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I lost my virginity at 11

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This was by far the BEST night I’ve ever had.

This all happened about a month ago.
It was night and I was at my friend’s house.
She had an older brother, Ashley. I saw him when I came in and he was super hot. He’s 12.

When i was sleeping in my friend’s bed with her, she started asking me personal questions and at one point kissed me and my chest. It was kind of hot and I enjoyed it but I prefer boys; I’m more straight that gay.

When she fell asleep, i snuck into her brother’s room and sat on his bed as he slept. He looked so cute. I sat where i guessed his dick was and felt it under the duvet. He flinched but stayed asleep. He only woke up when i pulled off the duvet and pulled down his pj bottoms.

He gasped and was clearly startled, but I looked rlly hot as i told him to shush so he did. I waited for his dick to get hard and then started rubbing it up and down. Then I started to suck it. He was so young, you could tell because his foreskin hadn’t actually peeled back yet, it didn’t look like the dicks I watched online.

I shuffled forward, still positioned over him. His dick was touching my pussy through my pjs. I took off what I was wearing and sat on his dick.

We fucked for half an hours then i went back to sleep in my sister’s room, satisfied.

Everything in my stories is true and if u’d like to talk then my insta is @apriliguess 🙂

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  • Reply Devo ID:6dn4ts62qi

    What is true you slept with your sister

  • Reply Lesbeurk ID:3i7n7pw4qri

    If your not into girls then why let your rapist female friend rape you? I knew of a girl that was workin in a bar whit a lesbian that wont stop touching her even when she say to stop it but 1 day the lesbian bitch got her drunk and raped her she want to go to the police but afraid the justice would not believe her cause the family of the rapist are rich lawer and tanks to the media portraying only lesbians stuff as hot and only portraying rapist as male,she fear the cops and judge would not believe that a woman do not enjoy another woman touch. Your friend is not a friend but a damn rapist.

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      Again, since this is your favorite fantasy, then why not just write lesbian raping straight girl fantasies on a Sex Story Site?

      It’s a Sex Story Site. Not a dildo-blocking teh straight girls to stay away from teh bull dagger lesbos so they don’t get raped site. FFS, you obviously think about this all the time. Might as well start writing stories, instead of posting them as “True Story” experiences in the comments.

  • Reply Hey you ID:2c3j0tafzl

    Great story I would love to hear more!

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    Wow… that’s a nice story. You can text me on kik yourhornydaddy2 we are into similar stuff 😉

  • Reply Sexy babes ID:1i2kovirk0c

    You always remember your first time. I was 11 also, lost my virginity to our 16 year old neighbor. We were in his parents hot top. He convinced me to be nude like he was.
    I sat on his penis it really didn’t hurt like I thought it would.

    A year later he was lucky again and got my younger sister when she turned 11.

    My parents found out we were having sex, my mom said since we thought we were responsible enough to have sex, we needed to learn responsibility. The only birth control we were allowed was rhythm method, or condoms or we had to believe guys saying they would pull out.

    • Thx1138 ID:fx7j3kk0c

      What a lucky guy being able to deflower two sisters now he can compare who was better

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    Your social isn’t working sweetie

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    April.do U mess with ur bestie 2, eat puss an stuff? Has she done her bro yet? I both shud do him together.