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Sex prep and torture from mom and dad

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Me and my twin brother got really drunk at a family wedding and somehow, when we got home, ended up with our parents tying us up and sex torturing us.

I and my twin brother Ryan are 13 years old, and two months ago, after getting a bit drunk at a family wedding, agreed to let our parents sex torture us, we thought it would be fun, and it was, kind of.

When we returned home after the wedding, our parents stripped us naked and tied us up naked on their bed, laid side-by-side.

My dad took one of mom’s vibrators, and after torturing my clitoris for 15 minutes he pushed it in to my pussy and put my panties back on so that the panties held the vibrator in place, it was firmly wedged up my hole and buzzing inside me like crazy, it was intense pleasurable torture.

While dad did that to me, mom stroked Ryan’s cock and got him big and hard, then she fitted a tight rubber ring around his cock and balls which prevented his cock from going soft, she slid a cock ring down his shaft, like she was slipping a ring on his finger, and clicked it on, it started buzzing at the base of his cock and drove him nuts.

Then they left us, after turning out the bedroom light, they closed the door, leaving us in pitch black, laying naked on their bed, both of us being tortured by vibrating sex toys that we were unable to turn off ourselves or remove.

“Does – y-yours make y-you f-feel tingly insi-i-i-i-de?” I asked Ryan, struggling to talk through the vibrations that were shooting up my entire body from my pussy.

“Ye-Yeah.” He replied.

They left us there for close to an hour, when they returned and turned the light on, both me and Ryan were shaking on the bed, there was a big wet puddle on the sheets between my legs, and Ryan’s cock and balls were covered in his sticky sperm, having ejaculated quite a lot, thankfully they turned off and removed the vibrators and cock ring.

“Having fun yet, kiddies?” asked Dad.

“No. Why did you leave us for so long?” replied Ryan.

“I think I’m going to pass out.” I said.

“Not yet. Time for the next game.” Said Mom.

Dad picked me up and flipped me on to my front, my head and feet were facing the opposite way, then he put me down on top of Ryan, mom taped my legs and butt to his head, my pussy was in his face, pressed against his mouth, and then as mom put Ryan’s cock in to my mouth, dad held my head down and taped my head to his legs.

We were now stuck in the 69 position, I had Ryan’s cock in my mouth with his balls against my nose, and he had my pussy pressed against his mouth, and our parents turned out the light and left the room again leaving us alone.

Neither of us moved for a few minutes, then I felt Ryan’s cock lift off my tongue, it started growing and twitching inside my mouth, I was trying to tell him to stop, but all I could do was mumble, he was saying sorry that he couldn’t help it, then I felt his tongue lick up the crack of my pussy, and his cock got bigger and harder in my mouth.

Soon I was being forced to suck on his cock whilst he, as a male, instinctively started to eat out my pussy, the pussy licking felt nice, but his cock was really big by now and knocking against my tonsils, and I was gagging on it as it twitched, throbbed and a few moments later, shot his warm salty sperm down my throat, I was relieved because then his cock shrunk and I wasn’t having to gag anymore.

Until about 5 minutes later when he got hard and we had to do that whole thing again.

Mom and dad returned to the bedroom just as Ryan emptied his balls in to my mouth for the second time, they removed the tape and I rolled off him and finally breathed fresh air, “Fucking hell, Dad. I couldn’t breathe.” I snapped.

“Are we having fun yet?” he asked.

“No!” I snapped.

“How did her pussy taste, love?” asked mom to Ryan.

“Nice.” He replied.

“Ready for round three?” said Dad.

Dad laid me down on my back, then he and mom lifted Ryan, flip him over on to his front and placed him on top of me, they lifted my legs up, wrapping them around his butt and legs, then they taped our arms and legs together, and taped around our heads with our lips touching.

Ryan’s cock was pressed against my pussy, they didn’t bind us too tightly, just tight enough to keep us from shifting positions, but loose enough so that Ryan could thrust.

Once again they turned out the light and left the room.

All we could do was stare in to each other’s eyes, breathing through our noses, I tried not to move because I didn’t want him to get stimulated and get an erection, I wasn’t really ready for sex, our lips being pressed together started to get uncomfortable and we moved our mouths, Ryan stuck his tongue in to my mouth and I complained telling him to stop through muttering and using my eyes.

That’s when I felt it, his cock slowly slid up my crack as it swelled and started to get erect, I shook my head as much as I could, he squeezed his eyes closed like he was trying to stop it, then he looked at me in an apologetic way before moving his hips back, the tip of his cock wedged between my flaps, that’s when he thrust forward and his cock slid up inside my pussy.

We remained motionless for about a minute and I could feel his cock continuing to grow and harden inside of me, he started to slowly thrust in and out, I was expecting a lot of pain and disgust because he was my brother, but it never came, instead I found myself enjoying the feel of his cock moving in and out of my pussy.

I relaxed, spread my legs as wide open as I could, which wasn’t easy with the bindings around us, and I just let him pump my pussy while we tongue wrestled.

It was a few minutes later when I felt the twinge of his semen ejaculating from his cock and warming my cervix, maybe 10 minutes went by and his cock grew inside me once more, and he fucked my pussy again, for a lot longer this time.
Our parents returned shortly after we’d finished fucking for the second time and then unbound us, permanently this time.

“Judging by the look on both your faces, I’d say you’ve enjoyed yourselves tonight.” Said mom.

“Yeah, it was – fun.” Replied Ryan, looking at me with a smile.

“How about you, darling, did you have fun?” asked dad to me.

My heart was still beating fast after the sex Ryan and I just had, it was very enjoyable actually, “Yeah, it was good fun, dad.” I replied.

My relationship with Ryan was never the same after that night, we could no longer look at each other as siblings, we became more of a couple and experimented a lot with sex, and believe me we had a lot more sex together.

I just found that I’m carrying Ryan’s baby, and I think I’m going to keep it.

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