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The dare

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when i was 13 and freshly in the 8th grade there was a group of girls, they were popular and everybody liked them so one day I tried to join them.

but I had to do a dare that all of them did, wear no panties for a 2 days, I accepted the dare and the next day I put on my uniform which at the time was a red and black plaid skirt with a white button up or collared shirt. I put on my knee high socks and school shoes walking past my dad only to feel him lift my skirt.

I froze and felt his thumb press on my pussy which barely had grown hair he chuckled and told me to go on but I’d have to come.to his office right after school.

I was scared and freaked out so I just kept going once I made it to the bus I went to the back, it was crowed like always but when I go to the back and sit down j had no problem.

accept i didn’t see how there was guys back there mainly sleep or on there phones so I was forced to stand infornt of one, I knew it would end bad so I prayed but God didn’t hear me because I felt a hand on my ass I he stood as a guy scooted in his seat I surrounded shit.

his hands gripe me and spread ass cheeks I remember his grimy voice asking my age and grade, I mumbled 13 and the 8th grade.

he got in excited because I felt his stiff cock run through my thighs up against my pussy, my skirt was lifted as I was able to see his large uncut cock getting off while sliding through my folds.

im.glad he covered my mouth, this was my first sexual experience and no matter how much i fought i was leaning against him now jerking of another dude small cock.

my words were muffled but I was asking him to speed up I get off 2 stops from now the other guy as alrdy came into my hand and the guy behind me was twitching and he turned my face kissing me and my pussy began getting coated in his cum.

he and the other guy put money in my brother and when I got off I went to school hoping it didn’t drip, when I got to the bathroom o cleaned up and met the popular girls in the boys bathroom.

a boy stood well the most handsome boy in school the girls watched as he lifted my skirt and bit his lip. he asked the main girl may could he get a taste of me and she shrugged and left and on que her girls followed.

I was scared and I felt his lips on mine telling me to calm down and he’ll take my ass I was bend over the sink while he fingers my ass.

I was wet and trying to suppress my moans when it got enough wetness from my pussy into my ass he began pushing inside he was average sized but it sure did feel good.

the bell rung but he kept going moaning in my ear his bare cock was pushing deep and it almost hurt but I fingers myself to block out the pain.

when he was done I was left with my face coated in cum I wiped it and I was exhausted I had yet to have a orgasnm guys only care about if they cum i swear.

school went by and I went home to my dads office I sat while he stared at me he got up to lock the door he picked me up with ease and sat me on his lap now on the couch in his office.

he spread my legs and kisses my neck while stripping me the money falling out ‘aha I see you got your first experience on the bus’ he asked if I came and i said no

I was now bent iver his lap he inspected my ass and pushed his thumb in my ass he asked who fucked my ass and I told him a boy at school he asked if I came I said no

now I was laid in his couch he groped me and kissed me before getting down and doing wonders to my pussy his to guess explored everywhere and his thumb rubbed try clit fast.

and I came.it just gushed out of me he had smiled and stopped it uo telling me I was a creamer I blushed and I finally saw my dads cock he taught me how to suck and he told me I was. agood learner.

I got a taste of his cum ot was sweet but bitter next he told me he was glad he could take my cherry, he told me he didn’t wanna wear a condom and knew I was fertile so he pushed in anwyas and kissed me.

he fucked me for hours in his office I felt full of cum when he was done he told me that id be a proud mother for his kids.

I got scared and he laughed telling me he wasn’t fertile anymore he got a vasectomy i laughed and wobbled to my room.

I cleaned up and got in bed I was too tired to eat and I didn’t wanna go through with tomorrow’s dare but it was the last day.

when I woke up I headed off to school with no panties and nothing happened but I missed the bus and I got a ride from a stranger a college student.

he waited for me while I met with the popular girls and they told me I could join Tomorrow but he said he’d show me cool shit on collage campus so I left again skipping school.

I was nervous but he calmed me.down and rubbed my thigh he told me I was cute and that he wanted to take me on a date.

I asked if I was too young me being 13 he said no and kissed me we got pizza and went to his dorm there were 2 guys I was shy and sat on the couch while they played games.
I was in his lap when spread my legs and made out with me the other guys laughed and began getting hard he pulled away and rubbed my.clit telling then I was a fresh 1e year old slut I was still blushing.

he let them grope me and I kissed the one guys tip he was uncute and big and the other one was thick and short and my guy was just huge

he pushed in my pussy and the other guy pushed in my ass while I got my throat fucked when it was now night time I laid tired and full of cum th3 collage guy washed me up and kiss me rubbing my.stomach telling me I was gonna have to take a plan b unless I wanted to be his child wife.

long story short I ended up getting pregnant at 17 by him and my dad was angry so I had to move in with the college guy.

sorry for any typos or incorrect grammar this was just some shitty story I made up

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    Unknown author, it isn’t a shitty story, it’s really pretty good. You named the only thing really wrong with it and if you share more stories, please take five minutes and read your story outloud so you can proofread it before you hit ‘post’ to fix the mistakes.
    Thanks for sharing this fantasy!