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I want to be raped

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Ok so this is just fictional but I wish it really could happen

I’m 15 at home alone and today was a particularly hard day considering I had to finish up finals but at least I’m at home in my bed I’m trying to finish up my work when I hear something drop in the kitchen I thought it was a cat but I realized how wrong I was when a man about 6,2 stopped right in front of me I could see him rubbing his dick through his pants I stay there shocked not knowing what else to do and jn my moment of doing nothing he grabs me and pushes me into my room in to my bed I start trying to get away but he is holding my legs down I try to scream for help but he givers my mouth I then feel his body start shaking and he starts moaning he looks me in the eye and ask how old I am I say 15 and he grins at me and says perfect I then feel him drag my body so I can be closer to him then he rips my pants off in the back of my headlock I should be fighting harder to get away but I’m curious about what he’s gonna do after he was able to get my pant of I see him take his own off and then he opens my legs and starts licking my pussy I squeal and start moaning it feels so good mmm fuck I feel my pussy tightening on his toy he I then feel him get up and climb on top of me he tells me this will hurt then he thrust in to me and I scream I’m begging him to get off me but he keeps thrusting into me groaning and telling me how tight I am it hurts so bad I have never had sex and I can barley fit to fingers in and his dick is stretching me out he starts to go after and it starts to feel good he calls me his good girl right before he lets out a huge groan and I feel his dick jerking and squirting inside me. This was not the best story lol but if anyone want my snap is Fayth123.12

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  • Reply BigPapaPump73 ID:1en0wv0zmga3

    Very yummy [email protected]

  • Reply Plump ID:pwt51pdm9k

    my pussy gets wet evevry time i read rape stories

  • Reply Anna ID:6rkcaxuhrc

    me too!

  • Reply Janette Stein ID:4bn00en3fia

    love it

  • Reply Orion Sears ID:1cmtj3haekw1

    What state? [email protected]
    I’m in California.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    If you want it enough, I’m sure it will happen. Of course, then it’s not rape, but a bloody good fuck! Enjoy!

  • Reply Merbon ID:45xyqk9kd9b

    Mmmmm…. there would be nothing quite like the sensation of forcing your dick into the body of a young girl as she struggles against you.

  • Reply Ren ID:41ery97d1

    everyone wants to be raped unitl it actually happens

  • Reply Jason ID:w9jt8z06mdx

    Thats a good girl. Let daddy have you as young as possible.