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Became obsessed with little girls

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So now I became obsessed with fucking little girls so I started to find them..

And after a lot of searching I came across a village which was very far away from the town, not much people around and houses weren’t that close to each , it means they lived far away from each other.
So as I exploring the village I found some little girls who seemed to be tribals or indigenous having a bath in the river who seemed to be around from the age of 10 – 16 I guess. So I hid myself in the bush and started taking pictures of them. And it turned me on and I wanted to fuck one now.
And after few hours they went away , execpt for a little girl, and I saw that she was alone so I thought of approaching her… I went near to her and asked her name .. and she replied : My name is Saron , she was brown in colour with medium sized boobs and yet she looked so young. And I could see her little pussy.

And I asked her where she lived and she replied that she lived just nearby. And she asked me if I came from far and I said yes.
I couldn’t hold anymore , so I asked her if she wanted a gift. And she said yes. And I pulled down my pants and she saw my huge cock and she was asked that what it is? (As my calculation she is really dumb and will be easy for me to fuck)

So I told her that its her gift and that its a sweet chocolate and I told her to have it in her mouth and suck it. And she did. And then I asked her if I could lick her chocolate too and she was quite confused and I point out to her pussy and she said yes and I started licking her and fingering her. And then I licked her tits and her whole body and kissed her.

And I told her that I am going to give the chocolate to your body now and I told her that it will make her more beautiful and she agreed.

And so I started penetrating her virgin pussy and after trying for a while I was in now and the blood was flowing out.
And I started to fuck hard as I became more horny because of her moan.

She was so small so I picked her up on my cock and fucked her deeper. And I couldn’t hold anymore because of her moaning and I came in her.

And I told her not to tell to anyone else. And I let her go and I left the place.

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  • Reply Disturbed 1

    All of you are sickos, not fit for society. Pure evil

    • AP

      Disturbed 1, no one made you come to this site and no one made you read the stories you read. You did it by choice. If anyone seems to have a problem it’s not the writers of the fiction but you, who are appropriately named, Disturbed 1

  • Reply Rou

    Im close to fucking my 05 yr old cousin, she’s such a tease. I visited today and I grabbed her cheeks rubbed her pussy from the outside and she would let me and then she put her butt on my dick area and I had the biggest boner and shoved it in those shorts and she still sat there like nothing was happening. One day I’ll finally get a bj from her and penetrate her but I don’t know how I will be able to

    • Psiberzerker

      Wait until she’s old enough to have sex? IDFK, it depends a lot on the girl, and when she starts puberty. That’s not going to happen for at least another 5 years, most likely a lot more…

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    I would love to hear and see more! [email protected]

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    Wow…. that’s a amazing story. Tell me more about it on kik yourhornydaddy2

  • Reply Lady

    Men with little girls, so hot 🔥

  • Reply Donald

    Love your story that what young girls are for to fuck and impregnated them. Here my email [email protected]