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My role as a housekeeper Part 1

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Lexie gets a job as a housekeeper in a small town. On arriving at her new home, she meets the husband of Susan.

I got off the train and seen a lady looking for someone. I looked at her and she at me. ” Hello, I’m Lexie, are you Susan?. ” “Yes I am. Put your bag in the car and we will go on home. Have you been to this town before? ” ” No I haven’t. It looks nice.” She told me it was a sleep little town, but a good town.

We arrived at her home. A nice looking place (from the outside), and I got my bag and followed her up the path. When we walked into the hall she called out, “Grant … I’m home.” I looked up and this talk biggish man walked into the hall. He held his hand out and said ” Hi I’m Grant.” I introduced myself and then his wife Susan told him to show me where my room was. We went further up the hall to the end room. The door was open and there was a double bed and a TV. It looked comfortable. Grant put my bag on the dresser. I noticed that he had rather a large cock. I wondered if that was what he looked like hard or soft. I looked up and he was staring at me with a grin on his face. He kind of ran his hand over his cock and then grabbed his balls and squeezed them. I could feel my face going red. He walked out of the room and I followed him. Susan was looking in the cupboard .. ” what should we have for dinner? ” Grant said ” Why don’t I go and get us some take out. I am sure you don’t really want to cook do you? ” “No, not really ” Susan replied. He grabbed his keys and then said to Susan, ” I’ll take
Lexie with me and show her a bit of the area around here.” “That’s a good idea hun. while you are away I will have a quick shower. ”

We went down the path and got in to the car and we drove off. I could see that Grant kept sneaking glances at me. We went passed several fast food joints, and finally we stopped. Grant said, “You coming in or shall I just order for you? ” “Anything will do ” I replied. Grant looked at me and said, ” I will get you a nice big sausage. Do you like sausages?” I was sick of him grinning at me and decided to call his bluff. ” I licked my lips and said, ” I really love sausages … the bigger they are the better I like them. Make sure that it has a wee nob thing at the top. I love biting that bit. ” Grant looked at me a bit shocked. He went in and got the food, came out, got in to the car and we drove back in silence. As we got out of the car I said, ” Did you get me a big sausage Grant?” He looked at me and said, ” careful what you ask for Lexie. You may find yourself in a sticky situation.

We went inside and Grant put the food on the table. Susan came out all panicky ” Work rang up and I have to go in. They are short staffed. ” “That’s no good hun, I will put some of this food in a bag for you. Are you doing a full shift?” ” Yes full shift, and don’t worry about the food. I will get something there. There should be some spare meals .” Susan looked at me and said. ” Sorry Lexie. the hospital needs me so I am going to have to go. Grant will show you were everything is, and if you need anything, just ask him. ”

I sat at the table and looked at some of the food. I heard Susan call out ” bye Lexie, bye baby ” as she headed down the path. Grant sat down and opened up some of the food parcels. ” Here Lexie, here’s your sausage.” He was grinning at me so I took the sausage and ran my tongue along the end that looked like a cock head. I kept making noises as my tongue around the top, then stared at him as I ran my tongue down the side of the sausage. All of a sudden he grabbed me and held me to the table
pushing me against it. I felt him as he pushed himself against me. Holding me by the shoulders and with his body weight. I felt his breath on my neck . “Remember when I said you might find yourself in a sticky situation? ” I nodded and kept nodding as he spoke. ” well this is a sticky situation isn’t it. Oh I don’t know what I am going to do with you. All your sausage talk has given me a hard on. I think you are going to have to do something about that … don’t you? ” I continued to nod. I felt him relax and he stood up, pulling me with him. His hand went down on his cock and he started undoing his belt. ” Get on your knees bitch “. I went down on my knees as he came closer and put his crotch right by my face. ” Now undo my zip. ” As I was trying to do that, he was moving as he was taking off his shoes. I was trying to only touch his zip tag. I started pulling it down and his fly opened. I could see he was rock hard. The outline of his cock was so tight. He wiggled his hips and his pants slipped down. I was amazed. I had never seen a cock as big as that. I had seen big cocks on the net, but not like this. ” Now take me out my little bitch … ” I put my fingers at the top of his underpants and tried pulling them down, but his cock was too big and his underpants would not go over it. So I took my other hand and put my fingers along the waste band. then I pulled the band back and over his cock. As soon as I did that it bounced up and bobbed. He looked at me and said, ” is that little pussy of yours wet? ” I shook my head. ” Well I need you to be wet, shall I get you some lube? ” I shook my head again. “Hmm … ” Grant pulled me up so that I was standing beside him. He then told me to take my jeans off. I told him I didn’t want to but he just told me that it wasn’t up for discussion. ” Take your fucken jeans off.” I started undoing my button and pulled down my zip and then pulled my jeans down. As my jeans were tight, my panties started to come down too. When my jeans reached my knees, he pushed me back to the table then with his hands he pushed me down. I laid there and felt him life my legs up. My shoes fell off, and he pulled my jeans and panties off. Then he leaned over me and said .. ” A very sticky situation isn’t it… “” I nodded . My legs were wide open and I felt his finger go from one end of my slit to the other. He held up his finger and I could see that it was wet. He sniffed his finger and then stuck it in his mouth. ” Oh Lexie … my sexy Lexie, your juices are so sweet. ” I felt something hard go into my cunt. It was tight but Grant was carefully pushing. ” Feel that sausage little Lexie, that’s your dinner. You can eat it once I have fucked you with it.. like that do ya? ” I couldn’t help myself. I started moving, and moaning. Grant started pushing the sausage in harder and harder. .. I looked at him and moaned, ” I am going to explode … ohhh. ” Grant slumped over me, his breathing was heavy, I felt weak. I felt his lips touch mine. He whispered ” now it’s my turn … are you ready for a bigger cock ..?” I looked at him, still weak, and I nodded as my arms when around his neck and my lips searched for his tongue.

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