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Mama’s Boy

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Now that I’m in my 20s, I’m just now figuring out who the hell I am and why I act the way I do. I have a fetish for blondes with nice milk-filled jugs. I’ve been with a few others that weren’t and they didn’t really do it for me.

It started when I was about 12, skinny blonde kid with too much energy and beginning of puberty. My mom and I lived in a small garage apartment, never knew my dad, he abandoned us 10 years earlier. Mom was great, we always seemed to have what we needed. I remember her long blonde hair and nice C-cup tits.  She had a number of boyfriends over the years but had gotten pregnant about 2 years ago. My baby brother, Lance, was still nursing and one night she asked me if I remembered sucking on her nipples. Well, I was a bit embarrassed, but said no. Mom giggled as she pulled her other tit out and told me to come give it a try.

She always kept herself covered with a blanket while feeding my brother.
I had only really seen tits in magazines beside the few slips while nursing Lance. Her’s were very pinkish with big almost transparent red nipples. They reminded me of Maraschino cherries.
I shook my head no, but she pouted her lips and pulled the other nipple out of the baby’s mouth. She took him in the bedroom and layed him down for the night. When she returned to the sofa, she sat down next to me and hugged me tight. My head was laying on her right boob as she held me for a few minutes talking softly as always, telling me that I was her sweet boy.

But this time, her shirt was wet from her milk, the smell of it seemed to arouse something inside of me. I slowly slid my hand up her shirt and lifted it to expose the tip. She layed back pulling me with her, I took her nipple in my mouth and started suckling. The taste was incredible as her juice flowed over my tongue.

She began to squirm and moan, her shirt was completely off now, I swapped tits, used my teeth a little and she let out a squeal. My dick that was only about 6 inches at the time rose to attention. I had only masturbated maybe 10 times. I continued for a long while, she softly stroked the back my head, running her fingers through my shoulder length hair. Mom said that she wanted me to be her little man and teach me something tonight. She stood up in front of me with only a pair of loose fitting neon green shorts. She was a good looking woman. Her fingers slipped inside the waistband and slid the shorts over her hips, then they the fell to the floor. My mom looked at me and asked if I knew exactly what I was looking at. I nodded and said I think so. That’s your pussy, right? She snickered and said yes. Then she put a foot on the seat next to me and told me to reach up and touch it. I was hesitant, but curious. My fingertips glided over the blonde fuzz, my cocks was about to rip through my pajama pants now.

She took my hand and showed me how to expose the clit and circle my finger  around it. She was enjoying this as much as I was, then she pulled my head toward her thighs and said, I want you to use your tongue on my pussy. I can remember the smell to this day, slight scent of baby powder with a hint of  pee. I obliged her and twirled my tongue around that little button, she bent her knees slightly and pushed that pussy hard against my mouth. This went on for close to 5 minutes before her body was shaking and she was screaming silently. She grabbed the sides of my head, her hips were thrusting against my face, all I could do was stick my tongue out as far as possible. She must have had 2 or 3 orgasms. Her pussy juices were all over my face when she pulled away. The look on her face was priceless, happiest I’d seen her in years. She called me her little man, and asked if I enjoyed that lesson.

It was the most incredible thing that I had ever done, even to this day. Of course I told her yes as I used her shirt to wipe my face. She got down on her knees in front of me then looked at the pup tent in my PJs. I was harder than I had ever been before. She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips and said that she’ll take care of it for me. Just lay back and let mama return the favor. I wondered what lesson was going to teach me now. Her fingers pulled at the back of my pants, I lifted my hips and I was buck naked in about 2 seconds. My little dick pointed straight up twitched every few seconds. I hope you like this she said and she licked her lips and locked them around the head. I almost cum but I’m glad I didn’t. Mom’s head bobbed up and down, taking my entire dick and both balls in her mouth as she sucked me. I think my dick grew another 2 inches that night. I was on the edge of cuming and she knew it. She pumped my meat with her hand with her lips on the head as I blasted my cum in her mouth. I didn’t think I was ever going to stop cuming. She showed me the cum in her mouth then swallowed it. She squeezed the last little drop of cum out of my dick and licked it with the tip of her tongue sending a shockwave through my body.

I was in aww of the situation, mom just smiled and gathered her clothes and went in the bathroom. A few moments later, she opened the door and told me to come take a shower. I didn’t know she meant with her. We soaped each other, she washed my hair for me. Her beautiful tits were just the right height for me to suck some more milk as she rinsed us off.

Mom and I had always had a great relationship, but now it was different but better for us. This went on for a month or so before she taught me a final lesson to be her little man.

But that’s another story.

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  • Reply Random ID:s49dg0zl

    Amazing story. Wish had pics of her to go along with it

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    very good… may i text you?