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Bridgett an Katie Are Sound Sleepers

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Bridgett is 10yrs old…..Katie is 11yrs old…….My best friends daughters sleep so sound.

It’s Saturday and it’s race day, the Coke 600 Nascar race airs tonight.In our house we all are race fans.My best friend also is a huge race fan and we always go to his house and watch Nascar.Im excited but there is 2 reasons I’m excited ,the race and Bridgett and Katie Roy’s little girls.
My wife has our over night bag packed we will be spending the night at Roy’s House due to the race being a night race.A lot of drinking and smoking bud gonna happen so no driving home fucked up.My excitement has 2 reasons I’m so excited. Yes I love the race is on but after when the house is quiet and all have passed out sleeping off our drunk is when the touching little pussies begins.

Bridgett is 10yrs old…..Katie is 11yrs old…….Both of them are blonde hair and blue eyes, flat chest no growth at all , Yet.Both have nice little bubble butt’s and both are very slim no baby fat just pretty little girls that I love seing naked.
No need to describe the race the story is not about racing , unless you count my racing heart when I see the girls pussy after the race.Myself ,Becky, Roy, and Susan (Roy’s wife) had all gotten so fucked up or at least they had.We smoked about 1/4 ounce of good weed and drank a case of beer and a 5th of rum.Well they drank, when I said I had to go pee I would pour my beer or drink in the toilet no way I was passing out when there is 2 sound sleeping little girls in the house I can sneak and touch and jackoff on.
Roy had already passed out before the race ended so I helped his wife drag his big ass to bed .My wife was passed out in the recliner next to the couch and had been passed out for well over an hour.Susan after we put Roy down came back stumbling some what opened the door to her daughters room turned the light on checked on her girls then came back in the living room where I was.She stood there looking lost , looked at me and said I’m so fucked up I’m going to bed.
Helena wasn’t with us she had spent the night with Nicole,I wonder if they had some fun .

Once Susan went to bed I knew I needed to wait a bit before I sneak into Bridgett an Katie’s bedroom so I slid the door open and went outside and smoked a bowl.As I’m standing there I notice a light coming from the girls room so I go over and peek into the window.The light is on but it’s kind of dim the light must have a dimmer I didn’t know that.As I look I see Katie and Bridgett sleeping on their bed , they have a full size bed they share.Both are uncovered , both have on small tank tops and panties , I see 2 little butt’s I will soon be jacking off on.
This will be my 3rd time molesting Bridgett and Katie and I hope the best one.They sleep really sound and don’t wake up from being touched or moved around.This time also will be the first time I shot cum on them I have not done that yet for fear of the cum landing on them could be what wakes them up.The last time I molested them after I jacked off and shot my load on their floor .I thought to myself , I wonder how much it takes to wake them.Their bedroom is in its own hallway.You walk past their door go about 15 feet turns right goes another 15 feet and the door to Roy and Susan’s room.I always close the girls door not all the way but shut while I’m touching their pussys.But what I did was open their door so I have a clear escape and try to touch each one harder and harder to see how much it takes to wake them up.
Katie’s is first she is always by the wall the furthest away from the door.Katies legs are still bent at the knee and spread wide from where I had been touching her just a few minutes prior.I grab one leg and pull it out straight dropping her leg from about 10inchs high move fast to the door.I stand there quiet not a move incase she woke up.Nothing, still out sleeping sound.I go back do the other the same way this time just ducking down by the foot of the bed.Not a sound not a movement.I slide up on the bed reaching out between Katie’s legs and poke her kinda hard in her little 11yr old pussy…….I poked hard enough I felt my finger go in her little cunt a little and nothing she didn’t move she is out.I gave her about 5 or 6 more good hard poked in her little pink pussy building up my confidence I could almost do anything I wanted to Katie and she’s not waking up , now Bridetts little 10yr old pussy…..

Stepping around beside the bed about 2steps from the door Bridgett is laying on her side one leg bent pulled up toward her little flat chest the other leg stretched out straight.Shes facing the door which is not good if I do wake her up she will see me run out of the room.So I gently straighten out her leg and roll her over easy as I can towards the wall and Katie.Success she didn’t wakeup which is a good test of sound sleeping but pussy pokes are the real test.I move Bridgetts right leg bending her knee how she was laying but I go as far as her little legs will spread.Both the girls panties are super lose and grant very easy access to their pussys so I move Bridgetts panties from her crotch exposing her Little 10yr old asshole and her little cunt which I had not seen in this position yet wow super erotic.
For just a couple of minutes I just gazed at Bridgetts little cunt fantasizing about sliding a finger all the to my knuckles in her tiny little cunt.Bridgetts pussy was still glistening from the earlier events of me rubbing her clit and bringing her pussy juice to the opening of her vagina.I lick my finger get it lobed good and give her little ass hole a poke not penetrative just a good wakeup poke and slip into the hallway.I hear no sound but I stand there quiet as a mouse for about 30 seconds and then ease back beside the bed.Her panties are still pulled over so this time I lube again and give her cunt a poke my finger just slipping inside her and Step back to the hallway.I taste my finger a it’s milky and slick so sweet I really got her mosit when I was masturbating her little clit.

Before I went back in the girls bedroom I did a check on my wife to ensure she is still passed out.Becky is out sleeping sound and Roy and Susan’s room their floor creeks super loud when you go towards the bedroom door so I’m good I head back to the girls.

Bridgett is still in the same position so I decide I’m gonna do a real test and see how far I can get my finger in her little pussy and jackoff one more time before I go to sleep.Bridgetts pussy still has a little pussy juice on it so I rub my finger up and down her little clit rolling my finger over coating each side with her cum.I open her legs more pulling the leg that’s straight towards me causing Bridgett to roll flat on her tummy dam didn’t want that to happen but OK it will still work.I work up some salive and let it drip onto my finger the length of my finger.I spread her pussy open with my left hand exposing her vagina opening perfect for penetration.Before I finger her little cunt I work up more saliva bend over and let the saliva stream out guiding it onto her little asshole where it runs on past and slides inside her cunt I’m holding open.Slowly I put the tip of my finger just inside the vagina opening and give a little wiggle watching her eyes the whole time,nothing still sleeping sound.My cock is about to explode I’m so hard and can’t wait to jackoff but not yet.

More pressure I push inside her vagin to my first knuckle,wiggle my finger watching her eyes , she’s out not a movement from her.Now I’m wondering why I didn’t hit her hymen all girls her age have a hymen.I push in a little deeper and still she is sleeping soundly and still no hymen.I push in deeper, now my finger is at my 2nd knuckle about 2inchs inside Bridgetts little cunt.So I push on in until my finger is all the way in as far as my finger can reach , it’s so warm and wet her pussy walls are slippery with her hot juices.I pulled my cock out sit on the edge of the bed and start slow stroking my cock while my finger is in Bridgett.Slow in and out pumps with my finger I can feel her pussy is releasing more juices so I speed up fingering her just a little.The gushy sound begins as pussy juices begin to ooze out her little cunt.My cock is throbbing but I continue to slow stork I want her to cum before I do I haven’t known if I really got either one of them to cum yet.Yes I got them moist but this is first time I’ve finger fucked either one of them till now.I still can’t believe her hymen is already broke.Does Roy finger fuck his daughters? Could it be Susan my mind was racing so fast feeling my finger plunge deep into little Bridgetts pussy.Now I’m curious about Katie is her cherry popped already too?

The warmth of Bridgetts pussy and the flow of her juices the sound of those juices as my finger goes in and out of her little vagina is intoxicating.Then I lean in closer and can smell the smell of sex rising from her little cunt.Her clit is covered in her pussy juice I stop stroking my cock and begin to rub her clit up and down as my finger fucks her as deep as it will go.Now her little butt is beginning to rare up a little like her body wants to be fucked,so I pull my finger to almost coming out and push back in with enough force her whole body rocked towards the wall.The sound of her juices splashing out when I fuck hard is mind numbing.I do it again still rubbing her clit , over and over hard pumps of my finger now I’m really fucking this 10yr old little girl…..

Pushing her legs more open I stop finger fucking Bridgett long enough to taste her juices by sucking them off my finger.Its like licking a melting pop cickle dripping wet so messy.Her little cunt is ozing with pussy juice.Any time I molest these girls I’m always very alert for sounds from the house and always checking their eyes.I do this from years of molesting my own daughter and her friends that now and then stay over.

I pull my cock back out as I slip my finger back in Bridgetts pussy.I decided she’s not waking up her hymen is broke someone else is also molesting her I can give her a real finger fucking.First slow again to get my finger good and slick then I’ll speed up to a good pounding and see what happens.A small moan has come out, is she awake ? I can’t stop the sound of how wet she is no way I can walk away now it’s just to erotic.So I do it I speed up to a speed as if I’m fucking my wife and I’m about to cum.Bridgetts little body is rocking back and forth like I’m on top of her fucking her with my cock.More small moans , what is going on does she like this why are her eyes not open?My balls are so tight my cock is tingling so hard I’m going to cum with just a couple more strokes so I go just a little faster and harder curving my finger to hit Bridgetts G spot , she let’s out a loud sex moan it scared me I almost stopped but I didn’t.The moan caused me to start spewing cum all over the girls bedroom carpeted floor, my legs were quivering extended and almost locked straight out some of the cum landing on them.I could feel each long rope of cum work it’s way up my throbbing cock and exploding out the head with the feeling of extasy barley ever reached.Fucking Bridgetts pussy hard and deep hitting her G spot she wansnt far behind me , another moan her hips were matching my in an out motion with up and down motion she gonna explode as well.Her little hips start thrusting up and down faster then my thrust can match , she thrust super hard forward legs stretched out straight toes curled and holds her pussy firm into the mattress shes cuming hard.I feel her little cunt begin convulsing over and over and over again she moans a long aaahhhhhh then releases her air in her lungs out very fast and takes a quick deep breath back in and holding then thrust up and down a few times again slams her pussy into the mattress and hold it .Bridgetts little body is quivering all over , her cum is white and creamy pouring out of her like pouring hot honey from a jar.I didn’t know a little girl so young could cum this hard.

More hard gripping of my finger by the 10yr old sex goddess….And her orgasm begins to fade.She twitchs and shakes like we some times do when pee that little pee quiver and she takes in a big breath still slowly making small humping motions while her cum leaks out her little hole.Slowly I start pulling my finger out just as I do when I pull my cock out of Beckys pussy when we fuck.I know Bridgetts pussy is so sensitive right now so easy out and enjoy the feel of her cum.My cock is still dripping cum so milking out the remaining cum onto the floor as I take my finger out of Bridgetts pussy.She still has not opened her eyes but I know there is no way she had that hard of orgasm and is sleeping.I cup my hand on Bridgetts pussy reaching past her clit and try to get all of her cum I can in my hand.Its so much a bead of her cum rolled up across the tips of my fingers almost the size of a #2 pencil.I bring her cum to my lips , the entire line I lap up and roll it around in my mouth it’s so creamy and warm.One more feel I massage her whole pussy with my palm getting my hand covered in her cum then move up to her tiny little rounded butt cheeks spreading her cum around like cake icing.

I look down and my cum is very visible due to the carpet being dark brown so I rub my foot on all I see letting the carpet soak up my cum.Im spent I feel like I just got done fucking.Bridgetts pussy is still oozing out some white creamy goodness I leave it to dry on her little pussy slit and her bed sheet.As I stand up I hear Bridget say “I love you Daddy”, oh my god Roy does molest his girls music to my ears.This gave me an instant urge to finger fuck Kati too but no ill wait till next weekend race.If Bridgett sees its not her Daddy that just finger fucked her it could be trouble.

Back to the present,it’s race day again.We always stay the night regardless what time a race may end.So I knew just be patient everyone will pass out as they always do and I’m finger fucking Kati like I did her sister last weekend.
As before I dump my drinks most of them I have to drink some to give the view I am as hammered as everyone else.Time passes by its around midnight and Roy and Susan head to bed to pass out Becky is already and has been for about 3 hours she got so drunk she threw up so no danger at all she wakes up.I may have drank one Rum and 3 beers so I’m good not drunk at all.Before I go to the girls bedroom I turn on the porch light which shines in just enough to the girls bed I will be able to see their young bodies perfect.I wait about 30 min and not a sound everyone is out.Its time finally I make my way down the hall gently open the girls bedroom door open just enough to look in, as always sleeping sound no covers in their panties only this time Bridgett is by the wall.

The door closes behind me quietly not a sound and I stand still let my eyes adjust before I move.Now I know Roy has molested Bridgett from what Bridgett said last week so my confidence is monumental on what I can do to Kaits 11 Yr old pussy…….Nothing to trip on I can see perfect after just a minute or so. Katie is laying on her back her left leg slightly bent arms sprawled out beside her.Her chest is flat no breast growth at all yet but her pussy mound is fenominal it has a very tight C curve to it.I notice also this time she’s wearing tighter panties not little girl panties but not sexy panties just tight ones.I gently sit down on the bed, thankfully her face is towards the wall. I touch her leg slowly rub her thigh , testing the waters , no movement.Slowly I slide my hand up to her stomach and ease down letting my fingers follow the crease of her pussy down to her little pussy hole.Nothing she had no reaction.So I get the edge of her panties on each side and slowly start working them down watching her face the whole time.The anticipation of seeing her pussy mound with no panties on had me hard as rock and a nervous shaking fool.Still gently I take a quick glance they are just at the top of her mound .I lower my hands down pulling her panties out from under her little bubble butt about half way and move back to the mound doing the same exposing about half her little pussy slit.Then back to her butt fully exposing her butt if she rolls over.Back to her mound , her panties are at her thigh her pissy is in fill view ,her little clit has just a button showing between the folds of her pussy.My cock is as always gushing precum which feels amazing .I pull again and her panties are at he knees so easily, I slip them to her feet and slide them completely off.Standing up straight I take her in her little body exposed and so vulnerable.

My mind is going 7 different ways I’m so horny and turned on I’m ready to feel inside her little pussy.I move one leg spreading Kati open bending her knee then the other like the position I put my wife to eat her out.Katies little pussy has a nice long slit and her cunt opening is hid by 2 very nice small pussy lips.Bridgett doesn’t have pussy lips but her pussy is still very nice.
I can’t resist I have to taste Katie’s pussy so I lay down half on half off the bed , resting my hands on her inner thighs holding her legs apart and lick from her cunt up her pussy slit opening her pussy lips up across her little cilt to the top of her mound.I do it again this time wiggling my tongue a little side to side getting her slit as wet as I can.One more time from her asshole this time as I pass her vagina a quick thrust in her cunt up threw her slit opening her pussy lips on to her clit stopping to give it a small suck.When I sucked her chest raised up just about half inch and a small little tiny twitch of her hips.

I had to know ,is Katie’s cherry popped also.I lick my finger get it good and wet and start slowly pushing my finger in Katie’s 11yr old cunt…….Her pussy is already getting moist and like her sister Katie’s pussy is tight but feels as if I can maybe slide 2 fingers in her.I push on in past my 2nd knuckle, her Daddy already got her cherry I was glad of that.I push all the way in touched her G spot a couple times gave some quick semi hard thrust and her hips are moving she’s into it.Katie gets a lot more wet then her sister she has juices already streaming down past her little ass hole.

I pull my index finger out and slowly slide my middle finger in. Katie’s body is reacting with little quivers and slow head roll side to side ,it’s so erotic.I push in deep hitting her G spot a little harder rocking her body but not super hard and pull back out.This time I insert both fingers, it was tight but her little pussy sucked my fingers right in.I sit up so I can see her body and face good and start to rhythmically thrust in and out of her little pussy.She opens her legs more and raises her pussy up in the air , so I thrust in hard hitting her G spot which brought out a loud ooohhhhb aaaahhhhhh of pleasure from her tiny body.Again I pull back and thrust in hard if wlI was fucking her the sound of our bodies slapping together would fill the room.Another oooohhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhh yesssss.Shes awake for sure ,do I keep going she can open her eyes at any second and see its not her Daddy finger fucking her little pussy.There is no way I’m stopping this is just to erotic my desire to molest little girls will not let me stop.I thrust in her again this time not waiting I pull back and do it again and again and again her pussy is splashing with her juices my hand is saoked in her love fluid.

As if she had been fucked Katie grabbed both her legs at the knee wrapping her arms around them and pulled her legs back to her head raring her pussy straight up in the air,she wanted to be fucked hard now so I gave it to her .I pull my cock out of my gym short put one knee on the bed resting right againt Katie’s butt crack to help hold her up for the pounding I’m about to give her.Her pussy juices are so much the bed has a huge basketball size wet spot.Im stroking my cock hard as I can not caring where the cum goes and its coming quick I’m so close.Soon as my knee touchs Katie’s butt I started slamming my fingers in and out of her there is no way I could count how many thrust her little pussy took.Her head is bouncing ,her butt is bouncing up and down off my leg , her feet are flopping up and down like a fish out of water toes curled so hard she would crush walnuts if they could.Her eyes were squinted hard shut, her mouth wide open, ooooohhhhhhh aaaahhhhhh yesssss ahhhhh I’m gonna cum she said .That did it I exploded and shot cum all over her body, rope after rope of hot cum just streamed outta my cock .As I’m cumming her body is quivering humping hard up and down then up and hold it aaaahhhhh oohhh aaahhhh oh my god she said , more cum erupts from my cock landing on Katie’s face , a long bead from her left eyes across her nose down her cheek and she just kept cuming .I thrust in her one last slam in that G spot and her pussy exploded with cum , Katie is a squirter and the fluid just rushed out her little cunt.When I felt that I did something I had never done , I started to cum again so I pulled my fingers out and tried to slip my cock in her pussy she sucked me right in I’m cuming in Katie’s pussy.

My mind is blown away, Katie is still holding her legs her orgasm is just to the sensitive stage her breathing very fast and deep ,oohh my god ,ooohhh my god she keeps saying .I push ,my cock is only 6″ but I push in I want my seed deep her , 3 good quirts of cum shot into Katie’s little tight cunt.She begins to release her grasp so I gently start pulling out ,she tenses up and says slow slow slow , I stop let her catch her breath.I rub her little clit she pulls my hand away and then I realise it she is looking deep into my eyes.I didn’t care if she was going to tell she would have never let me put my cock in her.I begin to pull out again, she says again slow twitching same way my wife does when we are finishing fucking.As my cock drops out of her little cunts tight squeeze , I see the flow of my cum begin to flow out of her little cunt.It runs down across her asshole dripping down to the bed sheets .As she lays back flat more cum running out .Her face is covered in cum her shirt has cum on it,her legs have cum on them and the bed is soaked in both our cum.The wet spot was basketball size but when Katie squirted well half the bed is soaked , the aroma is intoxicating I want to just lay down and roll in her fluids.

I had all but forgot Bridgett was there , I look over and she to is looking me right in the eyes.I look back at Katie didn’t really know what to say, the only obvious question was the one I ask.Katie are you going to tell your Daddy , are you mad?Katie reached down felt her pussy and closed her legs sitting up scooted over by me and said my Daddy does the same thing to both of us.With Daddy it’s to ruff , he don’t hurt us but he’s not nice.She said I will never tell him and Bridgett won’t either she told me how you fingered her last week.My mind was blown Bridgett knew she tricked me what a smart little girl.

The room for sure smelled very strong of sex.Its only 1:15 am so we have plenty of time to open the window change the sheet and air the room out.I went to the bath room and got 2 warm wash cloths so Katie could clean my cum off her body.This was a dream come true I had now my daughter Helena 10yr old ……..Nicole 10 years old……..Bridget 10 yrs old ….. Katie 11 yrs old …….

I have 4 preteen girls I can do pretty much what ever I want when I want or when they want also it’s not just all about me I want them to feel as much pleasure as I do.

Roy’s girls every couple weeks come stay the weekend with us so they can swim in the pond and run the woods which now will be way more fun.I for sure will be fucking Katie at my house.

This is a long one but hey a left out detail is no good.You other writers get to the erotic stuff way to quick .Your turned on knowing someone is gonna read what you wrote and jackoff/masturbate and tell you they did.That gets you horny so you write fast so you can get off when your done.I jacked off 2 times as I wrote this story , stop and cum and keep writing.Enjoy let me know if you wanna hear about Katie and Bridgetts next weekend stay at our house.
The first time myself and my 11 Yr old step daughter did 69……..That’s where my name comes from.

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