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What Starts With Family

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It starts with a small town family and after a while kind of grows.

Let’s start off by introducing this little family. There is David 29 the father, then Kathy 28 the mother and then the twins Debra and Martha 10. It started as a normal happy family. David worked at a car dealership. Kathy was a traveling nurse. Martha and Debra just started 5th grade David woke this morning to his wife rushing around the house getting ready to leave for work. Her new job is taking her to California for 6 months. It was Saturday and the girls had no school. they all got up to help Kathy get ready to leave and have breakfast. As she finished David loaded everyone in the car to carry Kathy to the airport. They arrived there they all kissed and said there I love you, Kathy looked at the girls and told them Be good in school and listen to daddy. They said yes momma and kissed her and off she went to the plane. On the way home everything was going fine till Debra got car sick and threw up on herself and Martha. David thought fast and pull off on path on the side of the road. He drove in a little bit so as not to be seen by passers-by. He got out to check on the girls it looked worse than he thought. The only way to clean it up was to get the girls undressed and use what wipes he had to clean then and the seat up. Once everything was cleaned up David just threw everything in the trees. He went to look for the spare cloths bag and couldn’t find it. All he could think is oh shit it got mixed in Kathy’s travel bags. He looked at the girls and said I guess you two will have to stay low, so no one sees you, your cloths bag is on a plane with your mom. Debra was already covering herself because she was shy. Martha was like ok daddy; she was the outgoing twin. So off they went home all the way there all he could do was keep glancing at his girls. He couldn’t stop the impure thoughts and chastise himself. He thought damn it they are my children, but he hasn’t seen them naked in about 2 years man they have grown up. Once home he ran inside to grab some towels for them to cover with. Before he could get back Martha was right behind him.
He went back to the car and covered Debra up and brought her inside he told the girl to get a bath and get dressed dinner will be ready in 20min. Debra went to their shared bathroom; Martha asked her dad if she could use his and mommies. he said fine be quick. Debra was back fast, and dinner was almost done he went to check on Martha. When he got to his bathroom before he could make a sound, he saw here setting in the shower rubbing herself. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. He excused himself and made it like he was just entering the bedroom say baby you need to hurry up dinner is done. She yelled out ok dad on my way. by the time she got downstairs food was placed out so everyone could eat. Throughout dinner he couldn’t the image of her pleasuring herself he was as hard as a brick. He had to keep telling himself that’s my little girl. It did very little to help. He was hoping the girls didn’t notice. Debra didn’t but Marhta could and was wondering what it looked like without mommy on it.Her gears were turning in her head how to see it. After dinner David put on a movie for the girls and told them he was going for a quick shower.
While in the shower he figured he take care of his not so little problem. Once the warm water started to get to him, he thought about Kathy, but the girls kept popping in his head, but what really got him going was when the image of Martha out of his head. He cam like a fountain and guilt set in. Once he was done, he put on his sleeping pants and went downstairs. When he sits down, he looks this girl and thought glad they didn’t see that. What he didn’t know was Martha snuck and watched and herd her daddy says her name. She had a plan now on how to see what made mommy so happy.
Martha looked at her dad and said daddy can I sleep in your room tonight I miss mommy. He had to think about it but thought what it could hurt I’m taking a Tylenol pm tonight to help me sleep. He told her ok. He got up took his pill and sat back down he told them once the movie ends time for bed.
Once it was over, he said time for bed. Debra was off to her room. Martha was on her way to mommy and daddy’s bed. David shut everything downstairs. He went to kiss Debra goodnight and tuck her in and off to his room. He got in bed leaned over and kissed Martha on the cheek and said night baby.
That night David had a restless sleep and dreamed of his wife. David got up and went downstairs to get breakfast going. Martha woke up sore but happy and now knows why mommy always moans and
screams he is big, and it was fun, but she still felt sore and didn’t want daddy to see.
All day long David felt weird. but brushed it off. All Martha could think about was daddy’s thing. How big it was, how hard it was, and how it hurt but was fun once it went in. She waits till he was good and asleep then lifted the covers. It was hard so she put her hand on it. She had saw mommy put it in her mouth, so she did the same and it was different but for some reason she liked it and did it for few min. Then she thought if mommy can put it in so can she, she felt herself for her hole and found it wet and got up like she saw her mom do. She pushed and pushed till she let out a sharp scream. Once she let herself get used to it she started to ride him like mom. Man, she loved it.She felt him git bigger. then felt all warm inside and no more pain. She fell asleep on her dad and woke up to his thing hard again inside her s o she rode him again this time she got a really good feeling when she felt the warmth. This time when he went soft he fell out and Martha got off him and went to sleep.

Sorry for the long opening. Haven’t wrote in a while hope you enjoy if so. I will continue this. If not oh well. I am setting it up for a multi story.

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  • Reply guidotheking ID:10xljrlz28c0

    God this a very hot story. Would love do this with my girlfriend daughter and her.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf26uez

    This happens more then people know especially about the twins being night and day. One wants daddy’s cock and is daring and the other very timid and shy. When I was 12 with the two blond haired blue eyed twins Kylie was the instigator and Kayla always followed. She had to do what her other sister did yet never on her own. I love twins.