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All the incest I’ve experienced

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My journey with incest all started with my uncle, I was younger then 10 and my younger sister and I were jumping on my bed, my uncle came into the room and got me to lay down with him while my sister kept getting up on the ledge in my room and kept jumping on the bed.
He slipped his hand down my panties ” shush baby girl, I’m going to make you feel good” he said. He started rubbing my small clit and I started rolling my hips when it started feeling really good, he pulled the blankets over our bodies so he could take his now hard man cock out and move my panties to the side, he moved closer to my pussy so he could rub his hard cock along my now wet slit, I was in heaven by this time, he didn’t have to move cus my sister was still jumping on the bed which moved him back and forth along my clit.
This went on with my uncle for about a week, coming in my room and pulling me on top of him so I can slide my pussy along his 8 inch hard cock, I fucking loved it and it sent me into a lifetime of incest sex.

When I turned 12, my chore was to do laundry, my 9 yr old brother would play in the basement whenever I did the laundry.
One day as I was doing my chore my bother came into the laundry room and my pussy needed some attention, ” hey Norman, do you remember the nudie magazines dad would let you look at?” I asked, ” yes why? He said.” do you remember seeing how the man would put his penis in the woman’s pussy?” I asked,” yes I want to try that soon” Norman said, ” well I think we could do that, would you like to put your dick in my pussy Norman? We could go into the bathroom down here and I could sit on top of your dick” I asked him, ” let’s go” he said and as we were walking into the bathroom I could already see his 4 inch dick hard as a rock and my pussy got instantly soaked, I couldn’t wait to sit on his cock and get it started, he laid down on the bathroom floor after taking his shorts and underwear off and his dick looked so fucking hot, I was wearing a dress that day so I only had to pull my panties to the side and lower my 12 yr old pussy on his 9 yr old dick, our parents were upstairs.
It took me about 10 mins to cum all over his dick and he was still too young to be shooting his load, ” can we do this as much as we can little bro?” I asked him, ” I would like that Sissy, just ask me to come play a game and mom and dad won’t know anything and Susie never comes downstairs so I think we won’t get caught”, we would fuck at least 3-4 times a day and would even find spots in the house to hide away just so we can fuck each other, we would fuck almost everyday as we were growing up and it stoped about 2 years ago when he moved away.

When I was 14 my 21 yr old cousin moved in with us, he was so sexy and I had the biggest crush on him and he knew it, ” hey Tj, looks like we are going to have alot of fun” he said in my ear as he hugged me, my pussy got so wet my panties got soaked.
2 weeks after my cousin John moved in we were listening to music that he had recorded on cassette tapes ( yes I’m that old lol) John leaned over to me and just planted a kiss right on my lips and he slipped his tongue into my mouth, we started making out and then he put his hand down my pants and found my wet pussy, ” I want to fuck you Tj” he said pretty quietly as my parents were upstairs in the living room, when he told me that I wanted to cum on his fingers that made thier way into my hungry pussy, he started pully my pants off and I got on top of him, he already got his 9 inch cock out and I sat up so I could grab it and guide it into my tight pussy, he hurt a little bit cus he was the biggest I’ve been with at that time, I slowly started lowering myself down to his balls as his mushroom started poking my cervix, he fucked me for a hour and made me cum 3 times all over his hot cock, he had to pull out as I wasn’t on birth control yet, my parents still thought I was a virgin, John and I would fuck everyday after that for about a year until he moved out.

My family and I went to dinner at my aunts house and after supper my cousin Carl came into the rec room to watch a movie with me, we were laying on the floor facing the tv and all of a sudden I looked over at Carl and his cock was hard in this pants, ” I can help you with that Carl” he looked at me stunned but in no time pulled his cock out with no hesitation, I leaned over and put my wet lips over his mushroom head and lowered my lips down his 16 yr old cock, it was about 6.5 inches, I was sucking my cousin off as my brother came downstairs into the rec room, Carl jumped and tried to pull his pants up but I said ” catl it’s ok, Norman and I fuck alot already”. ” we can all play together, Norman can fuck my pussy and at the same time you can fuck my ass”, ” oh hell yes, let’s get this on” Carl said, Carl leaned back onto the couch and I lowed my ass onto his cock, Norman got in front of me and slipped his cock in my wet pussy, once again I was in heaven, getting fucked in both holes felt so fucking good, I had the biggest orgasm and squirted on my brothers chest a little, never thought anal would feel so damn good.

Now being 42, I’ve been having fantasies of my dad fucking me and me fucking my own son, that’s another story when it does happen tho.

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