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Friends dad part 3

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This is where it goes down, well starts too anyway

He told me not too cry as he started grabbed my waist and hugged me from behind.It was obvious what he wanted as I felt his boner on my back.He then holding me with one arm used the other to grab my cock,I then heard the front door open and it was my friend.Still stroking my cock I thought of yelling our for help, but I remembered what he said and realized I was helpless, I was rock hard even if I didn’t want to be, he gradually started picking up the pace and put his hand over my mouth too make sure I didn’t make any noise,he eventually got to a speed where it was hurting.Still jerking me while silencing my mouth there was a knock on the door, and he told me to answer.I couldn’t speak I couldn’t get the words out my mouth, he then stopped jerking me and then grabbed my balls really tight, I nearly yelled in pain but I knew better not too “it’s just me ” I shouted out.He then released my balls as I spoke to his mum who was behind the door.She asked if I knew where her husband was and I was about to answer when I felt his finger enter me.”oh I think he is out shopping” I said in a up and down voice as I was feeling slight pleasure and pain out of him fingering me.”is everything alright in there?”she asked.She must have realised my voice had dramatically changed.I answered I was fine as he slid his fingers in and out of me.She eventually left as he then turned me round and pushed me onto my knees”you know what to do” I did and I did without him asking again.i could barely see as the shower rained on my face, though he was clearly enjoying it “mmm, that’s right” and “suck my fat cock, you stupid whore”.I was almost licking like an ice lolly until he grabbed my head and shoved it right at the back of my throat, I started choking so he told me to make a fist and squeeze hard, he then started slowly face fucking me, my eyes started stinging looking up into the shower.He got a tighter grip of my head and started thrusting really fast, his hairy ballsack slapping my chin, I started to feel his cock pulsate on my tongue until he released with a quiet moan which made my cock jump a little, was I really enjoying this ? I was so ashamed but turned on, he came and pulled his cock out and ordered me to show him my tongue, my tongue a bright pinky red now holding barrier to a pool or white, he commanded me too swallow and I can’t lie it didn’t taste good at all, it was salty and a little bitter.He squeezed the tip of his shaft to get any last cum and rubbed it on my chest.He told me to get out and he would leave a little later to avoid suspicion.I saw him jump from the window now fully clothed, fortunately for him it wasn’t a big jump and while I exited the shower room still tasting his cum at the back of my throat, the doorbell rung and he came in with bags of “shopping”….

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Marcel ID:2wzbads6id

    such a good story i hope he’s gonna fuck your tight virgin ass in the next part

    • Anonymous 16 ID:5q5u6ou8m

      Glad you like.I think you will enjoy the next part 😉