in. Seen the screen light up, and unzipped his pants to fish his dick out. Pump it hard, and blow his wad all over the screen.

“Huh!” Right above the camera. “HUH!” I had to move my hand, so I didn’t crape my knuckles on the edge of the table. Moving over to the surprisingly warm metal corner, and pressing it into the crotch of my black dockers. Uniform pants, I humped it hard, watching the BBC bust a nut, but it just dribbled out in thick wet gobs. All over her nipple, to get smeared around, but I couldn’t keep my eyes cracked any longer.

They blinked, and rolled up. “Ah, an!” I let my head fall back, and shaking, jamming the hard metal corner into my cunt, my weight on my clit, and the pleasure washing up over my body until I fell back, writhing in extacy on the cold filthy floor.

“An, hahn!” I felt my hair, shook cubes of safety glass out sitting up, and catching my breath. I don’t think I hit my head, or at least not hard enough to pass out, but it’s not hard to imagine why she set this up. Whoever it was, that had that table, thingy bolted down. It was only about the size, and shape of a coffee table, up against the wall.

On closer inspection, it looked like angle iron. L brackets, welded, and screwed together with some kind of metal mesh around the sides to keep anyone from stealing the hardware. So to speak, but there was a plug in the wall behind it, too.

I didn’t even know that the power was hooked up, let alone they had any heat, but I got fresh wet spots all over my pants. “Huh!” I didn’t soak through them, and my underwear, even with that mind blowing O. It was just semen. Fresh wet cum, wiped to the side with the dried crust of. God knows how many men, or repeat customers to indulge this lady’s cum fetish.

Yeah, I get that. She can cum get the footage, and sit back in bed. Maybe hang a screen over her bed, and feel her tits. Maybe clamping a magic wand between her legs,or for all I know. Maybe she’s got one of those fucking machines from Fuckingmachines.com at home.

“Huh!” It just begs the question of where she got all those men in the first place. To beat off all over her chest, neck, arms, and chin to make the video in the first place. Probably online. I’m guessing here, but maybe some of them come back here to do it again and again.

Maybe if I wait around long enough, one of them will show up for a quick tugger and a facial. God, I could go for a blowjob now, better yet. I better leave before I do something stupid like lick that filthy table clean. “Huh huhHhuhh!” I settled for wiping it off with my shirt, my hard nipples against the plastic? Turns out that it was some kind of plastic instead of glass. I tapped it with my nail, but as far as I could tell. It feels like the same lexan they make the 5 gallon buckets out of for the walkin?

“Huh?” Speaking of which, a shadow fell across the light of the low sun, shining in the doorway behind me. I tensed up, and forced myself to look, but she didn’t even touch the screen door.

“Oh.” She just held her finger up over her mask.

“Sh.” She shook her head.

Duh, I didn’t recognize her without her top on. Probably a bra under there to hold the girls in, and the nametag of course. Even bolted to the floor, it was probably a good idea to keep an eye on her stuff, just in case somebody showed up with bolt cutters.

She walked back to the store, to make sure none of the other crew was messing around, while she was out for a smoke break.

“So, um.” She held her cigarette up to offer me one, but I shook my head. “You must have a lot of footage from that. Setup back there.” I didn’t turn my head, but I glanced over with my eyes. She nodded, and blew out a smoky sigh.

“Yeah, would you like to see it?”

“You bet I would!” It was getting dark, but I wasn’t in any hurry to get home.

It was only a matter of time before another man showed up next door…

She went back in, but I’m sure she’ll Manage without me.


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