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Mercury – 003 (The Three Ṛddhi)

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A hurdle Episode of mostly history (sorry). The faith of The 3 Ṛddhi is referenced often and key to understanding the psychic powers of the series.


A spiritually enlightened man, a psychic, and Ṛddhi. It is farfetched and even considered ludicrous by pure sciences. However, they do exist.

There were three such men in the early 21st century, who displayed tremendous psychic powers. They were not charlatans who served for money or fame. All they asked is that others give to those around them by whatever means they had to reduce suffering. A radical concept in the eyes of the mammon worshiping secular religions, and one that branded them heretics (even by the Roman Catholic Church). Their new followers gave directly to the needy, and they took a personal interest in helping others, above the worldly pursuits that had enslaved the so called benevolent. The need for temples, church buildings, and fortune managers dwindled in their presence.

They labored intensely, and they used their abilities to heal and help others. Their persecutors could not hide this from people seeking a higher plane of existence. Food and shelter were their content reward, and they worked odd jobs as needed to buy personal effects. It would never be said that one dime of charity was spent on them, nor did they receive wages of mammon for philanthropic labors. The powers they displayed, and the simple way they lived, caused people to flock to them in droves.

The most memorable encounter with The Three Ṛddhi was when they traveled to Lebanon Tennessee during the beginning of the Catholic War (that changed everything). It was called the Horseshoe Illumination, and it happened on a shore on Old Hickory Lake. The Russians, and their allies, had managed to march troops and equipment to the outskirts of Nashville by way of Florida during the early days of the war. The other ground force incursion took place in Texas. Hundreds of thousands were fleeing the area, and they were trying to make their way north to securer zones when they became cutoff.

The Three Ṛddhi were acting under precognition and drawn to this particular part of the lake around nightfall. They used remote viewing to see across the way a great number of folk gathered on the shore. The Three Ṛddhi with their faces aglow, struck out across the water on foot, walking on the water! As they made their way into an inlet, they began levitating above the water and meditated. They used mass telepathy to calm the people and reassure them. Those who saw them were amazed. Some say the number of people was over three hundred thousand. More may have made it, but the invading army showed up to see where the people were fleeing to.

The invading army attempted to recon the area to see what was going on. First aircraft tried to fly over, and it appeared as though they crashed into each other and exploded (psychokinesis). Incensed, and believing that somehow the multitude around the lake caused the crashes, the enemy prepared to shell the evacuees. However, their artillery equipment exploded before firing (pyrokinesis). The occupying force, so focused on this area, disregarded the advance of the assembled forces in Tennessee, and the counterattack which eliminated their battling capabilities from behind. The area was secured, and The Three Ṛddhi used regeneration (a form of spiritual energy medicine) to treat the sick and wounded.

The Three Ṛddhi left that morning with one of the witnesses they met. They lived with this young man the rest of their days, and many came to them and they healed, helped, and taught the ways of enlightenment. The young man was a scientist, an inventor named Victor Williams. And as a convert, he had the dream of creating a safe society for the new members of this faith. A multitude of other skilled and wise people joined him, full of inspiration buoyed by The Three Ṛddhi. And here in the new expanded territory of Tennessee they began to build.

After the war, new governments emerged all over the planet, and space exploration became extensive. New particle accelerator engines made near light speed possible. The scientists, under the leadership of Dr. Williams (and their inventions), made Tennessee the top supplier of space, military, and police hardware on the planet. The now Federated State of Tennessee became a closed society. Its territory also included the former states of North Carolina, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Virginia.

Walls were built around its primary infrastructures that reached far into the sky. Crime was eliminated. If you lived here, you were guaranteed a job, housing, food, everything at the government’s expense. Excess was monitored and addressed, but you could do whatever you liked, as long as it did not impose on others or fall under the morality statutes. Every true spiritual and mystical believer wanted to live here.

The planet became a world democracy (in appearance), and the majority rules the planet (in theory), but the minority continually seek out new ways to maintain their voice. The individual federated states are all part of the Commonwealth Realm of the United Global Kingdom. The federating process has its criteria based mainly in the economy. Some called this, the major religion of the day. If you are unproductive in this new world, you are a drain on the economic prosperity of your respective state. It is (to say the least), a control (by the oligarchy who really control everything).

The unemployed cannot vote in most states, further reinforcing economic control. The strength of your representation in the federated Commonwealth depends on your work force. Abortion is still around, but now euthanasia has become a tool used to rid a state of aging and/or inefficient populations. Some states oppose this method (like Tennessee), and seek ways to preserve their citizenry at their own expense; but they are a minority.

Many world states have eradicated unemployment and other such ills like poverty. Yet, others feel oppressed, having to live in societies where bureaucracy rules and suppresses the work force for greed. A few states have to deal with criminal elements trying to survive outside of the global economic system.

Dealing with the criminal element is a top priority for the production minded planet. The Stellar Security Force, a company owned by the Federated State of Tennessee (FST), has become the number one security contractor and military recruiter on the planet. Not all of the old United States remains intact in the new system of government. For instance, a number of mid-western states banded together to form the larger United Agricultural Federation for better economic stability. At the fringe of the war devastation in the northeast, some states formed the America’s Industrial Federation, and so on. Crime has become a real threat to governments – and states will pay to have it stopped.

The Three Ṛddhi’s influence on Dr. Williams so moved his faith system, that he did not believe in the use of lethal force to subdue lawbreakers. Many of his initial inventions provided the police force with defensive weaponry to withstand attacks, and non-lethal means of immobilizing aggressors. The enlightened Tennessee scientists made vast advancements in the area of non-lethal weaponry, and they created new inventions that served in all areas of life on the planet. Dr. Williams was benevolent, and as such he did not believe in abortion or euthanasia, so they remain outlawed in this state. A citizen of the FST is guaranteed a right to life.

After the death of Dr. Williams, a zealot group of scientists and others did not agree with taking outside security contracts to police world states. It became a matter of faith not money to them. If the other states did not share in their beliefs, why should they benefit from the enlightened wisdom they had in the area of technology for monetary gain? However, a senate majority felt this was the best way to expand their influence around the planet, and to change the planet from within.

Both were right, and yet, both were wrong. While the Tennessee federation acquired more wealth within the global system (and this brought economic stability to their clients by reducing crime), they lost a lot of the spiritual force gained from The Three Ṛddhi. Such as giving without thought of reward, which had the greatest effect on enlightening people spiritually. As such, they became more economically and individually minded, and this in turn added to the oppression of the weak in the states they contracted with to police.

Remembering the work of The Three Ṛddhi, a large congregation of fundamentalist, along with a group of enlightened scientists who held to the late Dr. William’s beliefs, launched out into space to establish a new colony on Mercury and Foxtrot Charlie Two (Nabu). The zealot scientist had been overseeing the mining of Mercury for its rare ore, and they concealed the vast uses for it from the FST. They also concealed the wormhole generator.

Before Dr. William’s death, he had detailed a wormhole generator engine. The fundamentalists had these plans and constructed their first craft after procuring white dwarf star matter from a mining team using another invention of Dr, William’s, a core drilling device. This new ship could fold space. One of the young scientists, Dr. Peter Franklin, was brilliant, and he helped pilgrims establish a colony on Foxtrot Charlie Two, and below the surface on Mercury and mine its rare ores. Mercury’s ores are why they chose this planet.

For 20 years there was a migration from Earth by believers wanting to join the colony on Mercury or one of their three farming community planets in other galaxies at the time. Earth wanted the colonies’ new technology in relation to folding space. A disagreement caused the Mercury colonies to cutoff communications with Earth. Mercury concentrated on their colonies on Mercury and the three farming planets. The Mercury scientists focused on using their enlightened knowledge to create new inventions to help.

Doctor Peter Franklin worked on his inventions, and he spent his spare time in meditation and prayers seeking the higher plane, and he tapped into its powers of enlightenment (knowledge that made these scientists so creative). When he was 70, a female researcher (Kavita Elle) started working on his staff on the day of her birthday (she was 33). Kavita was a telepath (and maybe much more). Kavita met all the traditional beauty standards of a lovely woman from India, and she surpassed them.

Kavita immediately began staying late because Dr. Franklin’s work was second only to his spiritual pursuits, and she admired him as a great man. She began flirting with him. Innocently at first, batting her eyes, shaking a crossed leg, and twisting her black hair. After it began, Kavita got bolder with her flirtations. Two weeks later, one night in a lab, she returned from the restroom wearing just a lab coat, naked beneath down to her beautiful bare feet.

Kavita sat on a stool, leaning back with her elbows on a table. She crossed her legs as her coat split around her bare thighs. She slowly rocked her leg showing her thighs, legs, sexy feet, and toes. Well, the flesh of a man, no matter how spiritually enlightened, will take notice. Peter Franklin was a 70-year-old virgin, and Kavita was a virgin too. Neither of them really knew what to do, they just knew, something in them was tingling. On the floor of that lab, these two scientists figured out how to put the round peg in the round hole. A few minutes later, Dr. Peter Franklin asked Kavita:

“Why did you seduce me?

Kavita said:

“What do you mean, I did what you wanted? I started working late with you because you were thinking you hated being alone, and you wished I would stay too. I flirted because you thought I was cute, and I did other things you wished I would do. Tonight, you wished I would walk in here barefoot and naked wearing just a lab coat. After that, you quit wishing, and just did what you wanted, and I wanted it too.”

Almost three months after Kavita gave birth to Peter Victor Franklin Jr. (aka Dr. Nayfel), she was killed when a ship generator exploded while they were upgrading the mantas surface nanofabrication system. It was the day before Kavita’s 34th birthday. Doctor Peter Franklin was devastated. He raised his son (Victor) in the lab, and taught him everything he knew, and that old man had retained vast knowledge. Victor learned nano mechanics, wormhole generation, departicalization, light pulse emission, neutrino and plasma sciences, medical and surgical disciplines, and much more. Victor surpassed his father in comprehension, knowledge, and ingenuity.

Where Victor failed was in the teachings and discipline of The Three Ṛddhi. Victor was pure science, and despised his father’s insistence on meditation, prayers, fasting, and the ritualistic nonsense, as he called it. As such, they clashed in this area, until his father died at the age of 91 (70 years after the exodus). Victor clearly excelled other scientists, and he inherited his father’s mantle, and was placed in charge of the development and maintenance of Mercury’s technologies. Victor began modifying the nanofabrication processes of the mantas surfaces of the PAD (Powered Armor Defense) systems on combat personnel equipment, and he added offensive weaponry.

The other scientists were threatening to report Victor to the Council of Elders, and Victor got mad and flew off in a Night Raven. He mostly wanted to get away from the religious arguments. Victor felt his creative abilities were being regulated by stupid rules. Victor was just relaxing in the cockpit, and the proximity alarm sounds, and he was hailed by a small Earth craft. This was Victor’s first contact with people from Earth, and it was a military craft from the United Global Kingdom.

After some specifics were discussed, Victor returned to Mercury and abandoned the offensive weapons upgrades to pacify the other scientists. Victor continued to meet periodically with one member from the Secret Intelligence Service of the UGK, the incredibly young Ariana Cossad Ellis (aliases Ace, Duchess, Janet Graham, Duchess of Montrose). The UGK realized that Victor was a prized storehouse of technological information, and Ariana was one of their best young spies, and she seduced Victor of her own volition. Victor was a virgin, and if you are going to lose your virginity, there were not many women hotter than Ariana. A 5’ 8” tall, long hair pure blonde British model with measurements of 33C-25-35, and sexy long legs and a waxed smooth pussy and tanned body.

Victor gave the excuses of equipment or flight testing to utilize craft for his clandestine meetings with Ariana. Victor lost his virginity in zero gravity aboard a Corsair he was “test flying.” Ariana removed her PADs and Victor’s mantas gear, and she saw his 8.5” circumcised cock, and this was the biggest cock she had ever seen in her hands at the time. Ariana sucked it dry in two minutes, as they tumbled in the air in a 69. Victor mainly held around Ariana’s waist, and bit her inner thigh in pleasure receiving his first blowjob. They turned in the air and embraced and kissed, and they returned to a floating 69, and Victor ate Ariana’s smooth pussy at her direction, as she fingered herself into an orgasm.

Ariana stroked Victor’s cock hard again, and she held around Victor’s back, and she moaned as she guided his cock into her pussy, and he penetrated her pussy with his big cock. It felt good, his cock in her cunt, but he came again in five minutes, this being his first time. Victor fell in love with Ariana, but Ariana only loves herself, and others for what they can give her. It could be said that of all the men Ariana has seduced, she loved Victor the most. He provided not only technological secrets for her to pass on, but he created devices and armaments to aid Ariana in her espionage operations. When Dr. Nayfel escaped exile, it was Ariana’s intelligence that revealed the formula secrets at the Bovine Research Center.

After a few months passed, a Ṛddhi triumvirate had a precognition of a war between Mercury and Earth. Part of their vision included the Earth armies using technology similar to the Mercurians. The Mercurian Council of Elders ordered an investigation into the security of their technological secrets. Their benevolent society never conceived of an enemy within. During the investigation, the Prelate in charge heard from other scientists about Victor’s attempted offensive weapons upgrades, but they told him Victor abandoned the idea. The Prelate still viewed this as a security threat. The Prelate investigated Victor’s activities, and he found Victor’s regular test flight outings. The Prelate confronted Victor, and he accused Victor of treason after the course data from the flights showed him intersecting Earth traffic.

Victor has a short temper, and in his anger, he fired a handheld departicalization ray mining tool at the Prelate, killing him. Scientists witnessed the act from windows in other labs. Victor was tried, judged, sentenced, and exiled as Dr. Nayfel on Foxtrot Charlie One…

EPISODE CHARACTERS (Reoccurring Sexually):

Dr. Nayfel (AKA) Dr. Peter Victor Franklin, (INTRO) Birth to 22 yrs. old, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 11 in, (HAIR) Brown Medium Length Parted, (PUBIC) Trimmed Shaved Balls and Below, (PENIS) Avg. Thickness 8.5 in Length Circumcised, (BODY) Average, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (COMMENTS) Handsome

Ariana Cossad Ellis (AKA) Duchess, Ace, Janet Graham, and Duchess of Montrose (INTRO) 18 yrs. old, 33-25-35, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 8 in, (HAIR) True Blonde Long, (CUP) 32C Natural – Soft Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Shaved, (BODY) Tan Complexion Fit Tight & Sexy, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Bailey Brooke, (COMMENTS) Ariana looks like a Victoria Secret’s Model, Born in High Heels and Never Wears Bras or Panties, A True Blonde


This Episode is story intensive, and I am sorry, but it provides a lot of background and the basis for the psychic abilities that are displayed in the rest of the series. It is probably the most story intensive of all the Episodes. The series refers to the powers of the Ṛddhi frequently, and the religion of the Mercurians, making this a source Episode for latter references.

The first five episodes (and Episode 7) of this series were based on a work Greg was writing because he is a sci-fi nut. Me and Max read it and I used it as the structure for this series. Marcus provided military and some technical input to help make it sound more authentic.

This series has story that needs to develop. As such, there may be times when an Episode seems more like story than sex. I promise there are Episodes that are sexually centered and kinky with aliens. I was bored with just writing sex scenes, and I wanted to develop characters using sex to add to the action, not be the only action. So, Greg and Max talked me into using Greg’s sci-fi world of lasers, and I added lust.

I did not subscribe to the Porn Persona inclusion for my characters by my boyfriends at first because they are only remotely similar. I used my sex circle of friends for a lot of the characters, but then used porn actors for the rest at the behest of my friends. Now, when I write sex segments, sometimes it motivates me to watch the Porn Persona person first. It may be worth watching to help you visualize the characters too (or at least view their pictures). I wish we could find Porn Personas for every character, but sometimes our imagination is better than the real thing.

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