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Our love for our sister

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My brothers and I, triplets, decided our sister would be a good fuck so we waited for her to come home from school and then we raped her for hours.

I and my brother’s gang raped our sister on a Friday night after school just for fun.

We were 14 year old triplets, dad always wanted a boy so he was happy when mom had the three of us, but mom was desperate for a girl so a few years after we were born they tried again and they had my kid sister, Phoebe, she was 10 at the time of this story.

My brothers and I all shared the same bedroom and when we went through puberty at 12 we were all jerking off in our beds every single night looking at dirty magazines we got off a friend, then one Christmas we all got ipads and that’s when we discovered online porn, and we quickly became obsessed with it.

Watching it and jerking ourselves off every night in bed, we started to pay more attention to girls at school, trying to get them to sleep with us, but none of them would let us do it, we started getting sexually frustrated and desperate for some real pussy.

One night Phoebe walked in to our room while we were all jerking off, we shouted at her and told her to fuck off, but then we all had the same idea, our sister had a pussy, “Let’s fuck the little turd.” And so we put a plan in motion.

A few weeks later when we knew our mom and dad would finally be out of the house for a bit, we rushed home from school and waited for Phoebe to get home.

She walked through the door and ran upstairs just like she always does and went straight in to her bedroom to chat to her friends on her laptop, we all casually walked in to her bedroom and pulled her drawers against her door, jamming it shut.

“What are you doing?” she asked, getting off her bed and standing up.

She was still in her school uniform, a grey pleated skirt, knee high socks, a white shirt and a red blazer, we surrounded her and she looked at all of us wondering what was going on, then my brother pulled a belt he had hidden around his back and we held him tie her hands together behind her back and we put duct tape over her mouth.

We lifted her up and put her on to her bed before pulling at her clothes, first we got her socks off as she kicked at us, then we pulled her blazer open and unbuttoned her shirt, we couldn’t fully take them off because her hands were bound so we just pushed them behind her back.

We ripped off her little blue flowery panties and looked at her as she lay on the bed fully exposed to us, the three of us touched her, rubbing our hands all over her body, her flat chest and her little pussy, her pussy was soft and wet.

We took turns with her, I was the first in her pussy, I pulled my pants down and took out my hard cock before pushing it hard against her pussy and popping her cherry, she was screaming through the tape and crying, just like the sluts in the porn videos we’d watched, it was such a turn on, you could visibly see that my cock was huge for her little hole but I forced it in and fucked her hard.

My brothers pulled off the tape from her mouth and took turns to throat fuck her, barely giving her time to take a breath, we raped and abused her small body for nearly two hours, forcing our cocks in to every hole on her body we could find.

At times we’d lay on our backs, getting Phoebe to sit on us and we bounced her skinny body up and down on our cocks, slamming her down and getting the full length of our cocks inside her.

It is a shame we didn’t get it on camera because it would have made a great porn video to share online.

We were having so much fun we didn’t notice our parents come home, mom and dad burst in to Phoebe’s bedroom and caught us with our cocks all over her, dad gave us one hell of a beating that night and Phoebe had to go to hospital because we serious fucked her up.

My brothers and I got sent to a youth jail for 3 months and when we came out we had to live with our grandparents.

Raping our sister serious screwed up our lives but do we regret doing it? – nah. Phoebe was a good fuck, and we’d do it again given the chance.

A pussy needs to be fucked, that’s what a pussy is for, a pussy that doesn’t get fucked is a shameful waste.

A message to all you virgin girls reading this, you need to put out, you need to open your legs and ride some cock, you’ll love it, you were born with a pussy so use it for how nature intended. If I had a pussy I’d be riding cock all day long, it’s natural, it’s beautiful. Just do it.

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      “Just DO IT!”

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    This is so fuckin hot 🥺
    Wished to be fucked like this y’all can reach out to me
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      Let’s talk on Google chat my email is [email protected]

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    This is golden. Lucky bastards, if this is true.

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    I’m a 17 year old virgin, Iv been told I’m super sexy but after reading story’s here, I’m afraid to be around men

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      Grow up

    • Sean ID:fx7ita5hj0

      You don’t have to be. I won’t hurt you, I’ll be gentle. I’ll do you nice and good. You don’t have nothing to worry about.

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4o

      The ones clearly marked Rape? If they’re clearly marked rape, they’re probably rape fantasies. Reading Game of Thrones doesn’t make me fear for dragons.

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      Submit your body mind and soul to a Dominant Man . Not some boy your age . And he will keep you safe from the bad men out there

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      But know your bodies purpose is to please a man or men.

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      ME AS WELL

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    I’ll drink to that. Women should offer their pussies to men and be fucked whenever a man needs release