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Raped by my neighbors dog

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I was in my Junior year of high school (now I’m a senior, 17). I’m a 30B with a small waist and large hips. My hair is curly and red, and about 3 inches past my shoulder. Most days after school I would take the bus, but I liked to walk when the bus was just too loud for me. So I walked to my house, which was 3 miles away.

I always start off my walks optimistically, but in the end, I feel very tired.

When I finally was home, I realized we were still pet sitting the neighbor’s German Shepherd while they were away. I went to the dog gate to get him water, but didn’t interact with him a lot because I knew that he could be aggressive sometimes.

Last year my mom’s dog had passed away, a chihuahua who was also very aggressive, and I had learned the best way not to provoke him was not to look at him or go near him.

We had another dog at that time, a small Yorkshire Terrier with the most annoying yip, and because I favored the German Shepherd, Ace, more, I gave him water first. They wouldn’t be fed until 6:00, which was our schedule.

As soon as they had water, I needed to sit down after the long walk. I was wearing a short skirt and my thighs had rubbed together, so my legs were wet with sweat.

Ace had clearly been very thirsty and had just finished drinking, but otherwise appeared to be in a very good mood. He only ever growled at strangers anyways, and I figured he knew me well enough.

Because of his apparent good mood, I brought him into my room with me. I hadn’t seen anyone in the house so I called my mom to ask where she was. She told me she had therapy in a town that was 2 hours away and had left half an hour ago, so she might be gone until late.

I brought Ace into my room and lied down on my bed, taking my hair out of a ponytail and rubbing my head to feel better. Ace put his arms on the bed and decided to jump up. I moaned a bit in anticipation of him landing on me, but thankfully he didn’t hurt me.

Ace started to sniff my thighs, so I sat up so that my legs were closed and pushed his big head away. Not to my surprise, he continued to sniff, but this time I wasn’t able to push him away.

He stuck his head into my skirt between my legs, and I kept my hand on top of his head, trying to push him away. Now he quickly pulled his head up and growled at me, which scared me a large amount. He insistently shoved his snout under my skirt, and I was afraid to push him away, so I closed my legs.

Ace got progressively angrier, and after a disturbing process of trial and error I realized he would bite me if I didn’t give in. I needed a new tactic, so I got off of the bed and started to walk out, hoping I could bring him into the kitchen. He leapt from my bed and effortlessly pushed me onto the floor.

I was starting to feel very scared. He pushed his nose into my underwear, which were wet with sweat from my walk and clung to my pussy. With a shock I realized how wet and cold his nose was because of his drink off water. His muzzle was still soaking and he began to lick my underwear.

I realized I had no choice but to lay still, and started to feel even more uncomfortable when he worked his huge tongue to the side of my underwear and under them to my pussy. He removed his head and stood on top of me, fidgeting around and positioning himself. When he found he couldn’t mount me, he started to push into my side with his paws. I turned to my side and then to my back in pain, then edged myself against the bed.

Suddenly I saw Ace’s red cock, emerging from him and dangling there. He apparently hadn’t been neutered, I noticed, from his enormous balls. He progressed towards me, unable to get his wet cock into my pussy and so brushing it against my stomach. It was warm, which I hadn’t expected.

He started to growl, and I knew what I had to do. I turned back so that my ass, my skirt now shoved up, was facing up. Then I placed my hands and arms onto the bed and got onto my knees. Ace started to cling onto my waist, but couldn’t get comfortable and dismounted, then licked my pussy again. His tongue had moved my underwear to the side so that my pussy was exposed. He continued licking, his cold nose sometimes prodding my insides, and then got up. He reared up and clumsily but surely wrapped his arms around my waist very hard.

I knew exactly what was coming next but I didn’t want it, so I tried to wiggle out if his grasp, but he was holding me so tightly.

Ace’s dick brushed my ass and slowly went in between my cheeks. He began to hump a bit, his cock still not in me, but I could feel it touching the insides. As he continued, it went deeper and deeper inside of me. He thrust the wet cock into me over and over, so incredibly hard and fast. I gasped from shock.

It felt like forever, Ace pushing into me constantly and sometimes taking a break to sniff me. He would always return his cock into my pussy.

At last, he was done. His cock had grown and he couldn’t leave me for an amount of time I didn’t keep track of. Then he came out of me and I crawled across the floor to my wall and collapsed there, exhausted and defeated.

I stayed in that motionless state for a while. Ace was lying by my door, looking at me casually, like nothing had happened. After some time he came near me again. I shifted against the wall, terrified, but he started to growl at me, so I got onto all fours. I dropped down from my hands to my elbows so my ass was higher in the air, and he held onto me again, thrusting his cock into me. This time it got huge and hurt me, pumping over and over at high speed despite it’s size. Involuntarily, I had orgasms each time he entered me, sometimes more than once. His cock rubbed quickly against my clit.

This rape continued for what felt like hours until he returned to the kitchen. I finally realized what had happened and I started to cry. I thought I was safe then, but I found out later that the gate was closed so he couldn’t have gotten into the kitchen. He was still on the same side of the house as me.

I got into the shower and closed and locked the door behind me. I washed out my vagina to get rid of every part of that awful dog that was still in me. I was sitting down with my legs spread and I could see white liquid slowly leaving my pussy and creeping to the bathtub’s floor, then making its way towards the drain.

Yes, being raped by a large dog was disturbing, but my shower had made me feel SO much better. I got out and I thought, “That wasn’t as bad as I thought at first. It’s not a big deal.”

When I was leaving the bathroom, I didn’t bring a towel. No one else was in the house so there was no point in covering up.

I opened the door and immediately saw Ace, right in front of me. Before I could register what had happened, he stuck his freezing, wet nose between my lips and licked at my clit. His tongue was huge and textured, and it curved so that the middle went into my lips and the sides of it covered the outside of the pussy. I gasped and breathed heavily, and started to let out quick, high-pitched moans.

I didn’t care anymore, and this was far more pleasurable then his huge cock inside of me. I spread my legs and his nose went into my pussy, just a bit. I could feel his hot breath on me and in me as his tongue rubbed my clit and my vagina.

I kneeled down and lowered myself onto the floor, then rested my head back as Ace licked me. It felt so incredible, I never wanted it to end. My legs started to quiver and my pussy throbbed, and I orgasmed, but he continued to lick. I couldn’t handle it, I was shaking so hard. This time, I wanted him in me. I rolled over and stuck my ass into the air, and he mounted me immediately. I spread my legs wide to open up my vagina for him. He wrapped his arms around my waist again and pre cum squirted on my ass and dripped down to my pussy. As he humped me, his cock not quite in me yet, I became hot and wet with pre cum and my own fluids. It was dripping onto the carpet. Finally, his cock went into my pussy. Since I had spread my legs there was more room for him and his 7 inch cock slid in and out easily. It was hot inside of me and it continued to pump in fluid. I moaned so loud, over and over again. His cock was in me and it felt amazing. I could picture the wet, red thing pounding me and I felt his balls hitting the outside of my vagina. I orgasmed and orgasmed, shaking so hard, and as soon as I finished I started to feel guilty. I squirmed to get away from him, and he loved it. I was wiggling and squirming and struggling and it made him pound me even harder, and I rammed my ass up against him to throw him off. He finally lost his grip and he started growling, then he bit my leg and mounted me again, his cock getting longer and longer. It was sliding in and out so fast and the more I struggled the more pleasure he felt.

When he finished I could feel him unload everything into me. His huge cock fell out and liquid made a pool on the carpet, spilling out of me.

This time I remembered to lock him in the kitchen. I got dressed and my mom returned later, never knowing anything.

Sadly I didn’t get the opportunity to pet sit Ace again, because we moved away, but I’ve been wanting a big dog ever since.

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