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My Niece the orphan 3

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My niece whos parents died has to live with me her only living relative

After fingering Megan to orgasm in the car we headed to the mall.We arrived parked up and headed in straight to a expensive clothes shop I was going to buy her some lovely clothes in here plus underwear then go to main teen shop buy her some teen revealing clothes. Her face as she flicked through the clothes rail was a picture she had a few as she headed to the changing room I caught her as she was going in told her to leave a gap in changing room so I could watch and just the thought made me go hard.Of she trotted and I sat in the seats next to a gentleman who was with his wife I was watching the changing rooms and could see Megan changing standing in just her white bra just enough gap to see her I noticed the man look then look again and not stop it was working I was turning her into a flasher without knowing I was hard I looked at the man he had his hand over his crotch he had seen Megan in only her bra .She came out of changing rooms and we paid for the clothes and went to get a drink in the cafe. We sat at the table and I made sure that Megan sat at the seat where people could see her I ordered a couple of drinks and we sat and I watched I watched the men looking at her in her short denim skirt with her legs slightly open I put my hand on her leg and put her skirt up a bit more she looked at me I said just let me do it I pushed it up enough so that anybody sitting opposite or roundabout could see her pussy. I told her I need to go back to the car as I wanted her to give me a wank as I was so horny and then we could go to the shop to buy some more clothes for her we go back to the car I got the front she got in the passenger side straight away she lent over pull my zip down and got my cock out and started wanking it didn’t take long before I could feel the build up in my balls ready to shoot my load into her mouth I pushed her head down she opened her mouth and swallowed tip of my cock and I shot my load into her mouth she swallowed it all.

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