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Forced To have sex with teacher

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My teacher rapes me during a school field trip

So i don’t remember this story that much but it happened when i was in 5th grade i was around 10 almost 11 but i do remember that my school that was an all boys school took a trip to the museum

My teacher has always paid more attention to me then the other kids he was around 42 and he was attractive and had the biggest bulge i’d ever seen

During the field trip he pulled me to the side and said that i was gonna leave early and had to get my stuff i grabbed my bag and followed him i didn’t know where we were going and we ended up in the back of the museum basement

We got to a small closet and i asked what we were doing here and he said that the i museum had a secret tunnel so we could go to my mom in her car faster and as a 5th grader i believed him

this is where my memory gets a bit fuzzy i remember that he opened the door and there was a small mattress on the floor and it was pretty warm and i asked again what it was

at that point he grabbed me and threw me on the bed and locked the door he got behind me so i was sitting in between his legs and his cock was on my back he told me to stay quiet and i asked why

he said that there was a monster in the museum and we had to be really quiet i heard voices of people then i head them walk out of the basement and lock the door

he said that the monster was locked in the basement with us i remember that he said that i had to get naked or else the monster would get me and i did

he took my underwear and started to sniff them and he said that if the monster took me he’d be able to find me with my smell he took out his phone and opened an app called MEGA there was a tons of files with the names of every boy in our school

and he scrolled down and got to my name and opened his camera on the app and started to take pictures of my underwear and my feet he took videos of him sniffing and licking my underwear and sucking and licking my feet and toes then he started to take pictures of me he made me pose in different positions and took pictures and videos

then he put his phone against the wall and started recording pulled his cock out and said that i had to smell his pubes i said no and he grabbed my by my head and shoved my face into his pubic hair he smelled like sweat and cum the he make me lick the sweat off his area and suck his cock the stoped and zoomed into my mouth and grabbed me he forced my mouth open and held it open with some fingers and started to wank his almost 9+ inch cock in-front of my face

he was so thick and he’d stop and slap me with it getting pre-cum on my face then he came in my mouth i almost choked on it

it filled up my 5th grade mouth and started dripping on my hairless body then he made me swallow and took pictures of my face, mouth, and body covered in his cum

something else about him he’d always stare at me more then usually i’ve always had a big ass especially when i was a kid (discord at the bottom for pics) and he’d always look at me with lust

he then got naked and flipped me around i started to cry and scream but he held me down and covered my mouth and he started to push against my hole i felt the head go in and i almost fainted i was light headed and it felt like he was punching my stomach from the inside he started to rape me for what felt like hours for a while i struggled and tried to get away which only make him harder and bigger eventually i just let him i eventually passed out and i’m not sure what he did but when i woke up he and lots of other men were still taking turns on me

i fainted again and when i woke up it was just him i looked around and the floor was covered in cum, sweat, piss, and blood there was a mirror and i looked at my hole and it was bloody i felt full so i squatted down and pushed and maybe 2-3 cups of cum poured out of me it was almost red from all the blood my teacher was sitting jerking off looking at his phone and i went there and i looked at it and it was my best friend from school being raped by a group of men just like me

he saw me and grabbed me and sat me down in between his legs at the point i wanted to leave and go home but i couldn’t scream i lost my voice because they throat raped me too hard i just sat there and he made me watch him and random men fuck my sleeping bloody friend then he made me look at pictures of all my other classmates and i had to see them get raped too even the older kids i saw some 10th graders in there too

then he got to my file and i saw all the disgusting shit they did to me one guy made me lick his dirty asshole and another pissed in my mouth and one guy literally took a shit on me then cleaned it up another guy pissed in my asshole and made another guy drink it out of me

they used me as a sex doll and i enjoyed it and i wanted to do it to other kid as well

i saw all the pictures of me covered in cum and blood i saw a video of all the guys peeing on me all at once i saw men eat my asshole and others suck my dick they even had a g
dog fuck and rape me A FUCKING DOG

i also saw a video 2 guys were in my hole and one was in my mouth and 3 guys were jerking off on my back and jn the back i saw my teacher and his friends Fucking the dog while they were waiting for me

all together over 60 guys fucked, raped, abused, and came in me i asked who they were and he said that they were random guys he finds on the street and that they could’ve raped me and killed me and used my body as a sex doll and he wouldn’t have stopped them

then he picked me up and i was really skinny in 5th grade less then 80 pounds so i was pretty light and he picked me up from under my arms and shoved his manhood in me i slowly slid down until i couldn’t anymore and was crying and he didn’t care he then shoved the remaining 3 inches into me and used me as a fleshlight using me to jerk off to one of the boys in our class i felt him cum in me then he cleaned me up and we walked out of the basement it was night and a security guard saw us and i thought that he was gonna get caught but when he came closer i realized that he was one of the guys they was raping me

he bent over and whispered in my ear that i had a nice hole and that the next time if he sees me he won’t let me go and he’ll do worse

we walked out and went to his car he held me down and and strapped me in then got in we started driving on the highway and he was yelling at me saying that if i ever say anything that he’ll kidnap me and make me watch as they fucked my best friend and that they kill me and him and rape us

i started crying and he was yelling at me to shut up then he pulled over and said that he can’t get enough of me and my delicious 10 year old hole and took me to the back of his car he started to take my clothes off i knew that he was gonna hurt he so i didn’t say anything it but just as bad as the first time and i felt him swell he pulled out and came on my back he licked it off me and turned me around and spit it into my mouth and made me swallow

we got dressed again and he told me again that if i told anyone he’d kill me and my best friend and let random men rape us and do bad things to us i was so scared i stayed quiet

we got home and my mom asked where i was because it was so dark and my teacher laughed and said that i was hiding behind the museum and i had to agree and nod

ever since then almost every day when my classmates were sleeping during nap time he’d take me and my friend into his office and rape us and make us fuck eachother

eventually after 2 years i learned from my friend that our school year was the last school year and they closed down the school and i realized that our teacher worked there since it opened and probably had thousands of children on his phone

because of that i learned that if i get raped i just stay quiet and enjoy it

me and my friend sometimes rape people from the elementary school next to our neighborhood and sometimes we rape each other one time i even raped his sister thankfully she didn’t get pregnant

i reached out to my teacher and we met up in at a park bathroom we fucked in a stall all 3 of us and eventually we got bored so we started to watch the videos of all the kids getting fucked from our school and we kept going he even brought a boy that was playing in the park and all 3 of us raped and used him

to this day he told us that he likes to lure children into a bathroom or into the woods and rape them and take pictures and videos

sometimes my friend helps him lure the kids one time i wanted to see what a boy in my l class looked naked so i asked him and he lured him into and bathroom and knocked him out then me and him fucked him and left him in there the next day at school he was totally fine and said that he had a crazy dream that i had sex with him and i tol him that it was probably a sign

after school we snuck into a bathroom and locked it and i had my friend hid in the bathroom and as me and the boy were kissing my friend jumped out and tackled him and covered his mouth then i called my teacher and told him to come and my teacher snuck into the school and into the bathroom and we raped him for house when we finished we cleaned him up and put him in the back of a class room so if someone found him they’d think that he fell asleep and that no one saw him

another time during gym me and a couple of friends were showering and a small boy walked in and we attacked him and raped him on the shower floor he was so tight and bloody i also gave him a blowjob but didn’t stop when he came and kept going he got extremely sensitive and was screaming for me to stop but i didn’t and i didn’t stop sucking until he came 3 times in my mouth

That’s all my discord is @ImAlwaysHard#0925 dm me for some pics or if you just wanna chat

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