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baby sitting the nieces

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Kath called me from Donna’s during her 2 weeks stay. I have been asked to watch the girls while Kath and Donna get away for a few days.

My wife Kath has been staying at her sister’s house the last two weeks. She has been helping Donna rearranging the house after her husband has moved out. Kath has asked if I would come down and stay with the two nieces so that she and Donna could have a break. I agreed and left for Donna’s place. When I got there both Donna and Kath were packed and ready to take off for a few days. I had hoped that they would be staying tonight and leaving tomorrow so that I could take advantage of my sister-in-law this night but no that would not be. Megan had a dance at school later, so Paula was stuck home with me. After supper Paula helped me clean up and then sat next to me on the couch to watch a movie. I have grabbed a beer to drink, Paula would steal a few drinks from me. It was a spooky show and my little niece almost crawled up on my lap during the intense parts. Paula is cute and very petite for being almost 13. The movie got over at 9 so Paula left and went to her room. I got up to take a shower then slipped on my boxers and went back to the couch to watch another movie. Paula joined me again dressed in a short t-shirt and boxers. She grabbed my beer and took a few gulps when I started the show. She sat tight to me; her bare thigh pressed against mine and her head laid against my shoulder. She would jump each time a scary part would start. Soon she was up on my lap holding around my neck. She couldn’t stay still, her little hot butt caused me to get hard as it rubbed against my growing erection. Paula had to feel it pressing against her bottom, she stayed glued not wanting to move. I was getting really horny as she shifted herself to press against my hard cock. I felt my cock starting to throb and could have got up and taken her right here. Paula scooted off my lap as soon as Megan got home and joined us. Megan looked at her sister setting next to me, then she sat on the other side next me. She had a short skirt and a mid-baring top. She sure did not look like a soon to be 15-year-old. It was going to be hard for me to leave her alone with that small sexy body. Once the movie ended, I got us all up to go to bed. It would of been so easy to have drugged both girls, had my way with them . But I had to be careful, both are virgins. They be both unable to walk for days after having my cock in them . Besides it meant no creampies till I had a morning after pill for them. Paula since drinking some of my beers went to bed and was quickly asleep . Megan took a shower . I needed to calm down and relax, so I started to read one of my books in bed. Megan stuck her head in to say goodnight. She was dressed in a short satin nighty in which I could see the little dark pointed nipples against its thin material. It barely covered her bikini panties under . She walked over and crawled up on the bed to give me a kiss good nite. She asked what I was reading and if she could lay and talk awhile . Before I could say anything she got under the blankets laying next to me She talked about her dad leaving and about the dance . She soon dosed off curled next to me . The heat from her small body caused a instant erection . My cock pushed again her hip . Megan rolled over to her side and snugged her butt back up against me . My cock stood erect and popped out of my boxers , The head soon press against Megans hot ass cheeks. She began to move her bottom against my head shifting herself until the tip was pressing against her panty covered entrance. My cock started to throb, her satin covered crotch becoming wet from both her and me . I moved my hand to her hip gripping it and pulled her towards my full erection . The cocks oozing head wet her bikinis more, then began pushing itself and material into her . My niece moaned and began trembling as I pushed . I stopped before everything got out of control . I got out of bed and went to another room to calm down . I had to jerk my self off first before I could even think of sleeping . I cleaned up and went back to my room . Megan had left and was in her own room now. I knew that things had got out of control and tomorrow I had to be more prepared if I was alone again with these two….

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  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii

    She absolutely worn your cock inside her

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cfzra

    Ok story, if a bit lacking in the sex department, but understandingly it is a lead up to things to come

    • nitecaptain ID:fx81nntm2

      It does lead into the next story, which is coming soon.