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Jacking off Strangers

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I knew I shouldn’t talk to strangers, but all I had to say was: “You wanna get off at the next stop?”

He was playing with himself on the bus. Not the school bus, the city bus. Pretending to look out the window, he had his jacket off. (Pun intended) and over his lap so I couldn’t see it, but I saw his hand between his legs. Under the jacket, moving up, and down.

He stopped when I turned my head, and looked over from my reflection in the window. I smiled, and bit my lip. He looked down, and back up at me. So, I nodded, still grinning, and biting my lip.

He raised his eyebrow, and looked around. Zipping back up, and buckling his belt, I looked around too, but nobody else could see through the seats. In front of him, or in front of me, but he still didn’t want to expose himself to me.

So, I got up, and pushed the button in the box, next to the doors, and the stairs down. I looked back, “You wanna get off at the next stop?”

He just zipped up his jacket, which still hung down low enough to cover his crotch. Just one of those black, and white striped Adidas jackets, with the hood? Not like a hooded sweatshirt, more like a windbreaker? I think that’s what it’s called, but irregardless.

He caught my meaning, so the bus pulled up after the next stoplight, and let me open the doors. He followed me, but I had no idea where I was, let alone where I was going. Somewhere private enough for him to pull it out, but not safe. Really, I mean if he covered up my mouth fast enough I couldn’t scream, and he could rape me.

So, I found this diner that was open, and it looked like there was a pretty private booth in the corner, away from anyone. I looked back, but he was pretending not to follow me. Hanging around, not even looking at me, holding open the door.

So, I had to go in, and wait by the sign that said please wait to be seated. “Yeah, um. Can we get that table over in the corner there?”

“How many?”

“Just me, and my boyfriend. He’s meeting me here, but we want someplace quiet, and romantic?”

She left me a couple of menus, but when he stranger finally showed up, he looked over at me, and kinda pointed? Slyly so only me, or the waitress could see. She winked, but I couldn’t see her smile through the mask, I could imagine she did, knowingly.

He was obviously a lot older than me, but she just asked me “Can I get you something to drink?”

I got up, to let him slide over to the corner, and said “Hot coffee will be fine.” He took his jacket off (God, I wanted to call the story that) again, but she went to get our coffee cups before I heard his belt clink.

Under the table, he scooted out, so it was completely under the table, but he held the jacket up to show me his boner. It was a cock, circumcised, and not even the first I saw, or touched. I’m a teenager, I dated, had boyfriends, and even fooled around before we’re actually going out officially with one. I’m not even going into whether I’m a virgin, or technically where you draw the line for that.

This was a total stranger, but that was nothing compared to touching his dick under the table right out in public.

“Can I get you something to eat?” The waitress dropped off a whole pot of coffee, with 2 cups, and a bowl full of creamers. She didn’t look, but she didn’t not look. I was obviously holding my arm in his lap under the table. Even if she couldn’t see me holding his dick, it was pretty obvious, even before I got brave, and gave it a good tug.

“Uh, can you give us a minute?” He even squirmed uncomfortably.

She just winked, and turned away with a nod. No doubt smiling to herself, but as soon as her back was turned, I jerked him off as fast, and hard as I could. “SNH!” He took a deep breath through his nose, and hit his head in the corner. Trembling, and splashing out under the jacket. So, when he bucked up his pants to leave, there was a big wet spot on the back.

The waitress came back, “He stiff you with the check?” She got her pad out, and winked, then got her pencil out.

“Huh,” I lowered my voice, ‘i don’t have any money, but i can pay you back if.’

“Don’t worry about it, just finish your coffee, it’s on me.” She laughed, but then another man came over.

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help overhearing, you hungry?” I scooted over, so he could slide in next to me. “Go ahead, and order anything you want, money is no object.” He winked, and ran his knuckles up the side of my leg. Then, he put his hand in my lap, and gathered up my skirt in his fingers.

“Um, actually. You mind if I go use the bathroom, real quick?” He let me out, and scooted over to the corner. Where I just beat off the first guy, he looked around, and scooted out to unzip his pants.

I felt like such a whore, and I liked that feeling a lot more than I wanted to. Jacking off 1 stranger for nothing, and a couple cups of coffee. I don’t even like coffee, I only ordered it thinking she’d leave us alone, but I washed my hand in the sink. Looked up, and asked myself, “What are you doing? You really want to turn into a slut, and a whore, in one day?”

I nodded back, with a dirty grin, before I bit it off, and turned away. How much does a handjob go for? Honestly, I have no idea. I vaguely remember overhearing that no hooker will do anything for less than a hundred bucks, but I’m no self respecting whore. The more I think of myself as a whore, the more I’m ashamed of myself, and turned on by it. At the same time, but by the time I got back to the table, I decided. If it’s $100.00 for all the way, then $50.00 for a blowjob, and $25.00 for a tugger? Maybe 20, let’s be honest I’d do it for free, but I can at least get a sandwich out of it.

“Um, what’s a hot beef?” The waitress met me at the table before I even got back.

“Don’t worry, I’m buying.” He scooted back on the bench, and zipped his pants up when she came back.

“It’s just an open faced sandwich, with roast beef on toast, and gravy.” I saw it written on the white board with today’s specials.

“I like the sound of that.”

“Mashed potatoes?”

“Can I get fries?”

“It comes with mixed vegetables.”

“How about a side salad instead?”


“No thanks.”

Finally, she went away to put in my order, while I slid in next to my sugar daddy, to slide my skirt up, and stick his hand between my legs. Tickle my pubes through my panties, and slip his hand back out. Straighten up when the waitress came back. “Here’s your side salad.”

I crossed my legs, but it was a little hard to pull my skirt back down, without everyone in the restaurant seeing me pull my skirt back down. Right on the end of the booth, so my legs were showing, and I mean everyone, in the whole restaurant was looking at me. Even the cook was looking out the window, and it got quiet.

He reached up to pull the tag down off the merry go round thingy, then time started up again. At least it felt like my heart stopped, the whole diner was on pause, and the only sound that hinted at the world going on for those long awkward seconds was traffic going bye out the window.

She winked, and swung her hips this time. Looking back over her shoulder, I noticed that there were a lot of men in there. Alone, none of them brought dates, let alone their families. The only woman in the place was the waitress, and I was the only girl. Pulling my skirt down to cover my legs, I felt a hand on my bra, then I his hot stinking breath on my neck. He even pulled his mask off so I could smell it, and we’re way past social distance here.

“Huhuhuh huh! Uh!” He grunted, shaking when I hadn’t even seen his dick hard, even through his pants, let alone got a chance to touch it. Hard, and naked under the table. He zipped up, and scooted back in the corner.

Dropped the soup plate with my salad back on the table in front of me, and twisted his hips around to get his wallet out. “That ought to cover it, let me out.”

“Huh, okay.” I kept looking back at my salad, while I got out, and he tucked his wallet back in his pocket, on the way back to the table. I glanced back at my salad, remembering that I’d said no thanks to dressing, but then I looked back at the $20 when he dropped a couple bills on his table, and grabbed his jacket.

He looked back, all the way to the door. Obviously he expected me to do something, so I unwrapped the napkin, and dropped the knife on the table. Picked up my fork, and stabbed a tomato wedge on the side. Without any dressing on it, I made sure, and forced myself to smile. Pulling my mask on and putting it in my mouth. Chewing it so he’d leave, but then I had to run to the bathroom, and spit it out.

It wasn’t the tomato, and it didn’t even have any spooge on it. It’s just so disgusting that he could do something so sick, and expect me to like it?

Oh well, I told myself that $20.00 was still pretty good, for second base when I didn’t even have to touch it. Even though I already decided that I’d jerk him off for free, that was before I found out what a sick fuck he actually was. Let’s be honest, a good god fearing Christian man wouldn’t approach a teenager in a diner in the first place, his crabs probably have syphilis.

Even if he did catch me beating off a stranger, he didn’t know we’re total strangers. I even told the waitress we’re boyfriend and girlfriend when we arrived, but I wasn’t throwing up. So, I dropped the toilet seat back down, and unlocked the restroom door.

“Oh, excuse me.” A guy was waiting out in the hall, and another guy was waiting on the corner of the hall. Pretending to look straight out, at the dining room, but his eye was looking right at me, under the bill of his ballcap.

“You mind if I come in?” The first one in line winked.

“With me?” I held the door open, and leaned out, to look the other way. There was another man waiting in the corner, next to the door to the boy’s bathroom. “Someone in there?”

He just shook his head.

I thought not, who ever heard of a line for a men’s room? Unless it’s the kind of men’s room with a hole in the wall, for closet gays to suck stranger’s dicks without anybody knowing they’re gay.

“Huh!” He dropped his pants, and turned around in front of the toilet, with his boner sticking straight up,

“Can I get a hand with this?”

So, I just let the door swing closed behind me. I pulled up my bra, but just held my top out over it to rub the tip back and forth under my boobs until he filled my shirt with hot jizz.

I didn’t even bother locking it, if one of those guys grew some balls, and cam in, I’ve got 2 hands.

They can cum together, right now.

Over me…

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