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Girlfriends gift to me

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My girlfriend decided she had the most perfect birthday present for my 18th but not sure if it was or wasn’t

I always had known i wasn’t into boys . I started hanging out with Olivia when I was 16 . We got along so well . She was a year older than me . As time went on we started getting along more and more and after 7 months started dating . Being my first ever relationship of any type I just wanted to take it slow . As it went on it got to holding hands and kissing . Then I was happy enough to say yes to letting her lick and play with my pussy and omg it was so amazing . She really knew how to make me cum so fast . I slowly got good at doing it with her . She wanted to move on to strap ons and toys but I was scared . I still well was intact and just felt weird about it being taken . Well soon it was to be my 18th . She asked can I stay at her place on the Saturday night . My birthday was the Friday and my parents had organised a party and said yes id love to . She said she had something small for me as a party present but my main one I’d get Saturday night . The party went really well but could not wait till Saturday night . She came and picked me up at 1pm . We went out for lunch then went and saw a movie . We then went to her place . She said go get a drink and whatever while I make a call . She came back and said well your present is like 5 mins away . We sat on the couch . Just kissed and cuddled abit . Then there was a knock on the door . She got up and and opened it and it was her older brother . He came in and said so it’s all good . She turned and said well he is your present . He is going to take you to the room and fuck you . I looked at her and said why you know I’m not into guys and no way can I cheat on you . She said well it will mean no virginity and we can do anything . But it’s your brother I said . She said I’d rather it he him than some random guy . I said but I’m scared . He said ill look after you . Your my sisters gf I won’t hurt you . He came and took my hand and led me to the bedroom . He then slowly unbuttoned my top and took it off . He leaned in and started kissing me . I felt his hand reach around and unclip my bra . I feel him sliding it off . He stops Kissing me and looks at me and says wow they are so cute . His mouth moved to my left breast to the right back and forward licking and sucking on my breasts till I could feel my nipples get so hard . He starts to suck and gently nibble on then . I see Olivia sitting in the corner . Her hand is already down her pants . I feel his hands unbutton my pants and slide them down and then my fancy Lacy panties I had worn as thought it was going to be me and her were next to go down . He says to step out of them and I do . He says to lay on the bed so I do . I watch him undress and am like omg when I see his penis as it’s bigger than what I was expecting it was a good 9inch long and so thick . He brings his head to my pussy . I can feel his tongue start to run along my pussy . I can’t help but to instantly moan . My pussy starts to react right way getting wet . His tongue now starting to slide into my pussy . I start pushing into him getting his tongue in deeper . I’m moaning so much . My pussy is leaking it’s getting so wet . I can’t see Olivia but know what she must be up to as she is moaning so much as well . He moves . His cock is now rubbing along my slit . I start breathing deep in anticipation . Omg I’m about to be fucked by a cock my mind says . I feel that head start entering me . My hands grip the sheets . I give this massive moan as there it goes the whole head is now in my pussy . Omg the feeling of that cock head stretching me pussy . I can feel it going in deeper . Then my whole body jumps as I feel it find my hymen . Are you ready he says . I just nod at him . He pulls back and then I scream as with one huge push he tears through my hymen . He holds still and sort of cuddles me . Then gently starts moving in and out slowly . I start groaning and moaning as he starts slowly fucking alittle deeper . I start to now moan more and more . He starts to fuck me faster . My pussy is reacting to it . I can feel how wet I’m getting . I scream omg as I feel that he is now fucking against my cervix . I’m shaking . I can’t believe my body is feeling so good . My pussy is tightening up . My legs are shaking . I have the most massive orgasm . I’m squirting and squirting . I feel my whole body shaking . I’m more screaming than moaning . He pulls out and tells me to lay with my head over the edge of the bed so I do . He points his dick at my mouth and I just open and he fucks my mouth for a few minutes and them I feel his hot cum going down my throat . We all then just cuddle on the bed . Guess we feel sleep as woke up and it was morning . I woke up with one hand holding his cock and the other at her pussy . She looked at me and smiled . I knew right then nothing was ever going to be the same . It never was it was so much better from then on

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